Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Guide – How to Earn Money

At the beginning in the Bannerlord campaign, like in any other game of this size players face the challenge of earning money. This is essential for the development of the game. We will show you how to make your first fortunes in Mount and Blade 2.

One word caravans. In the sense of you’ll be able to earn gold on their escorts. You must begin organizing and managing yourself your own caravans.

You’ll need 16-17 million dinars as well as a companion for starting. All, with no need for any specific abilities. So , how do you make this much money?

Pharming in your Army of Poachers or Escort Caravan quests can help. The latter takes more time and generates less revenue however, it is more efficient, since the moment you complete it, you’re traveling around the map, like looking for an additional Army of Poachers. Now for more details.

Spend the initial couple of thousand dinars on a group of soldiers, 20-30 people and then pump them up until they’re covered in shields, since the enemy in the earlier task are usually equipped with bows.

How do you motivate the soldiers? Take on all marauders and bandits in the event that they are outnumbered by you. Always gather trophies, this will earn you a couple of hundred dollars more and can be used to purchase provisions and upgrade your equipment.

After you have your infantry equipped with shields and maybe archers or two take a stock of about a dozen meals and explore the towns in search of your Army of Poachers mission, travel with the Escort Caravan until you’ve the money saved for a partner and then join the caravan.

Now , you’re probably thinking, “so how do I build the caravan?” In the city on the upper right corner locate the list of townpeople and research their characteristics. You’ll need either Merchant or Artisan.

All of this will take about two in-game months, which could give or some weeks, based on the luck of your game. The outcome will be an ongoing flow of cash which is crucial to the future emperor in the start of his journey.

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