Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Guide – How to Create a Kingdom

A few will be content as a commander in a mercenary force: raids skirmishes and looting as well as the escorting. However, a lot of people are drawn to the emperor’s crown as well as its power. Diplomacy, wars, and the destiny of the world. This is our guide to creating the kingdom of your dreams in Bannerlord.


The first thing you have to complete is this mission “Neretzes’s Folly”. In order to do this it is necessary to locate 10 lords listed in the maps with exclamation points. There are 2-3 from each faction. According to me, it’s best to begin this as soon as you can without triggering conflicts until you’ve completed the first part of the game. At the beginning in the game, the Lords possess more troops than you do and so speaking to them in the event conflict could be a problem.


The next step is be able to talk with two people, Arzagos along with Istiana, and discuss getting the remaining parts of the Dragon Banner. They’ll give you details about the exact location of the lairs of the bandits. Make sure your soldiers have enough experience before going on the offensive because you’ll only be allowed to bring 5 to 6 soldiers with you. If you fail to win the battle, you’ll be taken prisoner.

Arzagos remains in Marunath. Istiana is located in Epicrotea.


If you hold all three elements of the Banner in your possession it is time to choose. Istiana says that you make your own empire or assist the one you already have. Arzagos insists that you lead the northern barbarians, and to destroy all remnants from the Empire. In either case, you form your own faction, however for this to happen, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • At least 100 people under your control
  • Clan at the level 3 or higher
  • Have at minimum one imperial or non imperial township (not the castle).
  • Be independent.

In the end, you’re the leader of your own group and are ruled by your family. You may try to persuade different clans of joining your however it requires lots of effort and time.

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