Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Guide – Where to Find Companions

Clans form one of the fundamentals of Bannerlord. When you create your clan, you’ll be capable of assigning the roles of your members who will assume some of your responsibilities and contribute to the welfare of their superiors. This is your benefit.

In this article, we’ve identified the top players of the game, and also highlighting their specificity, which as you know is crucial. At present, the game has no official Russian localization, therefore we’ll mention their names in English.


  • 1 How to locate friends
  • 2 Laska Willowbark
  • 3 Borytor Frostbeard
  • 4 Uslav the Lucky
  • 5 Gudra the Shieldmaiden
  • 6 Apys the Robber

How do you find your companions

Since the companions aren’t static and move constantly across the globe and between cities They do not have a permanent area. However, you can utilize the following technique:

  1. Go to game menu. Game menu.
  2. Enter N to open the Encyclopedia
  3. close your Heroes button. Wanderer box.
  4. A couple of clicks will activate any partner.
  5. In the upper right-hand corner Click on the city’s name in the upper right corner ” Last seen at…
  6. On the left upper corner In the upper left corner, click on Track..

Then you’ll find a spot on the map in the game which indicates the current location for the satellite. The only thing left to do is contact him, talk to him and accept to pay the correct amount.

Laska Willowbark

  • Type: Healer
  • Best Skill: Medicine (60)

Without a competent healer no team will be 100% efficient and we suggest hiring any of our Willowbark Sisters at the earliest chance.

Borytor Frostbeard

  • Type: Scout
  • Top abilities: Scouting (80), Bow (135)

One of the top Scout in the field, and a great archer too which makes him indispensable during battle.

He’s even more skilled than Tyl the Fish with only sixty points of Intelligence. Even though the latter boasts Vigor 90, and Borytor just 75, Fish is not nearly as skilled with bows as his rival.

Uslav the Lucky

  • Type: Tactician
  • Best Ability: Tactics (60)

The two Uslav Ilmir and Ilmir are skilled tacticalists. They have the same skills of their opponent, Bloodaxe. If you’re in search of an opponent who can prepare for your next battle and help you out of a tough situation One of these duos is a good option.

We suggest flipping certain distinctive points of them to Cunning which is low initially.

Gudra the Shieldmaiden

  • Type: Combat
  • The best abilities:Two-handed Weapons (200); Polearms (140)

It is a natural for warriors to prevail in battle which is why Goodra The Maiden of the Shield is a shining example of this breed. Alongside her impressive control of weapons, she also has impressive quality of Athletics and Rigging abilities. When you pair her with a strategist, and your team is almost invincible.

Apys the Robber

  • Type: Rogue
  • The best skill: Roguery (60)

Finally, what’s an effective team without a skilled Rogue? If you’re in a situation where the tactics alone won’t suffice, you’ll need someone like Apis can take care of all the work for you.

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