Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Guide – Tips for Beginners

The game’s open-ended nature Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord could be overwhelming for players who are new to the game, particularly players who’ve never experienced Warband or other games in the series. To make the initial minutes of the game more enjoyable, we’ve put together some helpful tips for those who are new to the game. In this guide , we’ll attempt to explain the fundamental elements of gameplay and also teach you a of what you can do to become a Bannerlord. Here you’ll be acquainted with the fundamentals of combat as well as how to hire soldiers, run a team or acquire better weapons and combatants.


  • 1 Best Start Culture
  • 2 Complete training in combat
  • 3 Save more frequently
  • 4 Use a shield
  • 5 Hire soldiers
  • 6 Don’t overlook provisions
  • 7 Hire missions
  • 8 Enhance weapons
  • 9 Horses and soldiers add to the load to their maximum capacity.
  • 10 Search for companions

Best starter crop

It is a decision worth thinking about. The chosen culture is not able to be altered – it’s the most crucial factor for the character. The following table provides a list of the various Mount Blade 1 and Blade 2: Bannerlord cultures.


Vlandians Soldiers gain 20percent more experience during combat
Sturgians Speed penalty decreased by 20 percent
Empire Wall repairs, city designs and siege preparations are done 20 percent quicker.
Aserai The collection of the caravan is 30 percent less expensive and the penalty for trading is 10% lower
Khuzaits Konnica is moving 10 percent faster on the map for the campaign
Battanians The speed penalty for wilderness has been decreased by 10 per cent

Which one is suitable for those who are just beginning? It will allow your soldiers to improve their skills faster, thus improving your chances of winning in battle.

Learn combat skills

Once you have created your character, you are able to participate in combat classes – make sure to attend. It’s a fantastic chance to master the Bannerlord combat method. It will teach you how to plan your attacks and block opponent’s blows. Furthermore, the course will allow you to master all forms of combat using swords and spear, shield, bow and crossbows in a foot based form and on horses.

Save more frequently

After you have completed the training and beginning the game one of the main rules to keep in mind is saving as frequently as is possible. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is a game that can be unpredictable. It’s possible to be confronted by a larger unit at any point. It is possible to fail your mission and ruin your relationship with your customer. Always have a backup plan to refer back to just in the event of.

Make use of the shield

The shield is the first-time player’s most trusted companion. If it’s not part of your character’s inventory since the beginning, immediately visit the nearest town to purchase the most basic shield for only a couple of dozen gold pieces. The use of a shield can greatly increase the chances of survival battle. It’s much easier to defend yourself using it than with a weapon and it also gives you protection from arrows fired by enemies.

Hire soldiers

When you’ve gotten the map of the campaign you’ll be able to begin recruiting soldiers. From the beginning you’ll receive 1,000 gold coins which will be enough to provide a group of around 20 men. He’ll be able to deal with small groups of criminals. For hiring soldiers, visit the village or town and choose

Recruit troops

Within the window that opens,, you will see soldiers waiting to join your group.

Do not forget to pack your own provisions

Nabbed soldiers must be fed. Food can be purchased by merchants or gotten off dead enemy. If your team isn’t eating, its morale will decrease, which could lead to a decline in your troops. It is also important to provide them a variety of meals so that they can improve their morale as well as your Steward skills is the one essential for maximizing strength of your troops.

Follow the mission

If you’ve got a couple of hundred soldiers on your team, you may begin taking on tasks. The completion of these missions will allow you to gain a lot of gold and strengthen the relationship you have with your clients. There are a variety of missions that you can take part in in Mount as well as Blade 2: Bannerlord, including escorting caravans around and destroying brigands or seeking out spy spies. There are missions that can be completed in villages or towns. If the character you are looking for is looking for a volunteer the job will be noted by a blue exclamation mark on the photo.

Enhance weapons

The weapons should be upgraded frequently. A high-quality weapon can be acquired through fighting pirates (Sea raiders) or mountain bandits. Their weapons will be superior to the original ones. With just 20 basic soldiers, you will be able to take on many groups of these adversaries. Furthermore, weapons and armor can be purchased however, you’ll require a significant amount of money.

Horses and soldiers boost their capacity to carry loads.

The load limit defines how much you can carry (each item is of a specific weight) If you exceed the weight limit then the fighter will be able to move around much slower. You can however raise the maximum weight carrying capacity by adding additional soldiers for your squad. Also, if you have horses, and they also can increase the maximum load limit.

Look for your companions

The companions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord can assist you in many situations. Their abilities affect the entire group such as, for instance when a member has the ability to heal that they are able to help heal your entire team. Naturally, they can aid you in combat. Furthermore, your companions can help your character in mission which allows you to increase the number of quests that you finish.

It is recommended to find at the very least one partner as fast as you can. Possible companions are available in the city’s pubs. If you spot someone, you can talk to him, and he’ll join your group when that you can pay.

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