Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Guide – How to get married

At the start of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord your character has virtually nothing to his name, aside from an unimpressive weapon and horses. However, conquering new areas diplomatic skills, diplomacy, and a successful marriage could lead you to take the crown over a complete kingdom, along with a wife and successors.

This process could be difficult, and in this guide , we’ve collected all you need to know concerning marriage within Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord along with a comprehensive outline of the steps required to make your character either a husband or wife.

Wedding in Mount as well as Blade 2: Bannerlord

The road towards marriage Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord begins by choosing the right partner. If you live near a castle or a large city, visit the Hall of the Lord or choose the character you want to meet from the portraits row that appear at the top on the display. You might have to go to various locations to discover an important city or castle which is not uninhabited in the sense of. The key to success is perseverance.

Right-clicking on characters belonging to the opposite gender will open their profile in the Encyclopedia and will inform you whether they’re married. Marriages that are polygamous and also same-sex are not yet accepted.

Begin by asking for a chat. You can say that you are impressed by the person you are talking to and would like to lend a hand to him, following which the courtship process begins. In this phase, you have to impress your potential partner by using the appropriate phrases in your conversations. Making the wrong choice will make the person lose attraction to you, so take care.

When you have expressed your desire for the union, choose the option that states having a date. This will trigger a mini-game which requires you to use your character’s abilities. The right option should be chosen at least two times.

Don’t stress about having figure out the right lines. The yellow arrows as well as the red crosses provide the probability of each choice being successful or not. The cue that has the highest number of yellow is the most likely to being successful, but luck will not always be your friend. In the default scenario, you’re obliged to win this mini-game multiple times before you can proceed to marry. However, some couples have claimed that persuasion tests greatly speed up the process.

When you’ve found your perfect lover, there is there is one final step to take to get permission from their father or the head of the household to do so, which you can find out about through a conversation with your prospective partner. Once you have identified who you must talk to and where he last seen, you must start a hunt that could be fast or lengthy, dependent on where you are and how far you think you know the path of your Calradia goal.

After meeting the father of your child or the head of your family to plan the wedding, all you have to do is negotiate to a degree. Input the amount of money or other sources of any kind in the left-hand side in the dialogue box and you’re now married. There are no additional steps like a wedding ceremony is necessary.

The marriage to be in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has a range of advantages. Your spouse and their group will be automatically part of your clan. If the person has no army, you’ll meet him or her at one of your castles, towns or cities. If he or she is the owner of an army, they will be the commander however you’ll have to pay for its upkeep.

Your friend can be fighting alongside you, or even control the entire area. Find out which areas he excels in the most. You may also be able to have an heir when your character is killed in battle or suffers old age. Additionally, marriage permits the transfer of items between your spouses, which you may use as you feel it is appropriate.

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