Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Guide – Best Starting Skills

The skills that are available in Mount as well as Blade 2 Bannerlord allow the principal character to progress in a specific direction. You can select the option of melee and ranged combat or trade, and even build siege machines. There are 18 abilities that can be found in the game, therefore it’s important to pick those that are most appropriate for novices. In this article, we’ll break away the top skills to start with and offer suggestions for how to improve the skills further.


One-handed weapon skills are the most friendly to players Mount or Blade 2 Bannerlord combat skill. The reason for this is that when you are fighting with a single-handed weapon, you are able to use shields. This significantly increases the chance of survival during combat. The shield means that you do not need to think about where attacks are coming from simply put it in place to protect yourself from arrows and blows. Combining a single-handed weapon with a shield can be particularly efficient in combat on foot, however, it is effective on horses too. The most important thing to remember is that you must attack from the right side as in this situation the attack radius is greater, which extends the distance.

To increase your ability, you can utilize a single hand. Your proficiency will improve with every stroke.


The ability to ride, just like one-handed, improves your odds of fighting a battle. Horses provide an incredible range of motion in battle that allows you to fight opponents from the flank or swiftly retreat when you are confronted. Additionally mounted assaults are more powerful and do more damages, and speeding up your horse’s speed also causes damage to enemies units. Additionally, riding on horses speeds up the pace of the map of the campaign. This way, you’ll be able to keep pace with your adversaries as well as escape from an superior numerically.

To increase your proficiency in this area, you need to ride more horses at all times, in combat as well as in campaign mode.


The Steward skill can increase the strength of your army and the greater it is the greater number of units you are able to hire. This will greatly increase your power in the realm of Kalradia A larger army can boost your effectiveness in combat. This is why it’s important developing this skill right from the beginning, as it’s relatively easy to swing.

There are two methods to increase the Steward’s skills. The first one is accessible at the beginning of the game where you only must provide your soldiers with a wide range of supplies and their skills will increase over as you go through your journey. The other option is to grow your assets – villages or towns that you assume control of in later phases in the course of play.


The gold is available in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord isn’t a necessity when it comes to the first time you’ve recruited an army or fighting other factions. There are numerous ways to earn money here however the majority require trading. A high level of trade skill can get you higher prices from sellers that translate to higher earnings.

The most efficient method of pumping the pump is by trading profitably, purchasing less in one place and selling for more in another. For this, it’s worth taking note of the trade rumors that you can find in certain settlements. Another option is to manage the activities of caravans. It is possible to collect caravans in towns, however it’s expensive, and in addition they require security (at at least a few hundred soldiers).

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