Motorsport Manager, take control!

Are you able to manage an effective team? do you know how to listen to your team members and still be able to please the demands of your president? You can find out through playing the Motorsport Manager!

A vast and exciting campaign

If you play Motor Manager Don’t leave your gloves on, there’s no way of proving your worth on the track. However, every one of your choices will have a significant effect on the outcome of your team or drivers will be successful.

This Campaign mode will present you with every aspect and challenge the team leader will face in this full and realistic mode.

The adventure begins with setting up your account and, before that, you’ll need to make decisions which could impact your influence on your next adventure.

You can choose to play the role of a driver from your past, gain an advantage in improving the mood of a driver or an engineer from the past and get a discount on creating parts for your race cars and numerous others. It’s a brand new job that’s about to begin; therefore, make the right decisions right from the beginning!

After you’ve made your personal profile, you’ll be required to pick the championship to join. To accomplish that, 16 circuits around the world are divided into three competitions:

  • World Motorsport Championship
  • Asia Pacific Super Cup
  • European Racing Series

The next step is to pick a team to devote your new career as an administrator to.

You are now eager to start your initial race with a team leader. With an elevated view to ensure you have the best view, You’ll be able to change between drivers to keep an unobstructed view of the pace of the race. As you never are required to look away from the action right in front of you at the track!

You’ll have to keep a accurate track of your vehicles and keep track of the following three requirements:

  • Tire wear
  • Gasoline consumption
  • Wear and tear of mechanical components

Additionally, you will need to provide specific directions for your driver so that they can adopt the appropriate driving style in line with the races.

Be aware that the driving style you use can cause harm and cause wear and wear of your wheels, tires components, and fuel consumption.

Therefore, make plans carefully for pit stops of all your drivers so that they be aware that every additional step ( change of tires/addition of fuel/mechanical part repair) will result in an additional amount of time being in the pits, and will can have an impact on the race as well as the position of your drivers..

Be aware of the forecast for the weather as well as the water content that the road has since you’ll need to alter your driving style and tires in line with the forecast..

It’s important to note that in every race there will be set goals to reach ( like reaching a specific position at the end of the race) that will reward you with a certain amount of money.

The interface in the race is more than adequate You will be able to have a view of the current position and, in addition, the personal records of your pilots on the basis of their time. Sometimes the pilot of your team will make a statement which you need to adhere to ( or not) in order to modify your decisions and instructions in the future.

Don’t be worried, and if you can review and analyse every one of the factors that are listed below, You’ll be able to stop the race, put it in the pause position, and coordinate your directions (like pit stop) prior to putting the race back into action.

Following each race, your work as a manager will never cease! You’ll be able to examine the exact statistics about the race you won.

You’ll also be capable of accepting deals from sponsors and consequently pick the appropriate location for the sponsors on race vehicles or, design new mechanical components that will provide a clear performance boost during your next race.

Review the different responses journalists who have been interviewed, improve your base of operations Check your finances and investments, as well as manage your entire staff, whether it’s the driver or the technician, through making changes and hiring new people.

A comprehensive, precise and thorough campaign to convince you that it’s more than an opportunity to play a game, where your decision-making skills are tested.

Race in unique ways or take on challenges

In addition to a greater than fully-fledged campaign mode, you’ll be able to select the championship as well as the team you prefer for the exact time of the race. You can also tackle challenges like:
  • Create the weakest team in the sport to be the best team during the World Motorsport Championship.
  • Be the best manager beginning at the lowest.

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