Monster Hunter Stories 2 Guide – How to Become Invisible and Avoid Battles

Are you fed up from fighting with the latest “Monahan”? Are you looking to get rid of the lair of monsters and reach the sought-after eggs? It’s possible thanks to The Invisible Rider’s ability.

You are essentially invisible, and enemies can’t discern your presence. One of the advantages is the capability to ambush the beast.

A rider’s abilities are obtained from beasts that are tame and are utilized in the real world, even outside of combat. Some can leap high, while others can climb over vines. Invisibility is a game with a lot of beneficial abilities. However, certain players haven’t had the chance to experience Invisibility.

The Nargakuga is a monster found not far from the start of the story could aid you get this ability. You’ll have to gain access to the west portion of the Etulle forest, which will take place before the story battle against Yan Garuga.

In the forest go into the lair, and search for the large and fragrant egg. Nargakuga, if you have him on your side, could be invisible, which can aid you in avoiding adversity easily.

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