Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Review – The Royal Hunt Review

Hunting for the monsters goes on with the huge Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak which will assist the royal guard deal with the next extremely dangerous threat, which is monsters. Find out how great the DLC and what fascinating mechanics it has brought.

  • producer: CAPCOM
  • Publisher: CAPCOM
  • Publisher: June 30, 2022

Sunbreak continues the story of Rise and begins following that the Serpent God of Thunder has been defeated. It seems like time to focus on cooking and fishing however, the world is under threat from another threat, this time that is Malseno, the legendary monster which has been terrorizing people since the beginning of time. Malseno has resurfaced and the guardsmen of the royal guard are so desperate that they look to the most skilled hunter for help : our hero.

The expansion introduces us to the adorable guardian Fioraine whom players have already been in love with and we accompany her to the kingdom of the distant, specifically, to Eldago’s outpost. Eldago constructed near the crater, and where the headguard is awakened. Our next adventures will be closely linked to Fiorain and her family, but we’ll get into the subject later.

Sunbreak is essentially an expansion that extends and builds upon the basic features of Monster Hunter Rise. Eldago is our brand new hub, however it’s not like the village of Kamura and is infused with Japanese flavour, feels much more like an old-fashioned wharf and the overall feeling is more of an ethereal adventure rather than a typical monster hunt.


Do you think it’s good or bad? The most avid fans will certainly be disappointed, while I, who’m not particularly passionate about the series, view this as an excellent chance to broaden the scope in the world of gaming.

In the hub we’re always waiting for a variety of NPCs eager to fill us with requests at every occasion, job dispensers blacksmiths, sailors merchants, couriers. The creators have once again come up with a way to bring characters that are not playable alive and give them a memorable. just take a look at Chiche who is reluctant to assign assignments to us. With these specifics and other events, like an online lottery, you will quickly feel the spirit and excitement of the brand new hub.
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The gameplay continues to be focused on hunting monsters of different dimensions and outfits – the hunter rank has been replaced with that of wizard. However, the job dispenser still has missions of various difficulty levels that are interrupted by plot events , as is the norm.

The bestiary has been expanded but not as extensive as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne which has a total of seventeen new creatures (compared with 30 monsters in Iceborne) this could be disappointing given the particulars that the game series. Don’t rush to be disappointed – the developers have made it clear that they will provide DLC by providing free content.

In addition, in these are monsters from other games in the franchise , like dragon Espians, dragons, and those who have played the series are sure to be amazed at these adventures. Monsters continue to be awe-inspiring with distinctive designs, unpredictable behavior and the complexity of their designs can be a real pain to play and make you think about preparing more cautiously to fight.

Although there aren’t many enemies, the battle is more sophisticated and difficult by the ability to substitute skills that gives you two combat styles which you can change immediately. This feature is useful particularly after the rank 4 wizard. Plus, there are additional skills as well each of the 14 weapons sets is now able to use Prutojuk.

For instance, using the help of a bastard or a massive sword, you are now able to perform the “silk cutsakura” The hero gets on his feet, “charges” the attack and then swoops in one second, cutting through all around him. It’s absolutely stunning. And if you add an eagle character on it you might be drawn to it, just like Spider-Man.

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The new spots, as the older ones, are breathtaking and blend perfectly with the world at large such as when we are able to explore the forest on a tiny island. We have yet again fascinating places to visit with abundant wildlife, and a stunning landscape that will make you want to visit often.

Another significant innovation in Sunbreak is co-questing with followers. This means that a variety of NPCs in the group will be our hunting companions – naturally the first one to join us is Fiorain who is charming. Fiorain, just like us, has a few pets that are handy, and she effortlessly distracts enemies and even leap onto their backs and transform into the rider when weak. The companions are intelligent and possess their own strengths and weaknesses which is why you should quit a sloppy companion who’s journey is ever more difficult.

There was plenty of inventory enhancements The blacksmiths can make new armor and weapons for your loved ones as well as his furry companions. The policy of the new add-on is the gear you’ve always used must be replaced in the near future, as monsters in the ranks of master are far more powerful than the ones in the original game.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a prime excellent example of an add-on that builds upon and builds on the first. It’s yet another intriguing story in the universe of Monster Hunter, with memorable characters as well as some exciting innovations that make the character more mobile and battles more exciting.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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