Monster Hunter Rise Review – A Look at the PC Version Review

The test with the release of Monster Hunter: World on PC was a huge success for Capcom, which is why nearly a year later, following the release of the brand new installment in the game series Rise for Switch, we can go on a hunt using a mouse and keyboard within the game’s arsenal. Let me explain my thoughts about this game and the series generally.

  • producer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Date of release: April 26, 2021 (Switch) December 12 2022 (PC)

There’s been a previous review of Monster Hunter Rise, so I’d like to dedicate this review to a few other items. It’s just that I’ve never had the pleasure of playing the game Monster Hunter, not even World, and I’d like to look at Rising from the point of view of a novice player – Capcom is expanding the player base of the series, however, will this game frighten novices with its mechanics or is it going to make establishing yourself as simple as it can be?

Also, let’s talk about the PC version – the graphics, optimization interface, bugs, and other aspects that, when not implemented properly, could ruin the experience of the game regardless of how great it was.

The hardest part is that Rise lies in the very beginning

For those who aren’t familiar with: Monster Hunter Rise is an action game for third-person players in which you are required to take on different monsters.

The latter was later a hallmark of the series that began in 2004. Here you won’t find dull monsters. Instead, you will find ones with unique characteristics, characters, appearance, and other distinctive features, and to ensure a successful hunt, you need to be prepared ahead of time by selecting traps, potions or weapons, armor, and a companion.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the iceberg. The game itself reveals it, literally sending us into the midst of things right from the beginning.

We welcome you to Rising with a complete character editor, something that everyone Japanese developers are awed by. Get ready for a hunter who can choose gender and facial features clothes and tweak a myriad of other options (they even let you select an image for the editor, which I’ve never understood). Alongside the main hunter, you can create two companions for him – the pet Palamut as well as the feline Paliko, in addition to the cat Paliko. There are plenty of settings for these two that can be adjusted to the sound of purring and fluffy.

It’s not that bad, but Monster Hunter Rise does a poor job for those new to the genre because it does the same sins as its predecessors: virtually no plot.

We are brought into the town of Kamura in the area where natural hunters live. We are told about the upcoming Boost, the local apocalypse that will see the hordes of angry monsters eat all that’s in their way. We are taught this in less than one minute, and the game gives us free bread. Just sweep away the monsters away, and all will be well.

In Rising, there is some the possibility of training, but it’s overloaded. We’re transferred from one NPC to another, and we are told about the mechanics of many pop-ups, which don’t make sense initially. For instance, they hurriedly discuss the camera that can capture different moments and the cute Owl Shut, which is a miniature friend; however, none of it is evident at the start of the hunter’s adventure.

The constant popping of hint boxes is quick to turn your head, and you lose focus, and you’re eager to start playing it and find out going on.

In a summary, I’ll say that the game isn’t welcoming to new players – even though it does try to make it so, it dumps a ton of information onto the player’s head. However, after playing for a while, I realized that it was the most difficult aspect of Rising as the game comes to life and lets us see the things Monster Hunter is loved for.

Inform yourself about the challenges you will face when you play the game.

The game is split into two distinct parts: working on various peaceful scenarios within the hub-village as well as Monster hunting, which takes place in different locations.

The village in the area is one of the prettiest and most attractive locations I’ve ever seen in games.

The first is that its design reflects its design, which is influenced by Japan as the people who live there and the architecture of its buildings and many other aspects reveal. Additionally, it is that this area is alive with life. You can engage with every NPC (they can help you with the peripheral task that is loaded), and in certain areas, you can eat a delicious meal, fish … actually, you can even nap in the dining room; it isn’t a problem!

The hub is divided into a variety of interconnected zones. And when you feel like you’ve covered all you can, you discover the next place that’s as fascinating as the one before.

In this beautiful locale, two lovely siblings, Hinoa and Minoto, ask you to be a bit baffling with instructions to gather resources and eliminate monsters.

The first game offers single-player campaign challenges in which you will discover the tale and LOR are made clear, while the other one is more complicated and has tasks that require cooperative passing. Co-op is among the main strengths of Monster Hunter, and those who download the game before the official launch will enjoy the feature. We’re sure that this is among the best to play with your buddies.

However trivial as they appear, the quests are fascinating because they are set in areas with unique ecosystems. As you search for the perfect mushrooms, creatures hunt in their natural habitats and fight and simply live. Some are not aware of the hunters, while others attack whenever they get the chance, while others, sensing danger, simply leave.

In the course of your task, you will be that you are given, you have 50 minutes to complete the job. During that time, you can explore the vast area divided into zones and search for various resources required to make the weapons and armor. There isn’t one in the traditional leveling system, and every battle has to be planned meticulously, including the necessary equipment.

The primary focus of Rising is the protozoa, tiny web-shooters that permit players to navigate the web in the manner of Spider-Man as well as cling to surfaces and climb and descend. They allow the hunter to explore the area and provide an unbeatable variety in battle.

My colleague has previously explained the game’s mechanics in his review in this regard, and there is no difference between the PC version and the Switch, and the interface is the same, and the features are identical. In fundamentals, Rise will remain the same Monster Hunter, following the tradition that has been established in the franchise for many years, and that’s an added benefit.

Evidence of the PC version

In the beginning, I’m going to be awestruck by the performance – the minimum system requirements say that you’ll need at minimum GT 1030 as well as 8GB of memory in order to play the game. However, my laptop with an older MX130 with 6GB of RAM was able to handle the game with moderate settings. I was amazed to get a high-quality and smooth image on the screen that isn’t slowed down even during the intense combat with monsters.

The controls are well-loved and adaptable. It’s hard to tell this game wasn’t once only available on the mini console. With the mouse and keyboard, it is possible to play Rise just the way you play other games on PC that require action. The only difference is that you aren’t able to change keys.

The picture isn’t great; I’m not able to say it will delight you with the details (except for monsters and heroes). However, it’s compensated with a charming Japanese design, so there’s a distinct taste and colors. The PC version comes with a resolution of 4K, HDR with widescreen capability, and frame rates are restricted only by the hardware you use.

Lag, slowdowns and crashes, and these technical issues I didn’t have, and I was able to enjoy the gorgeous soundtrack combined with the stunning graphics, will make you jump deep into the world of Monster Hunter.

What’s the most important thing?

If World was ridiculed by fans for straying from the standard that the franchise has, Rise, on the contrary, is a return to the same traditions. The scale is smaller; however, every picture on the screen confirms that this is the authentic Japanese Monster Hunter. It’s a worthy continuation of the popular franchise that we highly recommend to play even for novices. The most important goal is to make it through the initial stages.

There is no barrier to a familiar experience The PC version is refined perfect, well-optimized and beautiful.

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