Monster Hunter Rise – Back to the Hunt Review

It is true that the Monster Hunter series of games, as is usually typical of Japanese games, is now a central popular culture in Japan; however, within Western markets, such as Russia, the series has been generally unappreciated. This is partly due to the platforms on which many of the franchise’s games were launched. The current climate is more favorable than ever for the exchange of culture. Monster Hunter Rise has a massive chance of gaining popularity in the world of gamers.

  • producer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Date of release: April 26, 2021 (Switch) 2022 (PC)

Capcom is working on a strategic strategy to increase its number of players, which is very satisfying. Monster Hunter World, which launched for “big” consoles as well as PC, was a success despite some minor discontent from the “true players” to the franchise and the Iceborne expansion further bolstered the popularity.

New Rise continues that strategy and has at least three trumps that can beat our players. The first is that the Switch is much more loved than the previous Nintendo consoles. The second reason is the outstanding localization (so great that it’s a topic for me here). Finally, a release on PC is expected in 2022. This will be a delight for those who are most ardent “pekaboyars,” many of whom are from the old Soviet Union.

Content Show
  • 1Bullies and SEALs
  • 2For native village
  • 3Catch that monster large and small.
  • 4Any taste.
  • 5Complicated, but stunning.
  • 6 Let’s the hunt.


What else is there to decide how you want your pet to purr?

The first requirement for players to complete Rise is to make their character. Not just one, but three at a time. In Kamura, every hunter can have two friends alongside him, including the riding and fighting dog Palamut (in this game world, pets are appropriately referred to as Dogcats and have two Ks, and Palamut is an actual occupation) along with a SEAL (Cotta) Palico. How will you not fall into the game if you can decide the timbre of your cat’s purr? Then there’s Shut, an adorable little Owl that can be fed and cuddled.

The game lacks a plot in the usual sense. Instead, the main character is a young hunter who hails from the town of Kamura in Japan, where the art form is considered to be known as traditional. Although, the village is located in the middle of the mountains, the past of Japan influences this town by its landscape as well as its architecture, characters’ names, and food, all pointed toward the place of the rising sun.

Elder Fugen. A Wolverine

In the beginning, the old Elder Fugen, who looks like a Wolverine, says that his village is in danger due to an incredibly devastating calamity known as Rampage, an omnipresent attack by many monsters. Who is, if not us, will stop it? We’ve learned the basics about the plot. More understanding of the world is discovered as we complete the tasks.

For the village of origin

Kamura can simply stroll around and take in the view

A stroll through the town with gorgeous views and cherry blossoms will introduce us to the most significant locations and characters. In your bedroom, you can modify the furnishings and sets of equipment. You can take on hunter quests with various hunters in the quest hall. In Hamon’s blacksmith shop, you can enhance weapons and armor. Kagero, the merchant, offers a variety of essential items, Iori, the trainer, trains his companions, and Yomogi, the cook, prepares Dango, a popular local food that boosts your character before completing the start of a quest.


Just a handful of the most important sites are located in this village.

These are only one of the many-a complete explanations of every community that would require two articles, and there’s an additional satisfaction in getting to know the area. You’ll not be lost with the easy navigation system and the thorough guideline, which you can easily refresh via the menus.

They aren’t twins!

After the tour, we head on to our first tasks. They are handed out by two sisters, beautiful ladies of The Vivian group, “Japanese elves” who appear to be almost identical to humans except for their sharp ears, which are a little bigger than the elves we’re used to.

The quests are divided into two categories: hall quests and village quests. Hall quests by Minoto, the younger siblings; Minoto is designed to work cooperatively. This is a distinct and crucial aspect of the game. Unfortunately, however, the servers of the game were not open, which meant I wasn’t able to test these quests. The quests for the village are provided to a younger sister called Hino. They give the quests that expand the storyline and introduce new information.

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Key quests are indicated with a red symbol to the left

Each quest is given a difficulty level: thee number of stars. Finishing all quests for access to an additional level is not necessary. Only certain numbers of the key quests that are marked with a specific symbol will be sufficient. But, I suggest you finish the easiest quests first, then proceed to the more difficult ones to make it easier.

In addition to the primary quests, you can take other side quests offered by Hinoa or from other villagers (you can always find someone on the maps which would like to chat with us). They usually consist of gathering a set amount of specific items, but there are times when you’ll need photos of a monster.

Get the monster out both big and small

The unique anime-inspired design of armor and weapons is a great incentive to design new equipment

After you’ve confirmed the mission, you can travel to the quest’s site with the click of a button. The first time we go to the spot, we’re shown an animated clip about the location. However, before you go, you’ll need to run through the town to prepare your gear to purchase the necessary supplies and consume Dango.

Each location, usually from the Monster Hunter series, is an entire ecosystem governed by its rules. Monsters are often aggressive and not interested in the player’s actions or hunt one another and behave differently based on the day. The best part concerning Rising is that the locations of the game are omnipresent and seamless, similar to how they are in World.

Arturo is among the biggest monsters that the player will encounter. It appears to be an animal that has been transformed into a bear. It also likes honey.

The purpose of a mission may be a relatively safe gathering of resources, killing several small monsters, or pursuing a larger monster. Small and large monsters differ greatly in their game. It is during the hunt of the “big games” that the entire concept in Monster Hunter is revealed.

Scopes are only for shooters. It is difficult to make a hit in close combat.

Tiny monsters are mere “mobs” that are slain down by a few blows; getting a big one is far from easy. You’ll have to create the most effective equipment (you’ll require some of it by yourself as there’s crafting within the game), Weapons, traps, and lures, be sure to rest and take advantage of the various mechanics that the game’s creators have created to help us.

Every flavor

Make sure to take a look!

Perhaps the vast range of mechanics could be what gives the series its popularity. “Monahan isn’t about the plot but rather the hunt. It’s indeed hard work, and the process of killing one monster is just getting access to new equipment and materials, which it is much easier to take down (or be able to catch alive for more resources) yet another huge monster and on and on and beyond since even after the official “passing” to the next level, the player will have access to an entire array of endgame contents. What a fantastic method to accomplish everything!

This overview is for each weapon. It is beneficial!

The game has fourteen (fourteen!) weapons to choose from. Each has its unique move strategies, tactics, and even an interface. These include the famous Insect Glaive and the Speargun, which are influenced by the fan blades of Final Eight. Any player can adjust the gameplay to their preferences. Even the best tutorials won’t be comprehensive enough to cover all the arsenals for understanding all the nuances of hunting; you’ll have to study up about the use of guns yourself and do a lot of instruction – fortunately, you can find all the necessary conditions to do this.

In addition to weapons, we employ lures, traps, and traps as well as local creatures with unique abilities and Rise’s unique feature, the Prutozoos. These beneficial insects permit hunters to leap like Spider-Man, run across walls, engage in particular attacks, and even ride giant monsters. The ability to ride a monster is a unique mechanic with a range of applications, such as launching your prey against an obstacle to taking on the monster one on top of another.

The tree for the development of weapons. Every species has a weapon development tree.

While the game is described as a “role-playing action game,” there’s no progression in the sense of a game. The game is all about hunting. Once you’ve killed the next big beast, you can upgrade your weapon tree as well as the inventory of armor. The hunter can create new gear using the material you gather from the deceased monster to enhance its abilities.

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It’s complicated, and, frankly, it’s pretty simple. However, the game, as we’ve said, provides all the necessary circumstances for an intelligent exploration. The tutorial is excellent. However, you must take your time reading it. In addition to the instructional, you don’t forget to check out the other resources available in this menu, “Hunter’s Notes,” in which you can refresh your knowledge on weapons and monsters. I’ve not even covered other tricks such as fishing and scouting; however, to fully explain the details of each one requires to be a comprehensive review. Neither is the guide. There’s more than one, to be sure.

Beautiful and complex

The Foto mode must be used here

The technical design of the game merits special recognition. It’s built upon Capcom RE Engine, the same Capcom RE Engine that’s used in Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry, and you’ll be amazed that the Switch is able to do all this in the first couple of minutes of the game.

The graphics are stunning and look great even in nextgen, and the blurred textures are visible when you really pay attention, and it’s all done without long loading times or noticeable frame rates dropping at both the dock (756p with Interface in 1080p) and on the portable version (540p interface, 720p interface). The game can produce 30 frames per second; however, it is the game actually entirely it is stable.

She is a real singer!

The soundtrack and graphics are a staple of Japanese games. However, they’ve really outdone themselves in this game. It’s illegal to play games without music, and the songs make you feel like you’re in the world of games and make you forget and would like to repeat the song that plays as background Kamura (which Hinoa sings on the game’s menu at the start).

Russian is a text-only language.

I’d like to highlight the localization for the sake of clarity – it’s all the text in Russian, and there are small flaws in the translation, but it’s clearly executed with heart. It’s also quite adept at conveying humor as well as the translation of songs and poems in the scenes.

It’s a lot of different settings that it’s difficult to comprehend everything in one go.

I’d say the sole technical flaw in the game is the controls. It’s not even a fault in the conventional sense due to the variety of mechanics and number of weapons. However, the rules are pretty complex, and the interface can feel a bit complicated. You initially feel like being in the cabin of a jet fighter aircraft, and for those who are players of the series, it’s more of a “not bug rather a feature.” It’s worthwhile to talk about it.

You can go on the hunt.

Kitten is thrilled to complete the quest.

Monster Hunter Rise has tried to combine the best elements from the game, including both the essential elements from the Nintendo classics and the latest concepts from World. It did pretty well. It is a great game. Rise is now a worthy successor to the series and will be a hit with old-timers as well as newcomers. The diversity and difficulty of the controls and mechanics seem overwhelming at first; however, if you can master them and become an addictive experience, it’s an additional enjoyment. Of course, an issue of personal preference.

When we think of Monster Hunter Rise in the context of Switch, this platform, I believe, received another game that is particularly nice considering the present shortage of games that are new on the back of pandemics and the competition that changed to non-nextgen. In general, there is not unusual to find Monster Hunter on Nintendo consoles. However, regardless of the circumstances, Switch got a tremendous exclusive, even if it’s a temporary one. While it’s in some ways an advantage, it is a plus in other ways. PC gamers must definitely come back to the series and broaden their gaming options.

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