Model Builder Review – No Relaxation Review

Model Builder can be described as a new modeling and coloring simulator. You can transform the parts of a set into a miniature model of the World War II tank, the fantasy dragon, or even a futuristic mech. The games are generally relaxing and are designed to help gamers relax. However, Model Builder occasionally manages not to entertain but rather make you angry. We will tell you more about it in our review.

  • Producer: Moonlit S.A., Kuba Wojcik
  • Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing
  • Please mark the date: February 8, 2022

A majority of simulation games use the same basic structure: the main character is inherited by a relative’s business (a farming operation, computer repair shop, or an auto shop) which is in a state of decay that is then restored. It takes orders and obtains money to invest in purchasing tools, expanding and beautifying the building, and other things.

Model Builder continues this pattern and allows the main character to work in the small workshop of his grandfather, who died. It’s a regular business, and we receive orders via mail, buy the tools and paints from their online shop, then go working. I have come across some interesting requests; for instance, one client asked me to draw a fur model to transform it into “angry.”

Model Builder can be described as a relaxing game if we only talk about the assembly or painting model. It’s a great game in this regard and is fun throughout the entire process, from opening the parts box to taking pictures of the completed model.

It’s just like the real thing. First, we take the components off the sprue and then tie them, and finally, we paint with a wide range of brushes and colors. You may choose to do the work superficially if you’d like to, only completing the basic tasks. The game will credit the work completed and let you go on to the next task.

You can also try hard to make a perfect character. There are many different tools to use here; for instance, airbrushes can assist you in applying the paint evenly, while the brush can highlight specific features such as the characters’ eyes or facial features. The dry brush can mark prominent elements as well as the flush will emphasize cracks and reliefs. It’s possible to devote many hours working just one element, and it’s enjoyable. Play your favorite podcast while you work, and then put a paintbrush in your virtual hands, and begin creating. It’s a great way to relax.

Every model comes with a guide that provides step-by-step instructions for assembly and painting. It is not necessary to think about connecting the pieces. The game will take care of it all for you after clicking on the desired component in the directions when you select it from the list, place it on the table, and connect it to another. This is the same for the choices of paints and stickers. The selection of colors and stickers is based on how much you’re attracted to being innovative. It is not possible to use any suggestions, and you must rely on your intuition or just let yourself relax and gather in the manner that the authors have conceived. It’s entirely up to you.

The finished models can be handed over to the customer or offered for auction. They may also be used to decorate displays at the workshop. The earnings are invested in new tools. For instance, instead of a blade, you can purchase wire cutters, which will allow the process to go quicker. There’s an idea to increase the size of the workshop; however, in the early version of the game, this option is not available.

Additionally, models can be taken for photos – to have enjoyment. The photo mode within the game has a lot of options that allow users to switch backgrounds, alter the lighting, and choose filters.

If the game is so great, Why is Model Builder annoying? It’s all in the technical performance that the competition uses. It’s not well optimized and is slow on all but the most basic graphics settings. The workshop is the only room that takes around a minute to load, even with the client running onto an SSD. In the presence of vast, seamless worlds that can load in minutes, this is a bit odd.

Model Builder is full of bugs. I had to break my walkthrough twice, bringing back many hours and forcing me to restart the entire campaign from scratch. The slow fps and the long loading times can be excused, but the severe bugs aren’t. It’s the reason it’s not recommended to purchase it immediately to wait for significant issues to be addressed and the performance to increase.

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