Minecraft Dungeons guide – the best character builds

A few of the intriguing aspects of Minecraft Dungeons is the mix of equipment, artifacts, and enchantments. Sometimes, you can find combinations which perform better than other combinations. Most powerful build let you cut through enemies in a snap, forgetting about bosses, and will make your character extremely strong.

This guide will attempt to offer you the best options for building your own game. We’ll begin with three of our favorite builds and we’ll be sure to include more as we progress.

The Glove Builder for high DPS

  • Melee weaponry: Gloves
  • Combat Weapon Enchantments: Weakening Critical Hit
  • A Ranged Weapon Spell Any Crossbow that scatters
  • Enduring Ranged Weapons for Weapons: Charge and Bonus Shot and Melting Arrow
  • Armor: Evocative clothing
  • Armor enchantments: Reload x2, Protection
  • artefacts Pyroshot, Horn of the Wind, Pale Eider

Our high damage-per-second (DPS damage per second) gauntlet builds require very specific enchantments. But obtaining these will make you an unstoppable fighter. You won’t be able to obtain all the items you require before you’ve tried the game at minimum one time, but after the first time you’ve completed the game, the Power Enchantments and Gloves are available.

The concept of this design is to take advantage of the timer in the Pale Eider’s Evocative Clothing’s capability for speeding up the Reload as well as additional Reload of Enchantments. It is possible to activate the mushroom again and over and the time for reinforcement is not going to be able to run out. This will significantly increase the speed of your attack, which means that the possibility of Critical Glove Strike will be activated more frequently. Pyroshooters can help you fight distant enemies as well as Windhorn will frighten large groups away from you when you’re injured.


    • Weapons M melee: Any weapon that hits multiple targets, like Claymore, the Great Hammer, Axe, or Claymore
    • Combat weapon enchantments: Chains, Dedication, Paralysis

Scattering Crossbow or any other unique firearm that can be used at a distance with multiple charges.

  • Enduring Ranged Weapons for Ranged Weapons: Charge Flaming Arrow Acceleration/Fast shooting
  • Arms Hunter’s Armor/Evocative Clothing
  • Armor enchantments: Reload, Snowball, Swiftfoot
  • Artefacts: Pyroshot, Shock Powder, Pale Creeper

The pyrotechnics trailblazer design is perfect for those who wish to be awe-inspiring. Artifacts as well as certain kinds of weapons are able to be added to make them more impressive. This is particularly true of any artifacts that include an arrow to the quiver and the Pyrostrel is a great combination with remote weapons effects. This builds one exploding arrow into a full-on fireworks show by scattering large numbers of adversaries.

The other elements of the build are focused on speeding up reloads so you can launch your fireworks more frequently. Certain artifacts are designed to prevent enemies from coming too close. Furthermore, you can are able to choose between armor that can increase how many arrows you can shoot (Hunter’s armor) and also reduces duration of reloads (Evocative Clothes).

Soul Mage

  • Weapon of melee: Soul Knife
  • M melee weapon enchantments:Vampirism, Echo, Weakening
  • Ranging Weapon Enchantments for the Soul Crossbow: Soul Crossbow
  • Enduring Ranged Weapons for Weapons: Charge Infinity, Piercing, and Charge
  • Armor: Soul Cloak
  • Armor enchantments: Health Synergy, Fire Trace, Potion Barrier
  • artifacts Pale Eider damaged Lighthouse and Staff of Lightning, Soul Healer

This build of the Soul Mage can be used to gather as many souls as it is physically feasible in theory. Because of the Soul Knife, Soul Crossbow and Soul Cloak the supply can be replenished quickly. Then, you can unleash magic at your foes by using Damaged Beacon and Lightning Staff. Soul Knife is quite slow which is why Pale Fog can be used to accelerate the attack.

Other components included in this build aim to increase health. For instance, the Soul Healer artifact can use collected souls to replenish health and it’s Health Synergy restores some health following the use of artifacts. it is the Potion Barrier – gives a significant boost to defense after the use of an potion.

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