Mighty Goose with a Shotgun Review Review

Shooter game with a run-and-gun Mighty Goose reminds imperishable classics such as Contra or Metal Slug, but is the game good enough to be described as the successor to classic games? Find out by analyzing our game.

  • Producer: Blastmode, MP2 Games
  • Publisher: PLAYISM
  • Date of release: June 5, 2021

Mighty Goose is a mercenary who travels around the globe and fights fierce adversaries. He is a challenger to his opponent, the VOID King, the galaxy conqueror who has invaded many planets by his gang of thugs.

Actually the description above is sufficient to describe the plot: if you are familiar with this genre. The plot is basic and not of much importance. We do not go to games with guns to find a compelling story are you?

There’s a reason to buy Mighty Goose for: great shooting. The game is constantly throwing the player into fights that outnumber enemy forces and the adversaries are from all sides and have different behavior. For instance, certain players throw grenades at a distance while others attempt to reach close enough for shoot, while others shoot and fly towards the hero and the list goes on. A hit is four, and the goose transforms into roast, and the player returns toward the controls. The controls aren’t always in the best place however and in some instances you’ll need to watch the sequences following your defeat.

In certain cases, you’ll need to go back and watch the cut scenes.

Fortunately, the hero is equipped with several guns at his disposal. an assault pistol that is always in his bag and the option of a machine gun that can be selected shotgun, energy cannon and rocket launcher. The ammunition they carry also needs to be collected on the battlefield and , if needed in order to get their deliveries through the courier. It will use the coins that fall from the enemies. In addition, by filling their Fury Scale, the protagonist can temporarily boost his attack.

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In addition, they could include a hen that lays powerful eggs, an ox that keeps a few magazines in his purse or a raven that flies at enemies with sharp wings and so on. To unlock your friends, you’ll need to save the characters, some of them you’ll find from the story , while others you’ll need to locate in the darkest corners.

Partners are among the main drawbacks to Mighty Goose. The game is controlled by AI but another player can assume control of them at any time. Don’t be surprised: They don’t come with many attacks and weapons which means that your friend will quickly become bored. In reality the local co-op feature in the game isn’t worth it and you shouldn’t purchase it in order to play with your friends.

Moving through different worlds on foot or in a vehicle (there’s even a part that involves flying jet fighters), Goose destroys crowds of rank-and file enemies and bosses. The battles against the latter aren’t particularly innovative however they’re not boring . It could be a normal combat in an arena or, for instance it could be a chase that is inspired by “Mad Max”. There’s no level of difficulty selection however the only real obstacles that I had to face were boss fights.

Between assignments, you can be playing around with your arsenal. Choose your partner, choose rewards that aren’t active, such as faster moving or an accumulated the rage bar, then bring any of your active capabilities into the next battle, for example, dropping a bomb or slowing the speed of time or simply yanking without any impact, but with a great sound.

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Mighty Goose looks good – with reference to classics and distinct style. The game is gorgeous However, during the most intense battles , all the elements of the image are absorbed into a sloppy mucus, which makes it possible to be unable to see the target of your enemy. This isn’t a good thing for a shooter game in which there are only four “lives.

However, I wouldn’t consider this a major problem that could end up destroying your experience. Mighty Goose is a fantastic four-hour retro shooter will definitely be a pleasure to spend some time in.

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