Microsoft And 35 U.S. Attorneys General Support Epic In Case Against Apple

The decision in the case of Apple as well as Epic the two companies, which was initiated after the addition of direct purchase for Fortnite without relying on App Store systems, came out in September. Appeal proceedings are currently in process, and a decision is a long way away. However, some new participants are involved in the process, which could alter the result of the court trial.

According to Bloomberg, the thirty-five state attorneys general endorsed Epic Games appeal. They made their comments based on independent expert testimony since they do not directly involve the judicial probe.

It’s also reported that 38 professors from the law, economics, and business, along with a consumer advocacy group, an organization that promotes civil cyber-freedom, as well as Microsoft, agree with Epic Games’ position. Epic Games. In all of these cases, the judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers‘s conclusion is founded on flawed analysis and contravenes antitrust law and must be rescinded.

It is worth noting that the Gonzales Rogers ruling referred to also the U.S. Department of Justice; however, it did not consider either of the sides. The agency believes that the judge erred in his decision because it wrongly interpreted the Sherman Act, the primary antitrust law within the United States. The erroneous interpretations of the Sherman Act make a lot of antitrust decisions and practices beyond the scope of protection provided by the Sherman Act.

The court that sided with Apple during the autumn did not find the company to be a Monopolist. Additionally, Timothy Cook’s Ward did not have the power to reduce App Store prices and also open the store up to payment processors from outside in the manner Epic requested.

Despite the constant scuffle of accusations from every angle, Apple officials believe they’re right: “We are& confident that this decision will be confirmed in appealand it is likely that Apple’s Epic claim cannot be substantiated.

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