Metroidvania With Its Emphasis On Supraland Puzzles Has A Sequel Six Inches Under

Supraland can be described as a meetroidvania with a focus on solving puzzles, created in the hands of German David Munnich. The game first saw its first light in the year 2019, and on today on January 14, a brand new game named Supraland Six inches Under was released.

While Munnich did the first game nearly on his own The core team of Six Inches under comprises six members. The game began as an unimportant side project that was that was designed to introduce writers who were not familiar with the game to the workflow and tools. In time the scope of the project grew dramatically, and production took more than three months. Every Supra Games Supra Games team created two or three regions.

As per the game developers, Six inches under is roughly 55 percent exploration, 40 percent puzzle-solving, and five percent combat. The walkthrough is expected to take between 8 and 20 hours. The developers have provided an example of how they compare to the original walkthrough:

  • About half of the capabilities are outdated, while others are new.
  • The most important problems are becoming simpler and complicated ones are usually not needed.
  • Every type of enemy is new, and there are fewer combats in general. The enemies are different from one another, and they no longer hinder puzzles.
  • Additional material has surfaced, most of it being made public in the closing credits.
  • The majority of music was written especially for this game however, the first Supraland featured a variety of cheap licensed tracks.
  • It’s a bit shorter but it also has a much more meaning in the endgame.

Supraland Inches Under Inches Under is available through Steam at 323 rubles (including 15% off up to January 21st,).

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Supra Games is currently preparing to the work on the sequel. The studio is currently taking the name Six inches Under to be Supraland 1.5.

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