Metroid Dread Review – The Quintessence of the Genre Review

It is believed that the Metroid series is, up until recent, among the most famous Nintendo exclusives that were not yet available on the Nintendo Switch. As is the norm with these kinds of situations, this led to a lot of speculation and speculations, but it was – as is usually the case – the actual event turned out be much more exciting. Instead of being a sequel in Prime, instead of a sequel to Prime Series, the audience were treated to Metroid Dread which was the first 2D Metroid in 19 years.

  • Producer: MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Date of release: October 8, 2021


  • 1 Old and new foes
  • 2 Handyman
  • 3 overcome your fears
  • 4 steps forward 2 steps back
  • 5 Testing Hardcore
  • 6 A feast to the eye and sleight of hands
  • 7 Verdict

New and old friends

Naturally, fans of the series are able to throw disgusting tomatoes at me however the Metroid Dread storyline with regard to gameplay is not really important but this is pretty standard for Nintendo exclusives, except for Zelda. But, it’s there. it’s intriguing, and clear during the cutting-scenes.

As the omnipresent protagonist Samus Aran We’re transported to ZDR, the ZDR, the planet ZDR and there’s a report concerning the existence of X-parasites. This is a deadly alien lifeform that Samus had a chance to defeat in the first games of the series. The automated robotic EMMI probes were previously placed there but communication with them went out of the window.

When the ship arrives on the planet’s surface Samus meets a warrior from the old Chozo race. The battle ensues, in when the bounty-hunter goes into the depths of the earth and loses a lot of her powers. It’s our job as her ally to retrieve the bounty hunters, escape to the ship, and discover what was happening to the EMMI and the EMMI who was able to attack us, and what it was intended to do.

Magician of all trades

Dread continues the tradition of the series that started it all. The gameplay is a spherical metroidvania that is completely 2D, featuring horizontal scrolling, huge intricate mazes and puzzles, looking for items, unlocking new skills and continuously returning to old locations to access previously unaccessible areas – and then you’ll find new items that give new capabilities or boost the ammo or health.

The variety of options and actions that are available to Samus as they develop throughout playing, are awe-inspiring. Beginning with the standard beams, the melee strike gliders and some missiles, with time we are able to attach to specific surfaces and shrink into a tiny ball, throw bombs at each other that are invisible, move through space as well as accelerate and “shoot” the body of their opponent and be placed in areas of extreme low or high temperatures or low temperatures, draw objects towards themselves and then swing off the gravity beam. The arsenal of missiles could go beyond a couple hundred.

It’s not going to be dull. In the tradition of the original Metroid game, players will need to utilize all of this charm frequently to solve puzzles rather than fight to gain access to difficult to reach locations and open doors locks that react to certain weapons in the classic Metroid method.

The enemies of Dread with the exception of bosses, tend to be dull and are primarily sources of replenishing resources. Additionally, the counterstrike mechanism is worth mentioning – when you make an attack with melee when you are at the right time the enemy will be stunned and vulnerable, and eliminating it will give you more items.

Surmont your fear

The robots I have mentioned earlier are an essential part in the story, not only in the narrative, but also in game play too. We discover the events that took place to them quickly, and that doesn’t make the process any less difficult. Safe from the hostile environments of an alien world, the robots were hacked by enemies and transformed into real death machines and are invincible to killing by conventional means.

Although they operate only in a restricted space in the maps, you will not overcome it. To gain new abilities, EMMI will have to take down. However, it’s not as simple. It is necessary to transform it into an omega blaster, by firing up the central cogitode. It appears like an armored and one-eyed flying brain, or a mini boss.

This boss’s job is relatively simple However, the situation is complicated because the location of the boss is within the EMMI zone and the route isn’t easy. It could even pass through other areas. In the meantime, you’ll have to escape from the EMMI or cover yourself with invisible, which is the traditional formula of metroidvania. innovative survival techniques that are flavored with a good quantity of adrenaline.

It is possible to briefly shock an opponent by releasing the grip using an effective counterstrike then to run away however, this requires rapid and lightning-fast response. The game itself claims that it’s virtually impossible, and I believe that there is no reason not to be convinced – it worked from just one shot out of 20.

Even after receiving that long-awaited Omega blaster the excitement doesn’t stop. To destroy the EMMI it is necessary burn the armor that is on the head of the beast, and after that, you must hit it with its fully charged charge. It is almost impossible to do this in one swoop however, you will still need to be on the move, especially when you consider the layout of the areas. After a successful effort, this game will give you the satisfaction of revenge.

Two steps forward, one step back

Like any other metroidvania game, there’s a lot of backtracking and exploration, and the level makers obviously embraced this possibility. Returning to a few places to locate a brand new item to help advance the story is simple. Moving to the next room via a different level or two is similar to eating bread.

Although the levels are spread out and intricate, their layout often leads to an unpredictability in the game. There are a variety of different routes but the one you choose will be more sensible and more concise and, in order to open the door, you must have the ability you gained by killing that particular boss.

The most dangerous enemy in Dread isn’t the usual creatures scattered throughout the areas but not EMMI or bosses (although I’m not convinced of the former is the case, of course) instead, it’s finding yourself stuck on the next location. The path you require could be hidden behind a rather obscure block, its shootability it is only revealed by the fact. This can be a great way to stimulate exploration and exploration, however at times, it can become a bit over-the-top with this.

Experimenting with hardcore

It is believed that the Metroid series is believed as having its roots from the NES. If you’ve played this platform, the discussion about the high-end of Dark Souls causes perhaps a disapproving smile. This is because Dread retains its adherence to its traditions.

The game isn’t difficult but it can be extremely difficult. The average time to play through is approximately eight hours however, that’s not taking into consideration every one of the “hitches” and repeated attempts. My first boss was a tough one. It took me a couple of days to adjust to. Man is a bit more anxious in this kind of situation and the console may hit the wall.

Bosses are among the most memorable aspects to the gameplay. They’re large — sometimes almost the entire screen devastating beautiful, memorable, and memorable in their own ways. The game is designed to test your skills If you know the language it uses to you, you’ll beat bosses quickly and effectively. Find weaknesses, make use of terrain, and don’t forget to consider counterattacks , which give you the possibility of creating effective attacks. Make use of every ability you have, and move quickly, and keep up with precise timings.

The speed of reaction isn’t only important when dealing with bosses. Certain objects are hidden in a manner which the needs on your finger dexterity can be more demanding. These aren’t always required to pass, but can be a great challenge for people who wish to be able to complete the test 100%..

Eye feast and sleight of hands

It is evident the irony of the decision in that Nintendo has decided to not continue using Prime within the brand new Metroid instead, and to go back to the original format. Even though the technological aspect for Nintendo has always been more important than gameplay, the idea of launching into the first-person shooter category in the context of the shift in generational status that came from Sony or Microsoft is not a popular idea.

The graphics considering the abilities of the platform, look even if they’re not perfect (we’ve all played Monster Hunter Rise and Astral Chain) and is excellent. Gorgeous animations, bright colors with detailed environments, lively backgrounds, a wide range of settings like this industrial landscape, here’s an dungeon and then there’s is nature. The whole thing looks amazing when you’re in stationary or handheld mode, particularly on the brand new Switch OLED. It’s kind of a disappointment, minus the basic enemy models.

Despite the two-dimensionality of the game however, the design of the environments gives a feeling of living space, something players often wish to “wrap” within. The game offers the chance to do this – after successfully fighting bosses by counterattacking and firing EMMI The camera seamlessly alters the view and makes the battles seem more exciting.

In terms of the game’s soundtrack and sound it’s not the best. The music is not memorable, and they don’t add to the mood, and the sound effects of different actions are merely normal and do not trigger positive or negative feelings. If you play without sound, you’ll lose nothing, and especially from a perspective of a game and is almost ineffective, with the exception of perhaps increasing as you near the sound of EMMI.

Naturally, the abundance of options imposes specific demands on management as well as Metroid Dread handles them brilliantly. We decided to not use the functions of Switch All controls are built into sticks and buttons, which are delicate and responsive. However, it does require extremely straight hands, I do not always manage. In certain actions, you have to press three buttons simultaneously in addition to the motions that the sticks make.

In the Russian version of the game, the experience was slightly degraded due to the wrong translation of the instructions regarding one ability, to find the correct usage of which I needed to look through forums. Other than that I’m not complaining about the localization. The game is completely translated, with the audio narration included.


Metroid Dread can be described as an extremely spicy food – that you’re in tears, yet you decide to eat it nonetheless because it’s tasty. Despite the difficulty (which is after the first time can be increased by choosing the best mode) as well as a bit too much the backtrack and some linearity the game is captivating and draws more attention when you’re looking to end your session due to a impasse or a week of unsuccessful attempts to deal with the boss.

A perfect , epic metroidvania that is in the tradition of the series’s beginning, it is a true challenge and refreshing breath of fresh air for anyone in need of an intense challenge and has become bored of the general relaxation of a lot of contemporary games.

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