Metro Exodus Sam’s Story


  • 1 Tips to consider before beginning the process of passing
  • 2. Begin the journey
  • 3 Submarine
    • 3. 1. What do I need to know in order to change between rounds?
  • 4 Dolphin Pool
  • 5 School
  • 6 Cinema
  • 7 Living Building
  • 8 Sniper
  • 9Base Captain
  • 10 . Path to Fire Station
  • 11 Submarine Base
  • 12 Final
  • 13 All Finales of Sam’s Story
  • 14 How to achieve you to achieve the Hardcore Principles achievement

Tips before you begin

  1. You can begin “Sam’s Story” via”Chapters,” which is the “Chapters” section on the main screen.
  2. The Sam’s arm detector lets you see the presence of mines (red dots) as well as new weapons and improvements to equipment (green dots). The detector will also sound. Listen to the sound. Do you hear the sound? Be sure to stop.
  3. Many icons appear on the upper left-hand edge of your screen. Its “binoculars” symbol signifies that there’s a new area that is worth a visit on the maps (the “question mark” symbol). The symbol for a marker (down an arrow) signifies an area on the map that shows a vessel’s whereabouts.
  4. Every tune you can find can be played with the harmonica. You need to locate an appropriate chair and then sit down on it to play this. For example, you can find one in the truck next to the theater.
  5. Switch between normal and incendiary projectiles by pressing the Tab and R keys.
  6. The game is filled with geocaches. They are hidden in closed rooms. To access them, look around the rooms around you and look for maintenance holes. They may be hidden under tables. Some passages are blocked (you must hit on the cabinets). The hiding spots are all identified by white mutant drawings inside the UAV.

The journey begins

Take the only route to the building via Cable cars. On the way, go through various bags and suitcases to find supplies and materials.

After that, you can finish off some bandits. Make sure to remove ammo from their weapons by pressing your R button. Check the corpses and also. Take a trip upstairs to meet the Captain. The Captain will give you the first option:
  • Take the weapon off using the H button. Captain’s fertilizer.
  • Do not do anything. Should you violate the rules, Sam will knock the gun from Sam’s Captain’s arms.

But, go with the Captain up to the top of the roof. Take those binoculars (key B) and then look over the submarine. Next, go downstairs. Then, shoot then the Krylon until it knocks one-off from the platform. There is a supply of things, like ammo in the car. You can then take the only way towards the building, where you’ll have to squeeze in between the doors. After completing this, you can watch an extended scene with a fight and your subsequent trip towards the underground.


You arrive at the submarine, and there Tom, who is affectionately known as The Cat, is waiting for you. Begin by following him and listening to his suggestions as you meet Klim. Also, Tom promises to get you to San Diego if you get the Captain to assist him in obtaining fuel for the reactors. Step out of Tom’s office. If you’d like, you can stay close to the door. You can listen in on Tom’s conversation with Klim.

You can visit the gallery for shooting by crossing across the bridge, then entering the room to the left. You will be given an automatic rifle as well as ammunition. Also, you will be provided with an earpiece for detecting mine. Radar will be visible upon your wrist. If there are mines nearby, there will be the sound of a sound that squeaks. The closer the mine to the mine, the more frequently the detector sounds. Get the ammo for the machine gun. Place the weapon and place it on the table. By pulling the lever, you will be able to begin your shooting gallery. You’ll be awarded 20 explosive cartridges for your machine gun if you can hit all targets.

How do I change between bullets?

To do that, simply select the weapon you wish to use to shoot, then hold the TAB button, and you’ll be able to see the list of ammunition options in the lower right-hand area of the display. While holding TAB, then press R to change the type of ammunition.

Dolphin Pool

Take the boat to the dock, then swim to the boat until you reach the building that has a pool. After that, take out the mutants who are throwing rocks. Then, on the floor right next to the corpse (before going into the room on the left), Look for that Note.

These notes are intended for informational reasons only. They will not impact the gameplay. Additionally, there isn’t any accomplishment related to these games.

Make sure to target heads to conserve ammo. The only way to go is to take fresh mushrooms (chemicals). When you arrive at the room you have to squeeze between the cabinets, you must kill the mutant. You’ll be given the night-vision gadget. Utilize to press the N key to switch it off and on. If it is running out of power, Press the F button to access the charger. Click the LKM until it is fully charged. Press F to conceal the charger. Gather various items to leave the room. Head to the opposite room to the one where the mutant is set to climb. Enter the room to the left, and kill another one. The third one will smash through the wall, creating an exit route into the watercraft.


The new detector for mines activates not just when traps are located nearby. It also displays the locations of weapons (with the latest modifications) and some upgrades to equipment. The pool’s building is home to both. You’ll be in a room with a dead body and an unlocked door as you walk through it. You can exit the room and walk through the steps to the left (apparently, they were used to connect to the swimming pool). There is a Molotov cocktail left. You can see it down below the boards. Dodging them, you can jump and then walk into the flooded room. Follow the steps and ascend to the top of the stairs to find the hidden stash hidden behind the locked door. It’s locked from the inside, which means you can open it. The railing to the right side is an

modified machine gun

And the shelves contain ample ammunition, supplies and emergency kits. On the other side of the chair is an


Throwing weapon


If you complete all modifications (watch the sensor on Sam’s arm, and take note of all items marked with a “green dots”) then you’ll gain access to your Baron of the weapon achievement. It’s all about weapon modifications! Equipment upgrades aren’t considered to count (there’s no real achievement in them, however they can help the game).


Turn towards the building to your left. It’s indicated on your map with “question marks.” Explore the inside of the building and discover some rooms. The room to your left, just to the right of the stairs, houses an old machine that has been upgraded and a workstation. In the other room is the piano. It is removed from the wall

music #1

If you can collect the nine songs You will be awarded an award called the Melomaniac Award.

There’s an notice to the schoolteacher at the desk. There is no way to go on the upper floor.


From the school take a swim by The statue of Lenin and then to the shoreline with the cinema. Just to the left is the house that was used in the novel. Take your time. Then, go to the theater. The shore is an older “Gazelle” with a chair at the back. It is possible to sit on the chair to take the harmonica. Once you’ve found the notes, you can play various melodies.

Take a walk to the right of the theater to disarm the mine. To dream it, you must crouch to press E. This will open the toilet. Beware of the enemy and head through the hole to uncover the body of a man and a gun with modifications. There’s also a body at the back of your yard. The time has come to sweep the theater. You can either do it secretly or make a noise. The killing of bandits will not have any effect in the end of the play.

Certain enemies may be equipped with modified weapons. There’s an hidden room located on 2nd floor. You can go upstairs and be able to see the film equipment (projector). Remove the film from the equipment. Move to the next room. Within one of the cabinets located on the shelves in the cabinet are tapes. Look them over to find that American flag tape. Recheck them and then put them back into the player.

There is a documentary about the connection that exists between San Diego and Vladivostok. This unlocks the success that is “Movie Man”.

On the second floor, in the back hallway, the detector will sound. Walk out of the hallway, and inside the first window to the left side, there are the planks. Make use of them to reach the room locked. Be cautious, as there is a threat! In addition to the mod weapons, you can find music #2 here.

Living Building

It’s time for you to remove the plot line. The building is not too far from the theater; however, be aware since there’s an underground mine on the way to it. Enter the basement by walking across the wooden dock on the left. Then, in the basement, take out the enemies, then start as you climb up the floors. First, it is necessary to move through the apartment. The apartment in the basement that is flooded with a red door is hidden. Located just to the right of the entrance is a gap in the wall in the middle of which a rope is hanging out. You can cut it off, by which you can unlock the door.

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There is an unlocked first-floor red entrance. Just a bit further down is the blue door. Enter it, walk towards the end of the balcony and take out the closet that blocks access to the second apartment. By doing this, you’ll be able to access the room using roll-on cans. Take the cans to the left for an alcove that has lamps that enhance the lighting (extends the battery’s longevity).

Take the stairs up to the top level and reach the kitchen. There is a yellow-colored pipe with the same marking in yellow. If you’re not sure how to recognize it, this is how the captain marked the way that he chose. In front of the pipe on the windowsill is the notice. Use the pipe’s interaction to let it slide down. Clean the floor, and then enter the apartment of the Captain. Follow his route around the building until he arrives at the boat. It is there that you’ll depart from the location.

A second Captain’s approval is granted by helping him move the log that was pinned by the monster. The Captain will request your assistance. Make sure you are close to the log and talk to it.


A little further, you’re assaulted by a shooter. The captain stops the vessel. You can enter a nearby structure. Clean the first floor. It’s flooding. Make sure you take your time climbing the steps. You will be in an area on the left side and climb up to the ladder made of rope. There is an


close to the body. It is possible to climb the steps and then turn left. Then climb the ledge to get under the table. right side into the room.

gun and the latest changes to the gun

Find the building where the sniper’s abode is. On the way, you’ll be required to kill a few enemies. The building won’t be able to tell exactly where you are. You can therefore act stealthily. Be aware of detours located along with the building, go through the windows, and then climb up and up. The topmost point will be an apartment where the final enemy is seated at the table in the kitchen. After that, open the other door, and Korge will greet you. You can select whatever action you’d like to:

  • Kick Korg by fist
  • Choose explosives to destroy the bastard.

If you’ve dealt with him, ensure that you take the components of the sniper gun lying on the ground. Once you’ve finished this, head outside by removing the padlock. Make sure you take your time entering the captain’s boat. To the left is a door leading to the room with a workstation. It is possible to enter and work on it. There’s also an

tune #3

hanging from the locker to the right of the workstation.

Captain’s Base

The boat will take you to the Captain’s base and follow him to the top of the stairs and sit down in an armchair. Wait. The Captain will soon ask the leg of his patient to be straightened. He’ll take an alcoholic beverage and contemplate the possibility of a snack. This is the Captain’s 3rd approbation:

  • Find snacks by pressing D. Captain’s Approval.
  • You won’t be able to get the snack just when you press A.

A long cutscene follows a long cutscene. On the next day, Sam is required to take off to buy his costume. Captain Reese will be asked to put traps on the route.

Take a step down to the lower floor, and you will be able to enter the Captain’s home. The workstation is available there. Take a step down, and you’ll find yourself in a hallway with two red doors. Both doors are locked. In the same hallway, there are white crosses as well, as”1″ is the code “1”. Place the

The first trap

here. You can enter the room to the right side through an opening in the wall and look for the materials. Unlock the door, and then return to the hallway. You can climb through the crack in the wall, which is marked by yellow paint. This will lead you to a room that has a piano. On the wall are hangings

melody number 4

Go through the door to the left. It will lead you to the next hallway, which has”2″ “2”. Make sure to set the

Second trap


Take this staircase until you reach the floor below. Continue down the hall to the floor below, where a number “3” will appear. Make sure to set

Third trap

and sneak out by snatching a window and sneaking into the next apartment. Continue on a bit further and kill the two monsters. But don’t leave the house in which they were. In front of you is a wall that is covered in artwork. You can hit the painting to get into another area, and there’s an

Improved helmet


a gun that has been modified

In the hallway further to the left on the same floor, you will see an unidentified corpse as well as an inscription that reads “4”. The number “4” is set.

Fourth trap

and then remove


From the weapons that are in to the room next. Go through the doorway to the stairs, then go downstairs and recharge the

Fifth trap

beneath the camera.

If you can charge all traps, you earn an achievement called the the trapper achievement. Also, you’ll be granted the Captain’s approval.

A path leading to the fire station.

There are many fascinating places to visit on the route until the plot point. Begin by going down the rope and eliminating those mutant Guardians. Turn left to find the boat. There is no need to make use of it. Continue forward through the building. The bandits will attack you. Take them out and move ahead. Go left and climb up on the rope ladder. Once you’ve done this, walk ahead and then to the left to reach the boat. Inside, you’ll find an individual with an secondary task. He wants you to retrieve all the papers from the safe inside the same building where his brother is imprisoned. He is only aware of the initial part, and the second part must be learned from the brother.

After that, turn back and then follow the path to the left, and you will find a vast area. Tom’s scouts have been ensconced within the remains of the structure on the right. There’s also a workbench on the left. Go to the workbench, and then enter the room with the Scouts. There is a hidden treasure attack pouch. the attack pouches (armor development).

Tom’s scouts will inform their tales of the Nighthunters. They were killed some time back, but they were able to get out of many hiding places. In the places where you find Nighthunters caches, the arm’s detector will activate. There’s a chance that on the wall, there will be an unreadable white mark that has a mutant in the form of a UAV. If you locate all geocaches, you’ll earn the the achievement “Owl”. In our walkthroughs, every geocache is included!

You can visit the workbench within the same ruins. To the left is a the melody number 5. To the left of it is an opening within the wall. It will lead to the location the story needs. Take your time. Take a walk from the building to the left, and you’ll discover a bridge that leads to a different location marked with an asterisk (to the ruin). There are mutants in this area—a locked entrance inside one of the buildings. Go into the room left of the door. In the left-hand corner, you will find a gap in the wall’s bottom. You can sneak through it to the room. There you’ll find an PVA amplifier (improvement).

Cross the bridge between the scout’s home and workbench for a way to go to the opposite part of the river towards follow the question marks. Once you’ve gotten past the cars, you’ll arrive at the junkyard, and you’ll be confronted with the wings. It isn’t straightforward. I suggest shooting incendiary shots directly at Krylon whenever he appears and then using guns to cause the tiny creatures to scatter (they will clump up and then fly toward you, inflicting damages). Additionally, occasionally Wing creates massive car structures, hoping to throw them over you. You should just get away from these walls.

When you have won, you must take the main option. After winning, you will be called by the Captain, who will inform you that a severe storm is expected. A bit further away, there is an indication that reads “Loafing” and another sign to the left. You can turn left to access the garage of the second brother ( side quest). You can listen to him and find out that he is blaming the other brother for everything. This means that the two brothers blame each other, and you are now able to access both of the codes to keep safe.

Take the exit from here and turn to the left. There is an open area with a variety of monsters. You must immediately turn left to reach the “Right of Way” car dealership. Explore the area and then go to the back room and locate the safe. If you are familiar with both of the codes (talked to the brothers), take the documents. They’re on in the form of a notice. The next space on the wall left of the entrance is the melody number 6.. You can go outside and spot the two brothers seated in the garage to the right. You can give them the go-ahead to inform them that Angelika has taken everything she wants for herself.

Go toward the marker. You will eventually reach the lair of the bandits who hid the caches. To enter, climb up to the second level via the rope ladder next to the excavator. Inside the room that you enter, the right side of the safe is a notation. Once you’ve found it, begin to move through the structure. Be cautious as there are stretch marks. At the top of the landing, you’ll turn to the room on the left, just in front of the door with the red color. When inside, you can remove the melody number 7 from the wall on the right.
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Take the building off the block and then go outside. Then, immediately enter the house on the other side of the road. The detector will activate. Take a look around the shelves until the left. You will find an unlocked door on the left side of the wall. There are three levers. It is necessary to turn them on in the proper order: left, right, middle. The armory’s door will be opened. Inside, you will find a the unloading vest that is used for tools (allows you to carry additional filters and equipment).

Find the building marked by the marker. There is a dock and a boat there. Find the upstairs lever. The lever should be pulled to unlock the gate. Take the boat on a ride towards the massive structure, and it will be identified by the “question mark” when you get close to it. Make sure to dock at the dock and take the note placed in the crate. Move forward, up, and then locate the valve. It should be turned on, and then you can activate the electrical panel to the left side to ignite the tar that’s leaked out. Chase the beasts away. Return to the vessel and continue swimming along.

After you have left the building, Turn left. In front of you is a dock that has an enigma. You can go to shore and take a listen from the recording device that is next to the bodies. The bandits are after one. Go deep into the area and then go upstairs to locate the dead Sailor (in his tank top). Sam will call the Captain. He will then ask Sam to provide more details. You can:

  • Return to the vessel and sail toward the story marker.
  • Continue walking in the spot.

It is necessary to go in a different direction from the sailor’s body and then jump on an unmarked path and walk forward. In the next few minutes, you will come across another body. It is necessary to climb under the bus, then ascend and locate the body that is one of the officers. It will automatically play the last message he left, and Sam will inform the Captain about his discovery. Captain’s Approval.

After you have dealt with this, get back to the boat and then sail diagonally to the left for a second fascinating item (the “question marker”) situated on the left side of the map. There are tall silos, as well as pharmacy signs. Take a boat, fight the two bandits in the building, and collect the altered weapons that hang from weapons. Take a trip up to the top of the building, walk under the canopy that is on the side, and then on the table by the guitar, you will find the note. After you’ve done this, then walk across the bridge until you reach the bathroom toilet. On its door hangs melody #8.

Continue to swim further towards the marker on the plot. When you reach the pier, the air will be crystal clear. You can go upstairs to find the red canister to your left. On the left side is a “Kung” (that’s the term used to describe older military vehicles) with a melody number 9 (the final one) that hangs on the wall outside. You can fill up the generator on the right side and then enter the bus to locate the workstation. There’s an additional note on the nearby.


Do not be in a rush to go away. Take a walk back to the pier and sit next to the boat. Then turn around and take a look at the lower part. There will be an unfinished pipe. It will be a crawling pipe that you can get to the basement. There are a few consumables in the basement.


at the gun and

A flashlight with greater brightness

You can get out of the room by opening the hatch. If you attempt to go inside the basement from the top, you’ll discover a closed door.

Then, go to the area of the fire station. Clean it of bandits. There are a few dogs around. It’s not necessary to take them out. Enter the room, climb to the second floor and go to the back room. In this room, Sam will be able to find the costumes you require. You can go up the stairs to reach the room that has the work desk. The workbench is to the right side, and on the left side of the table is the helmet enhancer (enlarged filter). On the table to the left is the earlier notice. You can climb even higher, and then into the stairwell and then pull the taut rope to exit the room.

Once you have done this, go into the building from your left side. Be cautious as you will find two mining areas within the building. After that, you will find an office in an area. It is also the final note. Then, head towards the market in which you’ll need to take on a monster of a size. He’ll slash at you from behind, and you must be alert all the time. Between his jerks, bats can clump together; therefore, try breaking up the hordes. If you’re in a position to strike the monster as it tries to attack you, it shouldn’t hurt you. If you’re not able to do so for it, you’ll miss the strike. If you’re unable to deal with it, we suggest reducing the difficulty of the game’s alternatives.

Submarine Base

Find the marker. A new question marker will be displayed on the way. There are resources as well as tape recorders inside the building. The bandits discuss an ambush plan for the Captain. Work on the workbench, and then follow the narrative marker. Be a fighter until the Captain appears. Take the boat and head to the next spot.

When you are off, then charge the electric panel to the right, and then proceed to the door. There is a workstation on the left, and within the cabinet to the left is the armored glasses (helmet upgrade). Explore the entire complex and kill spiders. Make use of incendiary ammunition due to which spiders be lit up immediately following one shot. Make sure you reach the switch near the end of the room and turn it off. Take the elevator down. At the point you have stopped, take the spiders out and shoot them. It is crucial to eliminate the electric one since this is what makes it impossible to move the elevator.

Go to the next room. If you are in the area with an electric spider, you must try to eliminate it as swiftly as you can. Following that, the light will turn on, and it will finish off the other regular creatures. Start refueling. Get rid of the electric spiders appearing to continue to refuel. After this is done, you can take the elevator to the lower level. Go up the vent before stopping at the propeller that is spinning. Watch for an electric spider’s appearance. He will cut off the power, slowing the propeller. All that is left to do is make it to the captain’s boat.


Once you’re back with Tom, take a look at a long scene. After the cutscene is over, you’ll need to defend yourself from the men of Klim’s. Utilize the workbench, and then go through the door that you entered. Go to the right and then go to the rear to the back of the boat. Then, go down and get on the pier to the right. The route forward is linear. However, you’ll need to shut off all the lighting (to remain safe, so the enemies can’t notice you). Also, you’ll have to kill a few dozen ghouls and bandits. Then, you’ll be able to jump onto boats to reach the control room along with Klim. There’s no need to fight Klim. The fight will be automatic.

All endings of “Sam’s Story”

In the end, you will be able to choose the final game:

  • Use the A button. Sam explodes the submarine exactly as Captain wanted. Sam is denied his “ticket to the home country” and still believes he’ll be able to visit America one day. Sam remains in Vladivostok.
  • Hit the D button. Sam is hesitant to explode the submarine. Tom takes him to America’s shores. But what is the price?

At the close of the game, you will earn the achievement “Elusive” (if you get through Normal difficulty and do not die in the in the fight against wings), “Last Hero” (just for finishing the game with every difficulties) as well as “Rigid Principles” (must get full Captain’s approval).

How to obtain what you need to get “Hardcore Principles”


To achieve this, you must do what the Captain requests:

  1. You can drop your weapon once you encounter the Captain on top of the funicular structure.
  2. Help the Captain get rid of the piece of wood in the building where he lives in the event that you save him.
  3. If the Captain asks you to put his leg down and serve the Captain a drink, give him the canned items.
  4. Install all the traps within the building.
  5. If you are swimming towards the station for fire, which is not far from it to your left, you will find an island with the remains of bandits as well as sailors. Take a listen to the tape recorder, then go deeper and ascend to locate an additional tape recorder, as well as the body from the XO. This is how you’ll locate the entire crew of Captains.

If you’ve completed everything above Captain will present you with the detonator. In the end you’ll have to destroy the submarine (you’ll probably be awarded the certificate for each of the five actions mentioned above already).

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