Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Review – A Good Reason to Come Back to the Game Review

The highly-rated shooting game Metro Exodus recently received an upgrade to the enhanced Edition that incorporates lighting by Ray Tracing. This review we will show you how the new version is different from the standard version.

  • producer: 4A Games
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Publisher date: May 6 / June 18, 2021 (PC / console)

My computer gets a bit unhappy when I hear the word “raytracing” and so the latest software was tested using the PS5 and the console seemed to perform well with Raytracing, but with some doubts: The developers were required to turn on dynamic resolution, decrease the resolution of the global lighting rendering, and turn off the tessellation feature and also reduce volume hair on animal models (relevant with games like the Xbox Series X). All in the name of steady sixty frames per second. These is to say are very stable and makes the game extremely fluid.

However it significantly alters the visual. When you purchase Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition you also receive an “vanilla” Version (the reverse is also the case for those who own the original game will receive an free update to Enhanced Edition), so you are able to download both versions and compare the two “head-to-head”.

You can feel the difference by using your eyes of the naked: light and shadows appear more real The lights reflect off objects infinity and render their colors, making a more natural image. Who ever thought consoles could achieve this?

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