Metro Exodus endings

An extensive overview of Metro Exodus endings: conditions for both bad and good endings, as well as a list of actions that are right and wrong

Metro Exodus is the third game in the post-apocalyptic series of first-person shooters that are based on the novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Similar to the two previous installments, Metro: Exodus uses the morality system to decide the outcome (good and bad).

You may get multiple endings simultaneously, and they will depend on the structure of Artem’s group. When we look at the outcomes on a larger size, there are just two options – bad and good. If you don’t encounter any issues obtaining the bad one (and you’ll likely be able to do it when you first play), The first isn’t quite as clear.

The gameplay is more accessible and more transparent than the case in Metro 20333 and Metro: Last Light. You’ll be safe if you play with care and strive to perform good deeds for everyone you meet and interact with. Here we’ll tell you the steps you must take and be avoiding to ensure the best possible outcome for Artem. This could be the ending that will form the basis for the ongoing storyline of the video game series.

The only sign of morality systems within Metro Exodus is the dark flashback that happens after you have committed a criminal act. If you do good things, On the other hand, you’ll notice an intense white flash. The basic rules do not kill surrendering adversaries and don’t shoot anyone who is in plain view.

The process of killing monsters is easy as they do not affect anything. With humans, however, It’s a bit more complex. Even if there are enemies in the vicinity, some aren’t likely to strike Artem until he opens the fire. So make sure you approach everyone with the most excellent care: first, point your crosshairs towards the NPC. If the crosshairs are red, you’re 100% enemy! If the crossed-hairs turn green or yellow, Don’t fire.

There may be more in morality than in the previous paragraphs. There are certain situations in which you need to react appropriately. Let’s take a deeper look at everything in detail!

The morality system of Metro Exodus is invisible. Do the best you can while not ignoring evil, and you’re bound to be rewarded with a better conclusion. Here’s a set of steps you can take for a successful conclusion…

Everything is essential. You don’t have to complete all of these things! If you take more positive actions than bad ones, there is an excellent chance of getting an improved outcome.


  • 1 General Tips
  • 2 . Chapter 3. Volga
  • 3 . Chapter 6. Caspian
  • 4, Chapter 8. Taiga
    • 5. 1 Bad end
    • 5.2 Good conclusion
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General advice

  • Utilize stealth and avoid combat whenever possible. Be sneaky, sneak up on your adversaries from behind, and then use stun techniques rather than kill them.
  • If the adversary does surrender, don’t shoot him.
  • There are firefights that cannot be avoided. In these instances killing enemies has nothing to be concerned with morale.

At the end of the game, Artem will be able to preserve the presence of two of his three friends. They can either refuse to travel or even die in the Volga, Caspian, and Taiga location. This is the case for Prince, Damir, Alyosha, and Alyosha. In reality, you have to ensure the Prince and Damir continue on their quest or end up killing everyone and everything. This won’t impact the end or anything!

Chapter 3. Volga

  • You can complete side requirements by taking Stepan an instrument and the girl on the train an adorable toy bear.
  • Do not kill the friendly-minded fanatics. They are located just west of the gas station. They also have fanatics living on a small island located to the west. They are also detained in a huge bandit camp.
  • Let the prisoners go from the camp of bandits.
  • Do not kill fanatics as you leave the church or make your way on the barge towards the end of the chapter toward their leader.
  • Don’t kill the fans on the bridge to protect the Prince. Silantius will permit you to go in this scenario and will not fire back.
  • For getting out of church towards the start section, you’ll be sure you did the right thing when the prince (sailing in the vessel) insists on how peacefully you repelled the intruders. If he responds, “You didn’t disappoint him,” you did the wrong thing and most likely killed someone.
  • Don’t kill the merchants on the barge you’ll be snooping through to reach the bridge of fans.

Chapter 6. Caspian

  • Within this section, you’ll encounter a lot of enslaved people who aren’t going to strike you. Don’t shoot them!
  • While you are exploring the loaf at the beginning of Caspian, Don’t shoot the soldier from the enemy who attacked them on the rooftop.
  • If you don’t have any trouble, he’ll give you an additional task in a few minutes. You must complete the job.
  • Utilize stealth to stun all the guards in slave camps. If you can do this, you’ll be able to help all enslaved people. There are two areas which are the mine and the ship in a state of disrepair.
  • Let the prisoners go out of the prison.
  • If you go to the government building beneath the lighthouse, search for your family’s photo.
  • To free the enslaved people from the rusty ship, you can easily kill each bandit by going upstairs to the captain’s room and walking out to the bridge and where the lever will be. By pulling it, you can let the hold open below. And that’s it! The captives have been set free! There’s no need to go downstairs and unbolt the cages!!
  • Release the enslaved people while you travel to get water. They are below the stairs, and you need to climb at the end of it. A dog secures them so make sure you use a throwing knife.
  • After you have received an invitation from the Baron and you climb towards the highest point of the oil rig, take note of the enslaved person being beaten by the bandit. You must go into the cabin with the man and beat the man silently. You will have to do the same thing to the guy who has insulted the woman when you are done. You’ll be fighting anyone who does this.
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Chapter 8. The Taiga

  • In the first level, walk forward and see a bandit tied to the pole. Save him from the predators as well as free him.
  • Inside the cave on the right side, an inmate is trapped by bandits. It will happen if you cross paths with the first camp searching for Alyosha.
  • Do not shoot pirates. You can sneak in on them stealthily.
  • Do not attack men without arms as well as the hermit.
  • Don’t kill pirates who have been wounded.

If you perform most of these actions and are successful, you will have the most satisfying ending. There are two endings in the game, a great one and one that isn’t so good. If you’re curious about what happens in either one or the other, look at the following.


A bad ending

Melnik can save Artem at the cost of his own life, but Melnik becomes ill-affected by serious radiation poisoning. He needs a blood transfusion. However, there isn’t enough (with a minimum of 2 in the form of Damir, Alyosha, and Prince missing), and Artem is killed. But the medication found by him aids Anna to remain alive. The game is concluded by the other team digging up Artem at the foot of Baikal hill. Baikal hill.

Good end

In this instance, however, Artem survives, as there are plenty of people left on the train to assist Artem with an organ transfusion. But, it’s difficult to rescue Colonel Melnik. The Aurora crew locates an enviable and safe area to live in. Melnik has been buried, and Artem suggests everyone move into the new home.

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