Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms – Crusades Campaign walkthrough guide

The British Campaign is another part of the Medieval 2 Total War expansion known as Kingdoms. This is the legendary times of the Crusades towards the end of the 12th century.


The Crusades campaign is likely to be one of the most simple to play in the Kingdoms package. There are however important aspects to keep in mind. Even in this scenario, you may be defeated if you employ the wrong approach or declare war against all in the same row.

The entire process is determined by the starting point. A good starting point is your chance to be successful. In the beginning consider that there aren’t any problems in the economy. The focus is on bloody, brutal combat. There are five factions that can be played that include The Principality of Antioch The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Byzantine Empire as well as the Seljuk states, and The Egyptian Fatimid Sultanate.

There’s plenty to be fought, even the most gruelling of battles. For beginners, it is recommended to begin with Egypt. It is among the most powerful factions. Being able to win on a difficult difficulties is a piece of cake.

Egypt is extremely rich and holds a powerful position throughout the East. The Turks won’t go to war against him at first. At the beginning, they will to send all armies of Egyptian areas to Palestine. Within 5 or 6 turns it will be possible to hear an Call to Jihad. A specific script allows you to build additional army. Kerak will have multiple regiments available at the same time.

Be sure to take on the cities of Jerusalem. When you’re taking them do not forget to construct mosques. Engage Imams to promote Islam. In battles, only use real-time mode, and take on massive knights with mounted archers. An excellent economy will provide you with a huge advantage. Do not forget to construct towns that are stable and have assets.

For the Seljuk group, the situation is somewhat more complicated. The Turks are divided into two groups: the Anatolian grouping as well as the Persian grouping. One of their huge armies is based around Caesarea and the other is located in Baghdad. A powerful force is in place immediately after the initial moves. It is imperative to engage the enemy as soon as possible, taking everything within the area.

The two sides will be fighting. Then, send the Anatolian group towards Byzantium. Take out by destroying the Greeks until you get to Nicea. Then, the Venetians are waiting to take over Constantinople will completely annihilate them. In Persia make a huge group and then send it to the areas to the north of Mosul. Once the Jihad script is activated be bold and attack Kirshehir as well as Malatya. It is advised to establish one corps in order to take over the Caucasus. The sole rulers who are independent there will not last long. Like in Egypt Don’t forget to think about the growth of cities.

You are able to build whole lines of forts on the map during the course of a campaign. Be careful when using it. Forts can be a fantastic option to stop massive armies of your foes.

For Byzantium Do exactly the same thing as you did with The Turks as well as the Egyptians. You’re in a position of advantage as well as a thriving economy.

Make a massive force of Anatolia and then send it towards Ankira. Inflict destruction on the Turks by using the weapons they have brought with them. Utilize mounted archers in a variety of hues. Continue to strengthen the castles and cities. The Emperor and the prince to Crete immediately to protect them from enemy attacks and to avert the demise of the family. Be sure to secure Constantinople.

In a short period of time (20-30 minutes) in the next 20-30 turns, Venetian Crusade begins. Tsargrad will be immediately assaulted with Italian barbarians. Create two regiments around Constantinople and fight to stop the city from being taken. Take on the crusaders within the city’s walls. Dismantle their commanders, and create chaos on the soldiers. Venice is only defeated by completely eliminating their chief advisor and doge. Battle with real time mode.

The Crusaders are in a difficult situation, but they are not in a state of despair. There are numerous cities around and under the control of independent princes. You are free to visit these cities and receive a huge increase in the economics. You can then get rid of cash.

For Antioch Form strong troops and put them on the southern border. Make sure that all towns surrounding them are strengthened. The Turks are coming in a moment. Prepare yourself to stop the jihadist hordes. Set up a small army in Antioch and load it up with Marines, and then dispatch it to take over Cyprus. You are able to wait out any storms in Cyprus. After 10 turns then you’ll see the Crusade of Kings script kicks into. Antioch as well as Jerusalem have two armies that are strong. They are great at fending off the Muslim attacks.

While playing with your country’s Kingdom of Jerusalem and Antioch you shouldn’t be in danger. The first step is to protect their territory and defeat the hordes of enemies. After that, you can begin thinking about conquers. Defeat attack after attack, siege after siege. Stand firm in Cyprus to prevent the immediate destruction of your nation. Do not lose Jerusalem, Kerak, Krak des Chevaliers and Antioch. This could have dire consequences and the collapse the economy.

You can try to incite the enemy to attack cities. Cities are usually safer to defend. Additionally the on horseback, Muslim archers are useless during sieges. Stay in the fight until your enemy slows his attack. You can then think of counter-attacks.

2. Stage: The Slaughterhouse

If you’ve followed the rules to the letter then you’re healthy and ready for more battle. If you’re seeing an information stream about the conclusion of the battle and the loss of your group You probably haven’t read the entire guide. If that’s the case revisit the guide and on until you realize everything is dependent on the beginning.

The only thing you need to do in the future is fight. While you’re fighting, naturally it is more beneficial to build and strengthen the city. It is highly recommended to focus on building forges. Weapon shops and blacksmiths enhance the weapons you have and make your troops invincible. It is therefore recommended to construct more armories and keep upgrading your soldiers.

Do not forget to build artillery training facilities. Sure, it’ll slow your troops down as moving, but this is much better than losing a whole cavalry regiment in an unproductive attack. Always carry three or four catapults or stone throwers with you. This will allow you to take down enemies faster. In real-time battles , construct artillery posts in high ground and then pound your opponent to the point of exhaustion.

If you play as the Turks When playing as the Turks, join the two groups to form a large army. Connect the countries that are Anatolia with Persia. Continue forward, degrading everything that is. Then the sequence for the arrival of Osman’s into. Osman is bringing with him an elite group of gulems together with the Janissaries. This army is excellent against the larger troops of Greeks or Crusaders.

Do your best to crush those who resist in Antioch. Eliminate every Byzantine regiments that you encounter. Once you have discovered gunpowder, start the mass manufacture of cannons. Armed with these forces, you will quickly conquer the globe. Apply the same strategy to conquer Egypt. Make sure to form peace with Turks first. Invade Byzantium in tandem and eliminate all Crusader resistance. If you are the Turks have Osman and they have Osman. Egyptians possess a knight called Baybars. The knight’s Mameluk Guard will help you fight any adversary.

When you’re fighting the crusaders you’ll need to sweat. Crossbowmen, archers, and artillery are key players in this. Make sure to recruit the most mercenaries you can and deploy heavy cavalry during the fights. Do not rely on infantry. It is not going to help you in this situation.

For Jerusalem, invade Egypt quickly. Every counterattack by the enemy is defeated. Only fight in real-time and avoid automatic battle. Try to defend the citadels that are captured immediately.

For Antioch take a direct route to the region of Persia Be sure to strengthen the northern borders. Then, take the Turkish cities to the ground. Artillery and mercenaries work well against mounted archers. Take control of Mosul and begin producing elite armies as soon as possible. Make an effort to cut out from the Persian cities. This can help prevent riots.

In the administration of Byzantium immediately possible , eliminate the Seljuk army unit in Anatolia. In the meantime take out the remnants of Crusaders from the land of Thrace. Eliminate Venice as a whole. Mounted archers are excellent for fighting Turks as well as Catholics.

Continue to you can capture Cyprus and then invade Antioch. Then, you will destroy the knight armies with arrows that are elite. Be sure to keep in mind the flamethrowers. one of the most popular units of the add-on. With just one shot of fire , they take out hundreds of foes. It is possible to take on Egypt with the flotilla. This will strengthen the economy further. Cut out cities that are infected by enemies and then immediately build traditional temples. Employ priests to ensure the loyalties of the people. Be aware that you do not have allies in this situation. There’s no need to slaughter castles. After you have taken fortresses, start producing elite cavalry , such as Cataphracts as well as Archontopouls.

3. Stage: Conquest

After having taken half of the map, your adversaries begin to shrink. Your empire grows and becomes all-powerful. From now on all you need to do is get all until the conclusion, which is the final takeover of the entire map. Do not forget about the building of cities and fortresses. Create blacksmithing. The blacksmith shop and armory can greatly enhance their armor troops and also increase the damage they take from their weapons. Produce artillery pieces en masse.

The gunpowder age is coming very soon, and will give you a huge advantage over the rest of the players. AI does not use cannons often instead, preferring to battle with the same catapults as well as trebuchet.

However, don’t overlook that at the end of the battle you’ll need to fight another adversary. A massive army from Mongol Hulagu Khan will surely be seen on the walls of Baghdad at the beginning of the second half of XIII century. It’s difficult to determine when exactly it will happen. Make plans to eliminate the Tartars prior to when they get close to their Persian cities. They are seen in Basra. The best strategy is to construct an area of forts in the vicinity of Basra and Baghdad. Mongol attacks are easily destroyed. Take out all khans, khanzadeh and khans to eradicate them as a group.

Then, you can continue to take over the remaining cities to win the contest. A successful infostream and praise is a sure thing!


If you’ve found the initial campaign boring, look into the numerous mods that are available for the game. For instance, All Christian Crusades adds the game to many Christian factions that were in the first Medieval 2 Total War game. In other words, you’ll be able to play for England, France, Germany, Sicily and even Portugal. There is however another new group that is visible – Banu Hilal. The independent Arabian states are allied with Egypt as well as the Seljuks However, over time they could develop into an independent empire. The kings of their armies will establish the authority of new sultans of the Middle East.

The same features is available in the neighboring addon titled New Faction Mod. In New Faction Mod, you can also access the European factions that are available to make the campaigns more diverse.

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