Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms – Britannia Campaign walkthrough guide

The British Campaign is the next section of The Medieval 2 Total War expansion which is often referred to as Kingdoms. We are in the period that was Britain and the time of William Wallace and the Welsh struggle to gain independence. We are about to witness an intense confrontation between various factions. Only one can achieve victory and bring the entirety members of Britain in one region. In this guide, you’ll learn about the top game features that will definitely aid you in your development of the map of campaign.

Step 1: Begin

There are five factions that can be played in the campaign : England, Ireland, Wales, Norway and Scotland. There’s also an additional faction called the Alliance of Barons, which assumes the role of Rebels from the Roman Empire in Barbarian Invasion. The game of playing for all the factions is exciting in its own unique way. The game is filled with historic events and scripts that make the game much more thrilling. The goal is to control your own British Isles, which means taking control of 46 countries.

Future development on the map is contingent on when you beginning. As England and preparing for a recession and threats from all sides. It will require lots of energy and courage to bring Britain into a single nation. At first do not even think about the idea of conquering. It’s all about the existence of legitimate royalty. Wales along with Ireland are engulfed by a raging rebels. Local kings have had enough of the brutality of the London rulers, therefore they aren’t fed here. Let them chop off hundreds of Englishmen.

From the beginning it’s time to be ready to defend. Get ready to fight against the attacks. It is important to keep the control over at least some of your land. The worst of it will happen in Wales. In Wales, the soldiers of the King of Wales Llewelyn will be advancing through the countryside in large numbers. In Ireland Prepare for continuous assaults on castles and towns. Dublin you’ll lose all power will be given into the Alliance of Barons, do not attempt to defeat it.

Try to secure at least the castles, since they are a great source of recruits for troops. Concentrate on recruiting arquebusters and cavalry that are heavy. Don’t just focus on holding sieges but also counterattack. The war will be long. In the course of 30 turns, you’ll only need to defend. However, the attack hordes start to lose their strength. After about 30-40 rounds, you could begin to think about bringing all the lands in England under the control of a single monarch. Be sure to avoid economic collapse. It’s harder to get back.

The game of playing in Ireland, Norway and Wales is much more straightforward. In this game, you’ll be playing simple attacks. Simply move your troops to take over English strongholds. There will be no issues dealing with cash.

The union of Ireland is an easy task even at difficult terrain. It’s enough to take over the entirety of English cities and castles, and in the near future, Ireland will be self-governing. Once you have taken control of the island, you may contemplate the expansion of the rest of the island. However, it is not advisable to move into the mainland with a solid army.

Wales is much easier to master than Ireland. You just need to defeat a few English army units in the Montgomery region. Start attacking all castles, forts and towns until you reach Oxford. If you are successful, the more English you can defeat you will see more Welsh rebels will join with you. A specific script will call the best forces to your side.

When you are playing as Norway When playing as Norway, immediately strike Scotland. Combating the local savages and managing the tough Vikings is entertaining. 10 to 15 turns after the beginning of the Norwegian campaign King Haakon’s script for his arrival begins to play. King Haakon of Norway arrives with a formidable army close to Aberdeen. His troops assist in the rapid taking of Scotland.

If you’re playing as your fellow Scots themselves, you must be ready to defend yourself against the attacks of Norway. The Vikings are known to be a horde of men. Make sure to deploy cavalry as frequently as is possible. Eliminate warlords of the enemy as quickly as you can. The Norwegians are awash with troops, and they are taken away by the powerful army of Knights. Be prepared to defend until the enemy has stopped. Prepare to attack and throw the unruly Vikings back into the ocean. Make sure to strengthen your city and economy.

Stage 2: Be prepared for the possibility of trouble

If you’ve done it right Your group isn’t lost, but it does have the possibility of being disabled. However, if you observe that your adversaries are already slowing down and dragging their troops back, you shouldn’t get exuberant.

It is a British campaign is filled with unexpected events. For instance, if you’ve taken over the majority of Scotland to Norway In the meantime, the Highlanders are summoned by William Wallace to their aid and they don’t even care that he was alive in the 14th century, not 13th century. Wallace is from the future and appears close to Inverness and immediately engages in the fight. It’s a great shot into the back against the insufferable Vikings! To stay out of the trap, it is recommended to protect all towns captured in Scotland. If you don’t, you could be in trouble when you get back. Wallace has a large army and the majority of them are tough Highlanders equipped with claymores. You can destroy Wallace with cavalry when fighting. Wallace is surrounded by foot soldiers and they are utterly uneffective against heavy knights.

For other factions, it will be more enjoyable. If you’ve been able to successfully thwart enemies’ attacks in England and arranged the counterattack, don’t consider slowing your pace in any manner. Continue to attack everything moving. Take over and pillage cities of rebellious subordinates. Take down Wales as well as Baron Alliance as quickly as you can. Baron Alliance as quickly as is possible.

In Ireland In Ireland, create a corp of knights to take on at the town’s Gaelic people. In Ireland, take Dublin in a storm, and eliminate the entire population. Make use of the famous English archers to defend their positions using stakes. The enemy can be attacked with heavy knighted cavalry, taking away their artillery and infantry.

In Wales and Ireland are rapidly expanding, completely destroying and destroying cities of the Anglo-Saxons. The defenses are weakest. The Welsh however must take over London in the earliest time possible and be prepared for the possibility of a counter-strike.

Prince Edward from England is seen at the gates of the capital city that was taken in a special script. It is essential to eliminate his army of crusaders as fast as it is possible. The glamour of England will disappear forever in history. It is highly recommended to utilize to transfer capitals. Once you’ve gained control over London and making London the state capital. It doesn’t matter which side you are a part of whether it’s Wales or Ireland. Consider it your capital and the cash will be deposited into your bank account in the millions.

For Scotland Try to knock out the Norwegians out of the Islands more quickly. Take their northern fortress and capture it and add to their bank accounts. Don’t forget to conquer townships that are independent and are the property of local Lords. These towns are excellent to help you develop your economic base.

However, after the expulsion of the Norse do not be too eager to celebrate. The Vikings are able to attack any time from the ocean, so be sure to protect your cities and castles along the coast. Create a large flotilla of holes in Perth (the Scottish capital) and then conduct a naval attack. Eliminate all Norwegian vessels that lie along the coastline. Start preparing landing parties in order to capture those remaining islands. The Norwegians remain in control of certain territories, and they’re to be taken from them.

3. Stage: Victory and Advance

After having reclaimed more than 20 areas it is now time to put aside any difficult. From now on, it will be easy just like the entire Medieval 2 Total War campaigns. Do not only aim to meet the requirements for victory listed in the table, but also to conquer each parts of the British Isles. It’s more engaging and provide the campaign with an historical flavor. In battles, concentrate on taking out the enemy warlords. If an adversary loses one of their warlords his troops will leave. In this scenario there is a chance that the AI frequently hires artillery therefore, don’t forget to get your general away in security. In the end, a misplaced cannonball could ruin all your dreams of Caesar’s glory.

There are typically two main factions at risk at the conclusion of a campaign: Norway or Scotland. If they do not get out of the territory within the timeframe, you may peacefully slumber in an unending war. The battle with them can last for several tens or even hundreds of turns. At this point the limit of time is simply going to expire.

If you are a member of Wales, Ireland, or England Don’t allow these nations to grow stronger. The Scots at the top of development are an experienced army that it is difficult to take them down even for a veteran. The Norwegians however, contrary are able to build impregnable defenses on the islands that they manage. In the end, removing them from their islands is probably not possible. Do your best to avoid this from happening, and then the victory is yours. When you’ve won 46 areas The campaign ends and you are presented with a huge list of information that is filled with praise.

Unofficial addons

The Kingdoms British campaign is definitely great, but some may not be able to appreciate it as historically significant. In the end, there were many other factions fighting to be the best within the islands. The events of the time aren’t present in this version at all. If the original version doesn’t suit your needs then it’s recommended to test alternatives.

The best can be found in Rule Britannia and Britannia Ultima. In the first game, we have a broader map, as well as a myriad of new factions, and an unusual gameplay. You can choose to play in an alliance of Barons, the Alliance of Barons, as in addition to other factions, including the identical Denmark. AI functions much more efficiently and is able to eliminate all of the weaknesses of the player. Britannia Ultima is the first campaign, but with a plethora of well-developed cities, and with the introduction of new invader forces (like France) and with the capability to create elite soldiers right from the beginning steps. The game is much more enjoyable.

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