Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms – Americas Campaign walkthrough guide

The American Campaign is another part of the Medieval 2 Total War expansion featuring the highly-publicized title Kingdoms. We are immersed in the history of the famous Hernan Cortez. Incredible journey back to the days of the medieval era in America is waiting for us.

Stage 1 START

This American campaign is completely different from the ones we’ve previously seen in other addons in the addon.

The focus of the action is what was known as the Age of Discovery, when massive, angry, men equipped who carried guns over entire continents. The main battle game’s creators split the factions in European (colonial) in addition to Indian. From the European available factions, there is only one Spain but in the course of play, it will are England along with France. From those Native American factions, the Aztecs, Mayans, Tarascans, Tlaxcalans, Chichimecs, and Apaches are all available. Every Indian tribe has its distinct unique culture which must be integrated immediately in order to prevent civil unrest in cities.

The most straightforward thing to do in this case, naturally is to play for Spain. If you lead the conquistadors you could end the war fast.

The Spanish have been in Cuba along with the town of Veracruz from the very beginning. The Europeans face many issues with conscripting a regular army, which means you will have to battle mostly with beginning troops. Alternately, you could bring troops from Cuba to the mainland, however, the situation of the population in Havana is likely to fall and you’ll find yourself without a single person to work with. It is therefore recommended to recruit a number of mercenaries locally.

Delay is not recommended since you can earn specific points awarded by the King of Spain to kill your foes faster and more efficiently. These points can be used to gain special rewards which can range from new varieties of troops, structures and accessibility to some of the world’s most effective artillery.

It is imperative to declare war against the Aztecs immediately from the beginning. Otherwise, you’ll be facing millions of foes in the near future. Also, be aware that northern Indians could declare you to be on as the Trail of War, the local version of Jihad. Many other nations are bound to participate in the tribal march also.

Quickly and efficiently. Cities of Indian nations are incredibly rich and beautiful, which means the coffers will be replenished quickly. In battles in real-time, you must eliminate the warlords. You are fortunate to have a good artillery and cavalry, while the enemy has only an army of barbarians. Make sure to take out the enemy personally rather than in autobattle. This will help you be able to avoid costly losses. Be prepared: war is the primary direction here, so don’t think about the idea of building castles and cities. Keep going forward and destroy everything that comes in your way. You must take down the Aztecs and then assimilate their land within the first 20-30 steps.

If you are playing for one of the Indian faction, be prepared for the possibility that you will have to battle with your neighbours for a long time. It’s best than to attempt to eliminate Spain immediately. The Indians don’t have a fleet however, it’s possible to seize Veracruz and its surrounding cities. In the Indian economy is massive and there’s no issue with cash.

When fighting, be careful to not lose the generals and destroy your foes in mass numbers. If you’re fighting Spain it is preferential to make allies. Create trade agreements and alliances with your neighbors, and don’t pursue conflicts from left to right. Your first target is Spain. Smash it and then consider slaying your neighbors. In the event that your neighbours have fought you, remember that you’ll only be able to beat them with larger numbers.

In battles, 5-6000 warriors are killed It’s normal for 5-6 thousand warriors to die. In addition you should know that the Chichimecs along with the Apaches are also receiving cavalry in the final stages of development. Make use of them to fight hundreds of enemies, particularly when they are Aztecs, Mayans or Taraskis.

Stage 2 2. Assimilation

If you adhere to the tips properly at the beginning it is possible to be in an excellent state.

The economy permits you to employ 10-20 thousand warriors in this. After defeating the Aztecs to Spain and then savagely travel for Tarask or Tlaxcalan. Make sure you win every battle live, and be careful not lose any artillery or guns. Kill warlords of the enemy in the field. If your enemy is able to attack your fortress, you should get reinforcements in immediately and strike the enemies with cavalry. Cavalry against a multitude of savages is the most effective strategy to gain victory.

The King of Spain will be rewarded with every victory. It will reach the point at which the money flowing into your treasury will be inexplicably endless. Engage the assistance of priests and missionaries in order to establish Christianity.

In the case of for the Indian factions, keep up the slaughter. As brutal as it is make sure you do not let your prisoners alive. They will flee towards the attacker to join his army.

At high difficulty, it can be extremely difficult to battle with just infantry, however there’s no way out. Don’t just take on the enemy’s settlements and then build their own. The cities that are developed will allow the ability to better equipped troops. Make temples and special buildings to improve the skills of your troops. Only veterans with experience will be victorious in this battle.

Consider hiring shamans for culture assimilation. Maintain taxes at a reasonable rate at all times without increasing or decreasing them. For the Chichimecs and Apaches the situation is made simpler as they receive cavalry. Cavalry in this battle is essential to victory and must not be ignored. Factions that have a large amount of infantry on the other on the other hand, are not as fortunate. You’ll need to fight until the end with only naked wild animals. The most difficult situation is that of Tarask or Tlaxcalan. To deal with them, generally speaking, you need to combat in two directions.

Stage 3: Fight for the Colonies

It should be pointed out immediately that only Spain has the chance to control the entire area. The other Indian factions have the capacity to build an army. This means that you cannot like, for instance, to allow the Aztecs as well as Maya to take over the surrounding islands. It is therefore recommended to strictly follow the winning conditions to defeat the Indians.

However, for Spain you have the option to go further and take over all territories, including areas of the current United States. At the conclusion of the war, There are reports about colonists from other nations advancing. They are English and French appear with an army that is pretty solid. They’re not a threat to Spain. A few attacks could be enough to end the unruly invaders. Do your best to eliminate their leaders and factions will end up dying. It is a fact that the English along with the French are depicted here as a horde of factions, and this is their biggest flaw. After the demise of Old World foes, no major enemies are in the way. It is now time to relax about taking over the entire of America.

For the Indians they will have no relief when new palefaces appear. The English are now threatening Apache and Chichimec areas to the west. The French however are advancing to Mayan territory. It’s not a good idea to fight them in combat, unless you are equipped with the most formidable conquistadorial cavalry. Even Chichimec horses are not in a position to challenge knights in armor of England as well as France. Make them lay siege to your cities, then attempt to eliminate them in a mass of thousands within the settlements. Take them captive in squares and squeeze them out from every angle.

In siege of cities, the enemies are able to operate in an old-fashioned Medieval 2 style, using towers and ladders. Defensive is always more straightforward than fighting. Therefore, you should try to take down all the leaders of your enemy and snuff out their hoards. After eliminating these factions the problem will dry out.


The American Kingdoms campaign is well executed. We enjoyed exciting gameplay, fascinating conflict between factions, and various new scripts that assisted us throughout the campaign. Some players were dissatisfied they were not given the chance to defend England or France. Also, people did not know about another major power of the time that was Portugal. If you’re not content with the whole thing there are plenty of mods and add-ons that are not official which fix the mistakes of the developers.

From the many interesting projects, it’s worthwhile to pick 1500 Campaign , Americas mod. These mods significantly enhance the overall situation in the world map of America by adding new factions and units, which can complicate gameplay. Portugal, England, and France are all playable nations with their own unique troop lines as well as winning conditions.

These non-official addons are ideal for players who have become bored of the basic game and the monotonous environment across the maps. 1500 Campaign is put on the already installed American Kingdoms Campaign with a completely new set of files. However, Americas Mod is a switch project that is installed in a separate way of the other add-ons.

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