Media Unprecedented Number Of High-Ranking Employees Leaving Ubisoft

As Axios reports,
Ubisoft has experienced a huge drain on talented employees. It is so huge that employees declare it a “great departure” and a “severed arterial. ”

Axios provides the following instances of the importance of layoffs:

  • Five of Ubisoft top five important creators of Five of the most valuable developers from Far Cry 6 quit, as did 12 of the top 50 important developers of in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The 13th one recently left. However, he returned a short time afterward (we believe we are talking about the narrative director).
  • Over the last six months, more than 60 employees with medium and important importance have departed Ubisoft Canadian Studio. The majority of these studios are expanding and not shrinking.
  • Two Axios interlocutors claimed that the cuts have hit the speed of development for current projects very hard.

According to Axios the people who are moving out of Ubisoft due to various reasons, including low pay and a plethora of attractive offers from rivals and discontent following scandals over workplace culture. Ubisoft isn’t believed to be tackling issues effectively.

The current troubles that are afflicting Ubisoft have caused the company to be “an easy to target for hiring managers,” says one source. One example is that a programmer quit Ubisoft after a different company offered three times the amount of his salary. Ubisoft had previously announced raises for its Canadian studios to stop the trend; however, they sparked anger from other departments over the thought of receiving an increase.

A spokesperson of Ubisoft stated in an Axios article that the company is actually experiencing turnover, but it’s slightly more than normal, but remains within industry standards. Axios examined churn rates of various businesses using current LinkedIn corporate social network data:

  • Activision Blizzard -16%.
  • Ubisoft – 12%.
  • EA 9 9 %.
  • Take-Two – 8%.
  • Epic Games – 77%.

It’s clear it is true that Activision Blizzard has more attrition, however Ubisoft continues to losing staff more rapidly than other game companies.

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