Media Sony Will Unveil Its Answer To Game Pass Next Week

Your most trusted Insider Jason Schreier isn’t content with his position and has reported that the announcement of the Game Pass competitor from Sony isn’t too far from now. According to sources, the Japanese giant is expected to announce the service in the coming week.

The project codenamed Spartacus is expected to combine two existing PlayStation services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, with cloud-based games. Customers will be able to choose from different services, while the catalogue comprises both games from the present and games from the past generation of PlayStation.

The documents were previously made accessible to Bloomberg with information on subscription levels distributed in the following manner:

  • The cheapest version offers bonus programs comparable to those PS Plus currently offers.
  • The most expensive model already provides access to a vast selection of games through Game Pass (but big Sony projects such as God of War: Ragnarok won’t be there until the time of launch).
  • Maximum bundle provides gamers with extended demos as well as the possibility of streaming their game, as well as bonus features from earlier levels.

Furthermore, GamesBeat editor Jeff Grubb explained that the price begins at 10 dollars per month at the base subscription and $13 for the medium, and for the highest level $16 per month.

The first details about Sony intentions to launch a Game Pass analog became known in December 2021. People in the room with Schreier stated that Spartacus would debut in the spring of the year.

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