Media Sony Extends Ps4 Production To Make Up For Ps5 Shortage

According to its sources, Bloomberg states the report that Sony is extending production on its PlayStation 4, although previously had planned to end the console. In doing this, the company hopes to soften the burden of the lack of availability of PlayStation 5 in the market.

The essence of the Bloomberg image are as in the following order:

  • In official terms, Sony hasn’t discussed plans to cease production of PS4 however, the company has stated that they would like to end production of the console at the end of 2021.
  • While the PS5 shortage continuesto grow, Sony took the decision to postpone plans and order the production 1 million PlayStation 4s in 2022.
  • Additional PS4 deliveries will keep users connected to and around the PlayStation ecosystem until the stable PS5 supply levels are in place, says Sony.
  • The PS4 doesn’t have modern chips. However, it is simpler to construct and serves as an alternative that is less expensive than the PS5, which is why there’s still a market for it. Furthermore, the growth in the number of customers who want to buy PS4 allows Sony more flexibility to negotiate further with its manufacturing partners.
  • Prior to the outbreak, Sony hoped it could quickly transfer large portions of the people affected onto the next generation PlayStation however, that strategy is clearly not functioning.

According to Bloomberg reports, there’s a very urgent shortage of low-cost, general-purpose chips that provide power, sound, and wireless connectivity. Some console makers were looking to purchase these chips at a more fantastic price, but that wasn’t enough since the current supply is almost exhausted. Another issue that is still lingering is the rising price of shipping.

In its official comments for Bloomberg, Sony made two statements. The first is that it is planning to launch a new PS4 in 2022. The second reason is that there are no plans to cease production on the past gen for any reason, considering that the PS4 is “one of the most popular consoles of all time. There is always an opportunity to cross over among generations.”

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