Mass Effect Legendary Edition Test

Bioware is offering this game once more – but in the form of a (graphically) updated version. Its Legendary Edition includes not only the previously mentioned three games but also all the 40 DLCs. This is a carefree, all-around package that is sure to please avid fans and new fans.

A brand new experience in gaming

Before we get to the improvements that immediately attract attention, namely the visual ones, Let’s take a close look at the game’s overhauls in Mass Effect 1 that EA had promised at the beginning of the year, considering that the game’s gameplay has been viewed by many players as slightly old-fashioned when compared with its predecessors. It already impacts some critical elements of the game. In the beginning, Mass Effect was clearly “more playing” in every way than its two sequels. This was particularly evident in battles that relied less on precision and more on your character qualities and diced in the background in the classic RPG style. This made the combat feel more sluggish and less engaging.

Bioware has considered this when launching its Legendary Edition. The Legendary Edition begins with removing class restrictions on specific weapons and continues with improved controls. As a result, the game feels more balanced, runs smoother, and thus is more in line with different Mass Effect parts. The developers also worked with the display that shows head-up and specific menus and has changed them for the better. In particular, the general overview is benefited from this. This also applies to the additional camera perspectives that are now available and help with the orientation.

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Graphics are upgraded in several stages

We’ll now look at the visual changes long-time fans from The Mass Effect trilogy have been waiting for, in particular. This type’s most significant and most evident changes can be seen clearly in the initial part of the series. Unfortunately, the facelift isn’t a complete success and does not transform the old game into a contemporary graphic masterpiece. However, the enhancements in texture, as well as lighting effects and other areas, don’t only appear very impressive and attractive, but they also give an exceptionally “rounded” impression in general.

In the case of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, The visual modifications aren’t as evident, considering that they were already more attractive in the original version than in the first game. The new design ensures that the fun of The Legendary Edition look very homogeneous visually. This is evident, especially when you play the three episodes sequentially. The transition appears less pronounced and ultimately brings one back to the “rounded” impression we mentioned earlier.

A look at the Dark Side of the Galaxy

In the end, the creators invested a lot of time in Mass Effect: The Legendary Edition of Mass Effect. Unfortunately, this was not a project that was merely dismissed with a smile. Although there are many enhancements, there are some criticisms. While the developers have also improved the gameplay, particularly in the beginning, the game’s elements seem old-fashioned today. People hoping to experience an enthralling and balanced experience from an innovative cover shooter game similar to The Division 2 will quickly be disappointed. In addition, Bioware has deliberately omitted the multiplayer component in Mass Effect 3.

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The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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