Maskmaker Test

The magical masks created can transport you to other realms. The king here needs your help in bringing his country back to past splendor. From now on, you’ll travel around the world in search of solving puzzles to get the latest blueprints and materials, which could be used to design increasingly elaborate and innovative masks, opening new areas of the universe such as a tropical island, an underwater swamp or a rogue mine, the snowy mountain town, or a witty treehouse enclave like it was constructed in the hands of Ewoks.

Mystical Masked Ball

The lonely world of travel, the clever mind-teasers, and a background in which it is unclear for quite a while which factors are pulling you in. In its fundamental features, most Maskmaker reminds you of the classic adventure game Myst however, in VR and a lot less fragile.

The challenges of Maskmaker aren’t tough. They are enjoyable, varied, and, most importantly, are a solid learning curve. Creating the weed killer vial is necessary to get rid of the mushroom blocking your path. Lift and lower bridges in mountain villages so that the sheep who wanders off will locate its way back to the herd or close and open the gates to sluice an Aqueduct in a deserted town to let water flow through the oasis back into an empty river.

When I was confused for a short time, I was usually because I didn’t pay enough attention to my surroundings and ignored the tiny ingredients needed to create new masks in the specifics of the game world. The great thing about such situations is the fact that Maskmaker is designed non-linearly in a certain way so you can keep exploring different worlds when you’re trapped until your knot is shattered. To travel to other worlds, all you need to do is remove your mask, and put on a new one.

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This fundamental mechanic could have been the first inspiration for the designers to develop the idea for their game because it seamlessly blends with the VR experience. By flicking your wrist, you can take your mask off and put it back on, instantly taking you to the appropriate location. This event isn’t a load time issue even when using PlayStation 4 Playstation 4 – makes the impact all the more remarkable and deserves to be recognized for being a minor programming triumph for a game of such a small project, whose improvement typically, the smallest of things like load times were the very first thing to be put to the floor.

The making of masks by using the tools used that are used in the mask workshop is a VR experience that runs through and through. The process begins by creating an outline like the sculptor utilizing the hammer and chisel. You then add the various ornaments like flowers and shells you’ve collected from the different game worlds to the proper locations. Then, as in the course of play, you paint them using filigree handwork and colorful designs. (Don’t be concerned, this will not become a tedious craft; however, it is pretty simple to complete.)

In addition, it is a bit lacking the moments of discovery that are common in VR games that last for long periods. While the design and variety of the game are impressive as the various game worlds are, compared with its predecessor, they appear to be simple stylistically compared to independent games that do not have VR support. The puzzles are very far from being regarded as excellent even though they are entertaining, and the narrative is a beautiful frame for the unknown, but it’s mostly an uninspiring background noise right from the start instead of an irresistible pull that draws players along the journey.

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Mask maker isn’t an actual game to play. However, it’s not one you’ll regret spending six hours playing at a price of just 20 euros.

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