Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy preview – even cooler than in the movies Review

We attended a Square Enix private game play session, got into an argument with Rocket and almost lost the Milano boat, then then fought the crazed Nova Corps cops to a stunning soundtrack. Here’s a brief overview of the challenges gamers will encounter in the coming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Producer: Eidos Montreal
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Publisher date: October 26, 2021

Although the first cold snap comes in the second portion of autumn is likely to be scorching hot because we’ll get Eidos Montreal’s next game which is yet again being developed in conjunction with Marvel. Our favourite Guardians of the Galaxy, adept at arguing and identifying absurd situations, will be back yet again to help save our universe, so you’ll be sure that it will be imposing.

In the demo we play, we’re in episode 5 of the game where The Sentinels are summoned to the spooky abandoned Nova Corps station “The Rock” to pay a massive penalty for trespassing in the area. Unfortunately, as it becomes apparent, the majority of the police officers have turned into zealots of their Church of Universal Truth and do not intend to join the heroes in any way. So the Guardians were required to smuggle those who had converted to the police force to get on the ship. Here are some notes on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy combat system:

    • Directly, players are under the sole control of Star Lord. Star Lord, who uses jet boots and blasters during combat. The other team members are under the supervision of an AI.

Quill can avoid melee and dodge combat, utilize elemental projectiles, and even a shot that can knock most opponents back if the player presses a hotkey at the right time to heat the weapon.

    • The group gains experience, which can later be transformed into points of skill common to all members of the group. Each character, which includes those of Star Lord, can have at least four skills that vary in range in damage power, cooling down time, and stun rate.

Quill can fly or use his blaster to shoot like a machine gun for a short time through his special powers. Gamora is the most destructive; Groot stuns and holds his enemies in place, Drax can stun enemies, and Rocket excels in long-range attacks and utilizes explosive devices. The Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy will include teamwork, in which Quill joins forces alongside another of the Guardians and performs incredible team-based stunts during the Guardian’s take on their adversaries. Certain items from the environment can be utilized with the assistance of other players. For instance, you can use Gamora to drop a heavy weight over your opponents or even have Drax throw a can of combustible material toward them.

  • Guardsmen will often encounter different types of enemies that an assault of force can’t beat in some cases. You’ll need to develop an approach and try various tactics and strategies.

In August, the magazine published an interview featuring Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sound designer Steve Szczepkowski. The speaker enticed us with details about the numerous licensed and specially designed songs that will be available in the upcoming Eidos-Montreal game. “There will not be a shortage of songs,” Steve assured us, and we got to see the music for ourselves.

The atmospheric orchestral arrangements of Richard Jakes alternate with classic electro-pop and rock songs from the 1980s. Not just during peacetime but during the battle, the Guardian team plays an enchanted scale that can be used to play the appearance of a “flyer,” during which friends share their experiences through Quill while the player is required to select the correct motivational phrase to trigger a specific mode.


You get your team in battle rage, your skill regeneration counters go to zero, your abilities regenerate faster, and Star-Lord turns on his Walkman, and the battle ensues to the tunes of KISS, Iron Maiden, New Kids On The Block, Rick Astley and many other hit singers. It’s a wonderful, immersive experience.

The characters, without combat, move around in their surroundings and actively engage with the environment, not halting the gorgeously spoken dialogue. This is one feature of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy chips.

The designers didn’t only preserve the unique chemistry between characters, but they multiplied the fun by introducing hilarious jokes and arguments and banter. Grumpy Raccoon, Simple Drax, and shrewd Gamora All the characters are created well and, based on first impressions, superior to Marvel’s Avengers. PLACEHOLDER_FOR_g366ruucqf.jpeg

Quill can scan the surroundings and gather information about specific objects. It can also locate particular elements that Rocket can use to improve his equipment at the Workbench. Additionally, Quill will often have to decide how to react to a comrade or react in certain circumstances.

Thus, Star Lord had to get a raccoon to remove another terminal thrown out from the entrance, as Rocket was adamantly refusing to go into the interior of the captured station. I tried appealing to Gamora and Drax, Drax, and Groot, but all seemed to agree on their support of Rocket. At last, he gave up and later was able to recall Quill of the moment in which the team fell into a different trap.

Players decide which members they can rely on to help them over the next obstacle. And occasionally, the Sentinels themselves are in action before you can decide. If, for instance, you notice an enormous group of heavily armed adversaries, Drax just took off and charged into the battle as the team was deliberating the best course of action.

The creators didn’t forget about the restriction of speech. The swear words are all clearly concealed, Black humor is evident but is significantly softened by the context, There isn’t blood (at least, it was not)

The Sentinels will be able to spend their time aboard the Milano, which is a place where something is happening every minute of the day. The players will be able to engage with crew members and guests as they discover their personalities, listen to music, and look through the collection of items found in the various missions with which the Sentinels will decorate their quarters.

The technical and aesthetic side of the product is difficult to evaluate. The test version was not equipped with Ray Tracing, and the resolution left much to be desired. However, I was generally impressed with the animations. The game will appear as good as Marvel’s Avengers and provide the feel of the gameplay.

It is important to note that the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is set to be released the 26th of October, 2021. The game will be available across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

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