Mario Party Superstars review – Cool party for the lazy Review

Nintendo has made everyone who loves party games happy this time – following the not-so-great but insane WarioWare on Switch the sequel to possibly the most well-known genre and longest-running series, Mario Party Superstars, the thirteenth in the series and the second game on Switch is now available. We were once more at Mario’s party Mario and his pals and are eager to report our experience.

  • Producer: NDcube
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • The release date is September 29, 2021


  • 1 Top Hits Collection
  • 2 Beautiful and fun
  • 3 Even if there aren’t any friends
  • 4 A celebration for everyone
  • 5 Verdict

Best Hits Collection

The latest game within the Mario Party series once again didn’t get an arbitrary number. It is possible that Super Mario Party could be considered a relaunch, it also reveals its potential for the new console we are now seeing as a sort of remake-anthology of the most popular games from the series including new features that are interesting.

The technical aspects of the game, it’s be a bit skewed It is, as usual, flawless, with fantastic cartoon graphics, in the well-known style of Mario games for the Nintendo Switch and a fantastic soundtrack. For this, you can pick from modern tunes and classic themes from the entire series of Mario Party and Mario Party 2, which are borrowed boardgames. The game has also been translated into Russian with voice acting.

Even if you don’t have friends

Naturally, we are aware that games such as Mario Party are best played with players. I truly wish that every one of us could have four people in a group and play with each other, however the reality is that this isn’t always feasible, particularly with the current coronavirus reality.

However, Mario Party Superstars is a pleasure in this respect also and I’m not even talking about the boring bot game. The first time ever in the history of the series, this is a fully-fledged online multiplayer right from the beginning. It’s not a massive competition with some mini-games however, all modes are identical to games played locally and available for online play.

We can also compete on the board with our buddies and with random players from around the world. It’s an exciting experience. There are two different multiplayer modes, like elimination game and challenges of the day.

Text and voice chats aren’t available, but there’s no reason for these features. Also, emotion can easily be expressed using stickers. You can use them to poke fun or encourage your opponent. But, obviously some stickers can be misused and are smacked around too often.

Party for All

Following Super Mario Party, the sequel could be a bit disappointing, as the game completely omits motion controls. There are, however, advantages to this : you can play as an entirely handheld device, including with Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo Switch Lite, or sitting on your couch with the TV in a stationary position.

On the other hand, nobody hindered anyone from making minigames a possibility, especially because you are able to pick the different categories of minigames like it happens when planning games for a party. A different one could be added. It’s not a bad idea to exercise even if it’s Just Dance or Ring Fit Adventure It’s enjoyable to dance around at the party.


In a sense, Mario Party Superstars was an opportunity to go back to the roots and exactly as Nintendo prefers to approach it: thoughtful, tweaked to contemporary standards and perfect. In this respect there are some analogies to the recently released Metroid Dread – in many ways, it proved to be the exact same genre.

It’s a controversial choice to end motion controls as well as the mostly lost history from Super Mario Party, of course, ruins the overall feel however, it does at the same it gives the series space to grow and the possibility of the unification of both branches as one game in the near future.

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