Mario Golf: Super Rush Test

It’s time for an exciting fresh Mario Sports game. With almost two rules in play, Mario swung the golf club in 2021. Mario Golf: Super Rush follows the same path as Mario Tennis Aces, but as per its nature, as a game, golf is more relaxed. Since, whether you are in the middle of the desert or the swampy forest, or even in the middle of hills, the ball must go into the hole and do it in the shortest amount of strokes.


Make sure you are up to speed


As with other Mario sports games, it isn’t essential; Mario Golf: Super Rush is a solid golf game with solid mechanics at its heart. Just flinging around the tiny rubber ball will likely take you to the finish line for the accessible courses. However, once the system gets rougher, the obstacles are more numerous, and the wind more muscular, it’s impossible to avoid having to deal with the subtleties of golf. This is because the developer Camelot is very serious about them regardless of the pokeys flying around and the roaring whirlwinds that rage across the fairway, as snazzy shots pushing teammates to the wall.

When deciding on the right golf club, the bar is always initially used to measure the power the ball will hit. Depending on the button to shut down the bar, the golf ball is provided with the topspin or backspin that decides how long the ball can still travel the following impact. When Mario and his friends hit the golf ball, there’s still time to alter the course. The mode you choose can lead to some exciting maneuvers that are feasible. The strategists and tinkerers looking to get the lowest score can enjoy a fantastic game. In the least, in golf, that is standard.

The brand new Mario Golf wouldn’t be called Super Rush, however, if the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom were burning their necks in the hot sun while they plotted the perfect golf tee shot. So instead, it’s a speedy game. Golf is the solution to the pleadings of everyone hoping for some more excitement in golf. Instead of sitting back and waiting until your time to start playing the way it is played, everyone plays. After hitting the ball, the players race around the ball and attempt to outdo their opponents by using specific sprints and shots that they can make the most efficient use of time.


For instance, Luigi turns the ground into an ice-like sheet which makes the ball’s trajectory unpredictable. On the other hand, Wario causes thunderstorms to appear, punishing golfers who are hit too hard by a lightning strike and creating a tremor in the power bar. Whatever, each of the characters from the vast selection of 17 characters has its strengths and weaknesses that give an element of depth to Mario Golf.

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When playing putts, i.e., making a hole in the shortest distances in the fairway, it’s evident that Mario Golf: Super Rush does not have any setting options for the difficulty degree. Just a few yards from the hole and directly directed at the goal, the AI is known to stop and to turn around from where it is every so often to make mistakes with the seemingly unstoppable shot. You must be highly sloppy to not be on the top of the winning podium. Furthermore, competitors move wildly around when they play Speed Golf instead of visibly moving after the ball. If you are trying to put as swiftly and accurately as possible and fail, this bizarre decision can be detrimental to your focus.


If it is programmed at the last minute, Battle Golf mode appears. The aim is to hit three balls within an arena along with the other three players. Each hole is eliminated in a matter of seconds, and as time passes, the focus shifts to fewer and fewer targets. To make it harder for the competitor, players’ unique abilities are readily available along with other items scattered across the field like bananas, bob-bombs, or bob-bombs that are automatically tossed to the closest player upon pressing the button. In the theory of things, Battle Golf sounds like an enjoyable distraction from the regular game, but in actual play, the games are a bit too short of creating an atmosphere of competition and chaos. It also lacks variation in the Arena design and available products. After just three games, there is already a haze out.

Something is not working


In the form of Standard Golf, Speed Golf, and Battle Golf, Camelot attempts to bring different aspects to Mario Golf: Super Rush. But, the sense of variety and quality isn’t there despite the minor subordinate differences among these modes. We got that not much is made to keep players interested.

A reward system doesn’t exist. It could come as online challenges, like those found in Mario Tennis Aces, to unlock more costumes and characters. Unfortunately, awards ceremonies are a bit somber and only there to enhance the event’s appearance as you climb up the podium and move on to the next game. The impression we got was of doing anything in the matches, which lasted up to an hour, depending on the number of holes. The quick, however, the uncooked layout of menu navigation and user interface, which has been a constant feature of Mario since the start of the Switch game, adds nothing to the overall mood.

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The question marks are not yet in the options available online. However, we cannot test because of the absence of players. However, it is possible to connect with other golfers interested in playing through rooms that meet specific guidelines. This can cause issues once the excitement for Mario Golf: Super Rush is at its peak. Time passes, locating teammates could become increasingly difficult unless everyone uses the most common search selection criteria.

You can take your place


Six golf courses, each with 18 holes, are slated for play during Super Rush. Except for the first two courses, they are quite different in design. For example, deserts are interspersed with oases, mountain landscapes with a lot of altitude change, or rainy forests with massive waters as penal areas. Therefore, the courses do not only differ in appearance but also offer some variety in terms of gameplay.

Quantitatively, six courses aren’t to be all that exciting, mainly since 2 of the courses, like we said, are pretty similar. Free DLCs, such as New Donk City, are also announced; however, when they are released, Super Rush, unfortunately, feels somewhat unfinished for us. For example, a golf course with snow in the Galaxy setting or the vicinity of the Mushroom Palace would have rounded out the scene.

Heartline: the golf adventure


The modes of Super Rush would be pretty inadequate on their own were it not for Golf Adventure, a story mode with more heart and soul invested into it. This mode, in which you can only play with your Mii, is a standout with different and more innovative methods of playing golf.


In certain courses, you must keep an eye on your water level and ensure that you do not become dehydrated before reaching the end of the hole. In other courses, the goal is to capture an eagle flying from the sky. Between these courses is the possibility of exploring an extensive, well-designed hub with many characters you can interact with.

There are certain aspects that other modes do not have: Completed tasks earn you coins and experience points which can be put into new golf equipment as well as an ability system for the player. In terms of concept, the golf experience is your ideal first choice for those just beginning Mario Golf: Super Rush because the fundamentals of the game can be easily described here.

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