Mario Golf Super Rush review – Get your clubs ready! Review

In case you don’t know, our mustachioed, chubby buddy Mario is quite an athlete. Like many of his fellow friends and players in numerous games within one of Nintendo‘s most popular franchises. Mario’s sports games have long been a distinct sub-genre, as is this one review dedicated to one of Mario’s favorite games – golf. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the latest and sixth game in the Mario Golf franchise and the first game to be released on Switch.

  • producer: Camelot Software Planning
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Date of release: June 25, 2021

What exactly is Mario Golf Super Rush

Golfopedia can help you remember the words that are difficult to remember.

As per its title, Mario Golf: Super Rush is an online golf simulator that features the characters from Mario Bros. in the lead roles. The term “simulator” isn’t an exaggeration. No matter what game you choose, you’ll have to explore the game’s nuances. You may even understand the terms that initially appear to be creepy professional language.

Golf-grip appears like a lively 3-D platformer. However, the most important thing is in hitting it properly

The primary option for playing is to play a different game (round) that is played in the form of one of the Mario characters. Mario series, with distinct specifics. Alongside the standard golf game – where you hit the ball in all holes in a minimal amount of strokes can also play golf blitz in which you must beat the time and golf squat, the particular mode where all holes are accessible all at once, and the winner is the first person to complete three holes, at any time.

The game offers an off-field world of games and real-life adventures. Of course, the game is only related to golf.

An additional “Golf Adventure” story campaign featuring authentic RPG elements. The Mii-character is taught the basics of golf, improves various aspects like strength and accuracy of the impact, and acquires new equipment and clubs. Another option is the “Solo Contest” where we can develop our skills and measure our performance. After completing this Golf Adventure, the Mii character can be found in a golf scramble alongside Mario and his companions.

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Acceleration allows you to allow you to get the ball closer and may even cause opponents to move around

Golf-grabbing and Blitz-golf are mixed with platformer elements. Here we don’t automatically go to which the ball hits in the hole; instead, we run between them by ourselves for a brief period. You can increase your speed, gain various bonuses and use special strokes specific to each character to stay ahead of your opponents or even stop them.

Online multiplayer or local wireless is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscription holders. With no subscription up to four players can play using the same device by hitting and sending joycons between each others.

What I loved about

A complete set of clubs as if you were a professional golfer
  • Golf detailing. I’ve not played any real golf; however, Nintendo’s game style is pleasant. Despite the cartoonishness and cute characters, we’re playing an actual golf simulator right before us. We can carry as many as 14 clubs (each for its length), hit the ball with the appropriate power, and adjust the ball as we shot. The terrain, weather, and the wind’s direction are considered as the ball may be blown away during flight and roll differently on high or wet grass than it would on the grass with no moisture.
Top view can be helpful to determine the direction and range of your shot
  • Controls. They’re not the most intuitive. However, it is exact and allows you to utilize all the features mentioned above – choosing the direction of strike and accumulating force, as well as turning. Naturally, just as you would expect in a sports game by Nintendo, The full capabilities of the Switch are shown with this game – in all modes, except Golf Adventure, motion control is also accessible, in which the joycon is held as a stick, and struck with the accurate strokes with the controller. HD Rumble (in any control mode) is also available.
Find out the details about it too.

When you when you.

  • Full Russian localization. You’d think that this wouldn’t be essential in sports games, but amid the vast amount of language that’s a dark place for anyone unfamiliar with golf, the translation to Super Rush comes in handy. You’ll be able to learn about what you mean by Byron, woods par, birdie fairway, bogey, curry, and ranch mean in the language of your choice. The best part is that the voiceovers are also localized.
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What’s not to like?

The blitz mode comes with the ability to shoot for a short period of time
  • Diversity of the gameplay. No matter what mode we choose, our game plan is the same. The direction strike force, backspin, Repeat before putting the ball into the hole. Platformer elements in scramble and blitz modes do not offer any kind of discount to the arcade, and they do not take away gamers from their need to determine the shot; therefore, it can be annoying and distracts from the primary task.
  • A few minor technical issues. There is no way to say the game Super Rush has terrible graphics. However, in the context of the flawless polish of other games based on Mario, Every little detail draws your attention. It is evident that the game is slow in loading of buttery texture, not always a high-quality rendering of the world and the sudden appearance of objects (especially when playing in static mode) and a slight lag in frame speed. Nothing major to complain about; however, it is a bit nasty.

Is it worth taking

If you are a golf enthusiast or simply want to know more about the game, Super Rush is probably one of the most effective ways to grasp everything you know about it and even compare the experiences of both natural and virtual games. As entertainment for a group of buddies, that’s the kind of thing Nintendo games for sports are typically considered to be; Mario Golf will hardly suit because the arcade elements are too insignificant and alien, and the game’s implementation of golf is too complex for it to be the centerpiece of the gathering.

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