Maquette Review – Everything you wanted to know about recursion Review

Maquette is a game that is not just about recursion but also about love. Engaging us with puzzles while devoting its story to the encounter and the separation of the protagonists. Find out more about our review here. Out how the gameplay and story are interwoven and if one concept can make for an engaging game.

  • Creator: Graceful Decay
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • Date of release: March 2, 2021

Kenzie Michael and Kenzie Michael are two artists who were in love…and later broke together. As time passes, Michael redefines his relationship with Kenzie, and the player travels through the past together, creating scenes of the characters’ lives that create the story of separation, love, and the acceptance of loss.

Maquette could be described as a normal walking simulator. However, Maquette offers more than just observation; it also offers action: it’s a game based on the concept of recursion.

The player is seated in front of a layout made up of several structures, with an identical layout that is smaller within than the other, and another smaller one in the other, and so on. The same is true in the opposite direction. We’re not just in front of a layout but also in a massive layout. This also happens to be within a massive layout, extending to the infinity limit. There are three or two each to work with; however, the size is staggering.

In actual truth, many jobs are based on altering the dimensions of objects. For example, let’s say we locate a thing too big to fit in the keyhole. Then, we move it to the edge of the layout, go back to the construction complex, and locate one tiny key at the exact spot where the significant key is on “our” arrangement. If you cover the abyss with a bridge model, you’ll receive the same size bridge in “our” universe.
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The game lets you play as Gulliver and Gulliver, who pushes over walls and climbs structures, Lilliput, who believes every step is an insurmountable hurdle. This is awesome.

The developers frequently bring new mechanics for the puzzles. For example, you are blocking doors by using force fields that disappear when you collect an exclusive crystal with the same hue that the force field. They can also give you the crystal ball, which allows you to see through the invisible invisibility tunnels. It’s not like these problems are challenging; however, recourse to recursion can make you think about the method for solving these problems entirely differently. It’s a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to it, I’m curious about what’s to come.

It is possible to stay in a few episodes of Maquette, but. In some instances, the game does not give any clues regarding which direction to follow, so you’re forced to wander through the scene trying to connect with everything around you. This can be particularly frustrating in the “giant” world in which distances are vast.

I could not find out how the story and game can be linked. In reality, the games serve as an excuse to go on to another skit acted out in the role of Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel, actors who, besides, have been married in real life. The story is fascinating to follow, and I was intrigued to find out how it would play out; however, what does recursion have to do with the story? I’m not sure.
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I’m not sure.

However, it did not keep me from admiring the scene’s beauty. Maquette looks gorgeous and captivating in every aspect. It blends traditional American houses with temples of the oriental, and in the final scene in which the world began to fade as it cracked and shattered, I was uneasy with the starkness.

In the end, I can’t help mentioning the game’s soundtrack. Certain tracks have made me want to add the tracks to my playlists as they’re just that excellent. It’s important to note that the song will cease playing when you hit an invisible trigger. So if you enjoy a song and want to hear it throughout it, be patient.

Maquette is an enjoyable game that entices you not only by its challenges but by its narrative. It is quick and gives you pleasant feelings. If you’re looking to do something completely new in the genre of puzzles with an unheard-of concept, it could be what you’re looking to find.

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