Mandragora Is An Rpg Side-Scroller In A Dystopian Fantasy World (Yes Another Soulslayer)

The soulslides have all over, but the need to roll on and off is not gone? You should take a look Mandragora side-scroller from publishers Marvelous Europe and Studio Primal.

Equipped with a witch’s lamp and a witch’s lantern, you travel into the dark and somber lands of Entropy:

Humanity is now under the attack of beasts. The people are forced to be confined to brick walls and fencing that divert attention. Happiness and enjoyment are now priced prohibitive for the majority of survivors. It’s not the life they had envisioned… Take off under the night’s darkness and free your life!

A trek traversing dark woods, swampy marshy wetlands and hot deserts will leave you with a number of ethical issues. There is a non-linearity within the game and, consequently, there are a variety of possible endings.

Other aspects from Mandragora:

  • Unreal Engine 4.
  • Bestiary where the bosses and defeated enemies are in.
  • A variety of “New Games +” difficulty levels that allow replaythrough.
  • Different classes, whose abilities can be modified by a smart method of development.
  • Ability to grow medicinal plants make potions, brew them and then create weapons, armor, and various devices.
  • Soundtrack composed by Christos Antoniou – musician from Septicflesh and Chaostar.

Mandragora is expected to be available in the near time on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. The translation of the text to Russian is said to be possible.

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