Mafia Definitive Edition how to open hidden cars

Mafia The Definitive Edition is a remake of the legendary Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven that was which was released in 2002. The game is a return to the old-fashioned criminal world however, almost all of the game has been upgraded: from the cutscenes to shooting mechanics.

Yes, the game is an open world, however there’s no reason to go exploring it unless you’re in Walkthrough mode! Its features are revealed as you advance throughout the story and allows the player to roam freely around the city and completely explore the city. The city isn’t as exciting as Los Santos from GTA, but there are some things you’ll appreciate. You can purchase guns from Vincenzo’s arsenal to create chaos in the streets, or you can gather all the cards to get the hidden vehicles!

Five cards are total. If you’re not sure where you can find them take a look at the guide we’ve provided below. We’ll also give you a list of the other options you have when you’re in walkthrough mode.

Vinnie’s Arsenal

In the beginning, we recommend going to Salieri’s bar in which Vincenzo’s (Vinnie) arsenal is located. From there you can buy any gun you want. It is important to note that weapons will be unlockable when you complete the main game.

Where can I find Postcards?

If you’d like to unlock the secret cars, head to the auto shop of Luca Bertonite. In the shop, along the wall, there’s the booth that has postcards with clues about the location of the car. Go to the spot that is shown in the photo to get the car, as well as unlock it!

Five of these cards They are available for viewing them on the collectibles menu. Each has an indication of text. When you have picked one up and you are able to unlock the wheelbarrow. Be aware that you cannot reach the automobile without the cards!

This is a complete list of locations where the vehicles are:

  • Disorder North County, to the east of the building Flyer Dam Lake.
  • Lassiter V16 Appoleon McCloud Mansion, Beach Hill.
  • Flame Spear: Central Island, construction site in the southeast.
  • Trautenberg Sport Waterfront, Business District.
  • Manta prototype: Factory Quarter, Central Station.

Baskerville’s Notes Baskerville

There are many more secondary quests available within the Walking Mode, for which you will unlock cars. the mysterious notes of Baskerville in Salieri’s bar.

If you visit this bar, you’ll notice an inscription placed on the table games. The note reads “Go up to the Westernmost tip within Little Italy and wait for the phone to begin to ring. You can go to the telephone booth, answer the telephone and a mission dubbed “Crazy Horse” will begin. You must take the vehicle to the garage on the map within the shortest amount of time. The car should get there in perfect order and it shouldn’t be scratched. If you are able to finish the job and pass the test, you’ll be able to purchase the car. It’s worth noting that it’s extremely quick (accelerates by upto 250 kilometers per hour) that is unusual for a game such as Mafia.

After every mission is completed A new note will be displayed in Salieri’s bar. The method is similar: you must go to the location that is marked on the map at which point the phone will ring.

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