Mafia Definitive Edition – How to complete the mission with the race on classic difficulty

A single of the more frustrating missions in the game industry’s history was made even more difficult in Mafia: The Definitive Edition. After the release in the game’s remake lots of players were eager to experience the unique experience of the series and play on the original difficulty level – which is the highest in a video game as it provides Mafia an amazing authentic feel, however there was a glitch.

It’s in those “classics” the task is the most terrifying. If you’ve never played , or perhaps never heard of it, then you can explain clearly and inexpensively that Mafia’s race is more difficult than the one that involves the helicopter in GTA: Vice City! Yes, it’s more challenging!

For some reason, it became even more difficult in Mafia The Definitive Edition. There were many players who asked for the game to be harder However, nobody would have ever asked for such a brutal race! In fact everyone was praying that it would be less difficult. But, the developers appear to have made a decision to mock.

Even if you aren’t playing at the traditional difficulty level, this guidelines will help you get to the top spot and eventually be able to win the game.

The race can be found at Chapter 5, Fair Play and you’ll need to drive a car that is fast and has terrible handling. The turns are extremely difficult, and if you get into things or speed up it’s likely to cost you.

The racing game Mafia: Definitive Edition still demands absolute precision, however, there are techniques you can employ to increase your chances of winning.
  • Avoid edges, since this can be the perfect opportunity to outrun your competitors, however, it is important to keep your vehicle straight in order to avoid skidding. Don’t try to hit other drivers as any collision with another vehicle could cause yours to reverse.
  • If you’re playing with consoles, Press X (PS4) or A (Xbox) on corners The buttons can assist you in controlling your car, and also gain speed in front of rival racers.
  • Speed limit buttons could also aid when you are cornering, but it’s not recommended. It can result in the loss of traction, and frequently wobbling of the vehicle. If it can help you, then go for it.
  • Each lap, one participant will be eliminated It’s how it is. So, we suggest pulling an extremely interesting tactic that is to take 3rd position on the next lap. If you’re not in the 3rd position by your second lap re-start the race and attempt to do it again. If you’re in third place you’ll gradually gain momentum over the two laps, since the two riders behind you are eliminated instantly and you’ll be in the 1st spot within the pockets.

A lot of players managed to finish the most frustrating mission of Mafia: The Definitive Edition more quickly because of the cutbacks on the corners and the third place trick. Although it’s an extremely difficult task that requires absolute precision however, all of these suggestions will boost the chance of winning. Have fun!

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