Mafia 2 Definitive Edition – Optimization Guide

Mafia Trilogy is already available The only thing to be waited for will be Mafia Trilogy: Mafia 1 remaster, which is expected to be released later in the year. You can also go through the new version , which is Mafia 2. On PC it’s not perfect, but it’s not as bad as in the first version – it was plagued by a number of issues and, for its time, it was definitely stunning. The latest version is stunning as well, but it’s worth tweaking a bit to get it perfect.

Many new players experience difficult issues such as low frame rates, strange physics flashing smoke, and much more. We’ve attempted to fix these problems and have gathered all solutions we have found all in one place. The majority of them are basic, but they are not trivial and you’d be unable to identify these without a lot of trial and error. This is the collective wisdom of the Internet that we are willing to provide to you.


  • 1 How do you fix low performance
  • 2 How do you fix Physics problems
  • 3 Tips to avoid intro films
  • 4 How can I repair smoke flicker
  • 5 How do I copy the your save files to the original file in De

How can I fix performance issues?

The performance of certain graphics cards and computers on Mafia 2 DE is much less than what it should be. There’s a somewhat odd solution to this problem but it’s a good idea to test it out.

    • Hit Alt+Enter at least twice during play.

Alt+Enter toggles between full screen and windowed modes. Double-clicking resets the mode. several games that are poorly optimized suffer from strange issues when playing in windowed mode. Double-clicking this combination is said to put Mafia 2 into true full-screen mode instead of the default windowed mode.

How do I fix physics-related problems?

In order to enable PhysX for Nvidia within Mafia 2: Definitive Edition it is necessary to alter your game’s settings in the game. PhysX can only be played on Nvidia graphic cards.

  • In the game, go to Settings and then Video. Video
  • Set the the General Setting for High
  • Don’t change your the General Setting to User Settings.

Return , and then accept for restarting and revoking settings.

Don’t test PhysX through the benchmark! There is a reason that can cause the PhysX settings to fail. Start the game in the normal way.

How can you avoid the trailers for the intro

To get rid of the intro videos each time you launch the game, you can simply rename or delete the two files within the Mafia 2 install folder on Steam.

  • Open your Mafia 2 installation folder: steamappscommonMafia II Definitive Editionpcsdsvideo
  • Remove d3t.bik and Logos.bik

How can I fix flickering smoke?

If your smoke flickers or shifts color, you are able to correct it using the control panel of Nvidia.

    • Navigate to the Nvidia Control Panel -> 3D Options
    • Make a selection Mafia 2: DE

From in the menu dropdown.

  • Scroll down to select Vertical Sync Speed

You can pick between fast and adaptive vertical sync. However, faster is more efficient. You can try both modes if are still having issues

How can I transfer the original save file to De

Original Mafia 2 save files are compatible with the latest version. All you have to do is transfer the file to a suitable place.

  • Locate the save folder of the Mafia 2 original Mafia 2 and copy the files:

C:UsersYourAppDataLocal2K GamesMafia IISaves

  • Copy the save directory to Mafia 2 DE Save folder, which is located in:

C:UsersYour_NameDocumentsMy GamesMafia II Definitive EditionSaves

If your Saves folder isn’t present yet it’s because you haven’t launched the new game. Create a folder, or transfer all of the folders from your previous one to the directory that is for DE.

We’ve covered everything we’ve found to date! We’ll update this list as new information is available.

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