Lucidsound Ls50X Test

Another option is BlueTooth, mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph, where BT transmission and wireless sound from a console may be mixed. Some people enjoy listening to their music when gaming. A 3.5-millimeter jack cable is included for use with analog. Also, many connectivity options are available for a headset licensed by a console.

The company’s previous top models inspire the style of the high-end model (408 kilograms), and it looks premium. Beautifully stitched leatherette temples, allegedly upgraded suspensions of the ear cups that rotate and even placed directly inside an outer case, giving an impression that the premium cost is justifiable.

The most noticeable feature is the incredibly soft and cooling gel earpads that cushion the headset’s heavyweight quite well. Even though it weighs more than 400 grams, it is remarkably at ease, even for long sessions. The simplicity of having only two buttons in the headphone can be initially surprising – the power button on the left side and a double-function button on the right side for opening the 5 EQ presets (Signature bass boost, movie Music, and Flat) and BlueTooth pairing. In other words, we only find connections for the detachable microphone, connector cable, and the shorter USB charging cable.

However, people familiar with LucidSound know that the most critical components are in the elements that rotate at the edges of the earcups. The left-hand part is the one that controls the volume while pressing it shuts off all sound. The right side informs you about the level of charge and lets you use your smartphone. Finally, the right side controls mixing game chat and mic mute and monitoring the mic and BlueTooth control. The numerous assignments take some time to become familiar with, and then they become automatic.

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Bluetooth range and distance wireless (around 10 meters per) and the battery life of about 20 hours may also convince. However, the detachable microphone is the first reason for discontent. Our chat buddies informed us that the voice is understandable. However, it is relatively quiet. This was better in the past but isn’t as good as mediocre. It is reasonable to expect more from a $250 headset. With no microphone arm, an integrated microphone is employed that is very practical for those using BlueTooth but isn’t the most impressive in terms of sound quality.

But more important is the sound quality, and this is an area where LucidSound has always been a top performer in the past. The headset has 50 mm drivers that operate in the range of 20 to 20,000Hz, as usual, and are tuned to work with Windows Sonic. But, the sound can be an unsatisfactory experience. The bass is surprisingly heavy; there’s an absence of clearness in the upper trebles, and the mids don’t make any sound pressure. This results in a muffled and washed-out sound that doesn’t provide a clear image in music, games, or films. The weakening of the mids also means that voice chat in games and voice chat is lost in the general noise and is not distinct.

This is unfortunate considering that earlier models such as the LS35X had an excellent microphone, but most importantly, strong, distinct sound with powerful bass to provide the basis. However, none of that is evident on the LS50X.

We could not find any software that could optimize EQ settings for us. So, we hoped that a firmware upgrade would provide improvements. This proved to be an arduous task. A software tool that contains two ambiguously identified .bin files is available in a zip file available on the official website of the manufacturer. The upgrade tool itself is easy that it’s impossible to tell the current firmware version on the dongle or headset. We also needed to hold the dongle’s pairing button using the help of a paper clip when we were supposed to connect it to a USB slot. Whew.

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It’s like a sloppy recording. Also, it didn’t accomplish anything in the least, and the sound was mediocre. The worst part is that the LS50X stopped working after two days of usage and could not be switched on. A full reset did not have any impact. We are currently in conversation with LucidSound or their PR company regarding this issue, but no response has been received yet. If we receive any information from LucidSound or perhaps receive a new sample, we’ll continue to provide an update to our review.

With the strength of competitors such as SteelSeries Arctis 9X Razer Kaira Pro, the Astro series, or the Corsair HS75 XB, LucidSound might have difficulty standing up to these weaknesses shortly.

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