Lucidsound Ls15X Wireless Test

Both of them can be utilized with a PC. An alternative jack port is accessible. However, there isn’t a cable to connect it. The LS15 can be operated using a USB dongle regardless of the version. Unfortunately, about the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S. We would have preferred Xbox wireless technology, as seen in part of the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2, priced at around the exact cost.

The design is quite distinct from different LucidSound headsets, which rely on a classic design and, unfortunately, more plastic. At this price point, however, it’s well completed, and we couldn’t find any breakage issues similar to the LS35X. It weighs around 280 grams. The LS15X is lightweight. Because of the swiveling ears cups and the comfortable pads with a synthetic leather cover, The comfort of wearing is excellent.

Installation is easy: Plug the USB dongle into the console, switch on the headset, and you’re completed. It is also important to note that the process does not take over one. Game-chat volume and balance can be controlled by rotating the panels on the sides, and you can shut off the game’s sound and turn the microphone and monitoring (i.e., hearing your voice) off and on by pressing the button. A different switch lets you select among three EQ presets: Natural Signature and Boost.

The microphone comes with a detachable boom that allows precise and clear voice transmission with minimal ambient noise. Like previous models, the microphone quality is at the top level, at the very least, to be used for chat. It also has an integrated microphone, so the headset can be used for calling smartphones. However, it doesn’t seem to make sense as the microphone integrated can pick up a lot of background noise. Therefore, it could be saved in principle.

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To transmit wirelessly, The LS15X utilizes the standard 2.4 GHz band, performs well, and is free of interference. The distance is 9-10 meters which is the normal range. The battery’s life span, which is 15 hours or more, seems adequate; however, it no longer belongs to the elite. The issue is that The USB charger cable is tiny, and it isn’t an alternative in an emergency except if you replace it by using a longer line.

The LS15X uses 50-mm drivers that operate between 20 and 20 Hz. The drivers give an impression that they are mixed in analog use via the jack cable, but they shine when fed wirelessly to the console using Windows Sonic, DTS:X, or Dolby Atmos. While no records have been broken in this case, the audio quality is excellent for its cost.

We played games using the LS15X Xbox One X and Xbox Series X/S, and we had no issues. The wireless transmission was flawless and free of any issues. The sound quality was generally excellent in open-world shooters and games, as was the directional vision. Overall this is a rock-solid, good wireless headset that can live up to the price.




  • All in all, good sound quality with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS: X.
  • Comfortable and fashionable
  • easy user-friendly
  • Good microphone
  • Light and pleasant
  • The changed design eliminates weaknesses from previous designs


  • no Xbox wireless technology.
  • The sound is lagging in analog mode.
  • A lot of plastic
  • Short charging cable

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