Lucidsound Ls10X Test

The headset’s design is simple, with a matte black finish without any color accents. There’s not a lot of metal in the headset; however, the craftsmanship is generally decent, even if it’s not good quality. The wearer’s comfort is excellent due to the light weight of 256 grams, soft pads, and rotatable earcups. Simple and plain. The unique thing is that the logos on the sides can be removed using magnets. Unfortunately, their longevity is somewhat questionable because the attractions only have to be stuck. Overall the quality of the construction is good. However, it doesn’t compare to the slightly higher-priced HyperX CloudX, which is more durable and has more durable construction.

The LS10X is based on typical controls of the Lucidsound headset. So it is that there aren’t any switches or knobs. Instead, the left side is designed to be an element of control. It controls the volume while pressing it turns the microphone off or on, which is evident by a red light on the microphone’s boom. It’s a little odd, but it’s incredibly user-friendly and intuitive at the end of the day because you don’t need to look around to find knobs or buttons.

The microphone arm is movable for those who do not require it or take it with you to your smartphone. An unimpressive integrated microphone is then used as a replacement that is at the very least able to fulfill its function. The microphone standard does well in voice chat and even includes monitoring of the microphone, i.e., it is possible to hear your voice during voice chat. The tone is dimmed somewhat. However, you can quickly increase it within your Xbox menus. At this price point, the microphone is decent, but you should not expect anything extraordinary.

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The LS10X features 50mm drivers that operate in the typical frequency between 20 and 20.000 Hz. These drivers are designed to work with Windows Sonic, but they also support Dolby Atmos. With regards to sound, the LS10X is awe-inspiring positively. We have experienced much better sound at this price. It’s got an open, clean, and distinct sound, with excellent bass, clear trebles, and adequate tension throughout the middles. For a headset costing 60 euros, it’s an impressive performance.

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