Lost Judgment Test

Less Yakuza, more Mario Party

Once again, in Lost Judgment, you can look forward to a rather exciting and attractively staged story with the rough-around-the-edges detective, which, however, just like in the first part, demands quite a bit of seat meat and due strengths in terms of attention. There are many twists and turns, and the introduction of new characters constantly in motion and complex character relationships often result in enormous details.

The story, about which you do not require prior knowledge, despite or maybe because of the dense amount of information, makes up approximately half of the game, according to estimation. A further quarter comprises constant battles with naive people who fight on the roads.

The fans of the original are aware of the fact that Yagami, as well as the Yakuza, aren’t exactly the best of buddies and its members attempt to show Yagami’s riot act daily in and out. However, it’s not always with many results, as the protagonist is a kung fu killing machine, and the Japanese mafia’s ranks and files are, most importantly, very limited in their thinking process. In the second chapter are juvenile delinquents, many of them are martial artists.

The remainder of Lost Judgment has been filled with minigames, side missions, and even side missions. Those who think this is at the very least typical for the Yakuza series aren’t wrong in the main but aren’t able to comprehend the significance of our assertion. There are numerous other occupations that we have learned from the predecessor, including drone racing as well as the virtual reality game the batting center, the arcade halls, fascination with cats in the city cards such as shogi, card games, and many more – we’re being surrounded by a variety of brand new occupational therapies.

If this wasn’t already overwhelming enough for you, this game provides a place in the world. For instance, at the high school, which is the center of Yagami’s investigation, You’ll be able to take on another lengthy case and hunt for”Professor, “Professor,” a villain who is a fugitive in the Darknet and inspires students to commit crimes.

To be closer to this ghastly scenario, Yagami must gradually rise to the role of advisor to several school clubs, helping them reach their goals so that participants will appreciate him and give him new challenges that eventually lead him to the person who is behind the evil scheme. In the end, There’s a whole load of additional mini-games and side-missions.

The day-to-day routine of a private investigator

Apart from the numerous mini-games and the other things you could decide to do with your time, it is not many changes, but there is a little of everything. The small tasks Yagami is required to complete to resolve a problem are mostly the same as how you recognize them from the original, but they’ve been widened in every corner.

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It will not make tailing, collecting information, or pursuing fugitives any less enjoyable; however, the fine-tuning feature keeps the frustration at bay compared to the previous. Although the people who are followed remain prone to fear, Yagami stumbles over every particle during chases, and Judgement’s other issues remain in good shape.

In addition, aside from that, some improvements to walking around the city are logical and make sense; however, the gameplay is changed little or nothing. For instance, using skateboards, Yagami can now get closer to his destination and perform some moves along the way. In addition, special meals offer temporary rewards, and at designated locations, Yagami can now ascend in various ways, and when you wear additional (and invisibly) clothes that give you minor enhancements in stats.

If you are investigating your next target, you’ll be able to utilize an electronic device to track a listening device and even a dog as well as the traditional drone, which only makes the hunt for clues a little more exciting. However, because you can only use these devices in a small zone, they’re of no value outside of assignments, and the items to find are again buried in a spectrum between “any toddler could see the object” and “who is going to be looking there? However, there is an exception in the dog mentioned earlier, which is also able to assist in combat and can prove helpful depending on the circumstances.

When you’re playing the game, for the most part in the game, there are a lot of texts to read, conversations to engage in as well as clues to mix. Like in the initial position, the player will be flooded with information. Moreover, as the developers are aware that players are more likely to ignore boring topics and information, any piece of information, even the tiniest bit important, can be used at least 12 times. As we’ve already said, the story is thrilling, but it’s as if chewing gum drags in a shoe on a warm summer’s day.

It should also be noted that the latest installment of the Yakuza series is like the previous installments but without German voice actors. Instead, you can play the game both in English as well as Japanese and with German subtitles, but we suggest using that you use original Japanese voice actors at the moment.

Fighters fight battle-hardened

The combat system used in Lost Judgment has also only been improved over its predecessor and has not been altered significantly, which in simple meaning is that you can still switch between different combat styles. However, instead of being able to choose between two different types, one designed for single opponents and another for groups, there is now an additional one suitable for enemies with weapons. In addition, each of the three styles has been refined and developed and can be learned quickly, provided they are gradually mastering them.

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Your foes are typical of Yakuza, the Yakuza, a group of novices with nothing to challenge you. Therefore you ignore the fights, and you tend to take battles with a casual attitude. Even casual opponents can beat you to death when the difficulty is dramatically increased. The change, as usual, occurs quickly and without any notice.

The actual boss fights are, yet again, in a different realm, and those who haven’t taken the time to develop and master the three styles of fighting with accrued points of experience will find themselves in the tubes very fast. But, again, the foes are as formidable as fists, and those who don’t want to change the difficulty must get themselves together not to be cut up.

Once you’ve mastered the art of it, however – likely long before you’ve got all the mini-games or school clubs combat becomes a practiced task that can be easily performed with just a single smack of the cheek. It’s only at the top difficulty that things can become complicated, and even then, you can utilize auxiliary weapons to help keep your head above the water, and if you want to, you want to be invincible.

In the event that you’re not able to win, most combats are won by taking the chair, hat stand, bicycle, or another object and slamming your opponents into their heads until they are singing the national anthem beneath spinning stars. As you progress, Yagami gets pretty inventive when it comes to the weapons he employs.

The numerous finishers and special moves are still beautifully performed. However, certain moves are borrowed from the earlier version, in which they were commonly used. There are a few exceptions to the general rule, but the bottom rule is that you’ll need to make well-calculated calculations to get opponents into situations where uncommon maneuvers are feasible

Graphically, lightly polished

It’s not likely to be a massive technological leap in the new-gen edition Judgment towards Lost Judgement. The game is generally played in 1440p at 60 frames per second for each of the platforms, including Xbox Series X and PS5. There’s also a 4K mode which improves the clarity of the game. However, it reduces speed to only 30 frames per second. In any case, it looks attractive visually and has only some blemishes. On the PS4 Pro, the title is an absolute attention-grabbing game.

Much like its counterpart, Lost Judgement is persuasive in the facial movements and expressions of significant characters. Non-important NPCs should be observed only from a distance. In the cutscenes, on the contrary, the game’s creators demonstrate the tricks they have on their sleeves and show an atmosphere of cinematic style and some fantastic images.

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