Lost Judgment Review – Detective Fighter and Skater Review

Kazuma Kiryu’s story is finished, which means that the Yakuza series has a new protagonist and a brand new game direction. However, the former lawyer and police officer Takayuki “Taku” Yagami still have something to share with us. Both in terms of game and story development.

  • Producer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
  • Publishers: SEGA
  • Editors: September 24, 2021

After a fascinating concept shift of the series,’ the main character Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio decided to entertain us with a follow-up to its spinoff Judgment that at one time was an opportunity to return to the original series while, on the opposite, was an evolution of the series. Together with Tuck and his companions, we visited the old fashioned Kamurocho and Yokohama in Japan, where they were jogging around on the streets in Like a Dragon just recently, and analyzed how they’ve evolved in just one year.


  • 1 True Detective
  • 2 Flutter like butterflies 2. But, watch the cut-scene
  • 3. Sherlock Holmes on skateboard
  • 4 . Beauty, convention and beauty
  • 5 Verdict

The Real Detective

The action in Lost Judgment unfolds in an environment that is well-known to any fan of the series; however, it is also, like Like a Dragon, is not restricted to Kamurocho only. However, it takes us to Yokohama, the same region we’ve been with Ichiban Kasugi. The map is identical. However, it’s far more than that. Anyone who has enjoyed playing Like a Dragon will immediately be able to recognize familiar areas and appreciate new places.

It is unnecessary to play the initial Judgment to grasp what’s going on. The game provides a brief recap, and the reference to the events from the previous portion is always present, and the players will feel more at ease.

To avoid the “butler-killer” scenario, I’ll try to present the story in broad terms and restrict my focus to the storyline. The most important element in the Yakuza series, which also includes Lost Judgment, is the story.

The former officer of the police Akihiro Ehara is charged with sexually assaulting a woman on the subway. During the court, He says that a dead body is likely to be discovered inside an unfinished building. The corpse was found and, in addition, was found to be the teacher of the school where his son, Toshiro, was found dead. He had attempted to commit suicide a few days prior. It is believed that this was due to the bullying in which the instructor was involved. But, an investigation into the statement of the elder Ehara discovered no indication of bullying.

It is a given that “Yakuza” isn’t “Yakuza” without the elements of that exact “Japanese game.” Based on subjective impressions, there’s less present than there is in Like a Dragon, but you can still gamble or play classic SEGA arcade games and dance in the dance hall at school to the rhythm games, or take a ride on skateboards (in the extra content premium edition, there’s even the hoverboard). In certain games, a skateboard is required to speed up the movements; for instance, in the first game, you must find a rare collectible figurine before the reseller (and then smash his face).

If you’re not able to get around town even with a skateboard, you can use a quick transport system that takes the form of a cab. Walk towards the car or make a call using your phone. In addition, the smartphone is used here; it can be utilized generally, it can access the entire game menufrom the pumping up and the analysis of social media to the choice of equipment and keeping the game. A fascinating and even thrilling discovery.

Many mini-games are connected to school and are included in the Expansion Pack for School Stories. Pack available in both the Deluxe or Ultimate versions. They are found in an additional menu section, and some are immediately accessible on the title screen so you can unwind without getting into the story. Also, as in the final Judgment, Takayuki can find an acquaintance and begin an intimate relationship with her, attend dates and even give gifts. This is not the most significant part of the sport. However, it is notable and well-known.

Beauty and conventions

If I had played Like a Dragon on the old Xbox One, encountering “stairs” and “soap,” Lost Judgment on Series X in 4K HDR. The cityscape is enjoyable to see, and the animations and character models are more impressive than Like a Dragon, and the faces of the characters deserve their dithyrambs that look incredibly realistic. Beam tracing was not included; however, the overall look is excellent without it. And it’s stable and doesn’t have dips. Unfortunately, the loading time of the SSD on the new console isn’t much more than just a couple of seconds.

The drawbacks are a few minor technical issues, such as appearing from nowhere and disappearing entirely in the event of a collision between skateboards or invisible walls, among other things. This type of thing is a regular feature part of the series. It’s much more lively and exciting than Like a Dragon; the characters’ hair and clothes started to appear like they were still far from the nuances of the Control.

The controls generally work well, but specific points can be a bit controversial; for instance, switching from the crossbar to stick during battle to changing styles or drinking the health drink is not the most convenient. However, in the lower right corner of the screen, there are always tooltips highlighting the most critical control areas for the present mode. An extra “thank you” thanks to this.

The soundtrack is usually created very professionally. The music is lovely and always in tune. However, one cannot be without the brutal “arcade” sound effects during various game events, for instance, when the character comes across something or observes something. The dialogues are wholly voiced both in Japanese and English. However, the Russian localization is unfortunately not available. For those who don’t know English (or Japanese) is a severe issue. There is a ton of written text within the game, and it isn’t possible to delve into it without understanding this. We’re hoping that Lost Judgment will repeat the experience that was Like a Dragon and get Russian subtitles in time.


As a sequel and an example of its sequence, Lost Judgment is almost perfect. A stunning new story set with a familiar setting that expands on the concepts of the previous films in an evolving rather than revolutionary manner. It’s got everything fans love in the original “Yakuza” story: the characters, plot, vibrant fighting based on martial arts and the azure of action, and complete immersion into Japanese culture.

It’s also difficult to identify the game’s disadvantages. These are the usual features of the entire series and are known from the beginning as the linearity, the abundance of cut-scenes, and a complete absence of any passing variation. However, we’re reviewing great films, isn’t it?

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