Lost Ark Test

After all, Diablo killer

In the beginning, we’d like to clarify a misperception as even glances at the game could give an impression of a different one; lost Ark is not an actual Diablo duplicate or Diablo killer. Sure, some similarities do exist; however, the appearances of the game are misleading. Except a few essential elements and the standard camera view, The two games don’t have much in terms of similarities. We’d like to the point that out now to avoid you from a disappointing experience. Some might be looking to find something in Lost Ark that it neither has nor wants to be.

Before you can begin your online adventure, you’ll need to pick one of fifteen (sub)classes that you can modify to your preferences by using the extensive character editor. There’s something for everyone’s taste, each having distinct play styles. For instance, the fans of melee can battle the berserker with a blade or swift shadow huntress. On the other hand, the people who prefer to fight from a distance may choose the sorceress or even the artificer.

One of the unique features of Lost Ark is that it has a gender-specific assignment of roles, such as a berserker, for instance, is male, whereas there are females only within the class of spells. But the creators want to relax this constraint at the very least shortly. So if you’re not sure about the style you like best; it is possible to take a test run of all the variants. In this way, you’ll at least have a taste of the actual game and won’t be out of the loop.

Involve yourself in the action

After you’ve decided, A prologue is presented and serves as a guide. We’ll not dive into the Lost Ark tale here for several reasons. First, it’s neither engaging nor interesting. The story about the arks and the imminent invasion of demons is good enough to keep players engaged. In addition, it’s not very relevant to the gameplay. The main focus of the MMORPG is that it is difficult to form an emotional connection to your hero. It is on fundamental gameplay elements. Lost Ark makes no secret of this right from the first moment.

Once you are onboard the ship, you’re thrown into the first combat. It’s easy to see how war is organized in that each class can put eight abilities onto the “action bar, and in the future, the “Ultimate” is added. Like you’d think of in an MMORPG, The skills come with cooldowns and other features, which is why you should study combo attacks to utilize them as efficiently as you can, each one following the other. It is easy to master after a few minutes of getting used to it. However, it creates a huge dichotomy and is a minor issue in Lost Ark: The battles are extremely fluid and, more importantly, well-staged. There are always crashes, flashes, and rumbles across the screen. In terms of”fight choreography, “fight choreography” Smilegate’s developer Smilegate can hit the ground with a vengeance.

However, a sense of boredom will soon set in despite the gorgeous stage. It’s generally enough to put together abilities randomly to learn to fight against larger crowds of monsters. Also, boss fights and adventures in dungeons aren’t that difficult. The majority of Lost Ark’s content is intended to be completed quickly by yourself. It’s because the emphasis lies elsewhere to do in the final game. The details will be discussed in a minute.

It’s still enjoyable to slash your way through the hordes of monsters in the beginning. This is because of the gorgeous landscapes and the cinematic ambiance that flows through every crevice in Lost Ark. Additionally; it’s essential to progress to the highest level you can up to level 60. When you are on the (somewhat boring) way to this, you can earn talent points to increase your skill and acquire more powerful equipment. There are also unique engravings that offer you beneficial bonuses and can sometimes alter the gameplay of individual classes. The standard equipment spiral takes on the game in Lost Ark.

Endless Grind?

This is only the beginning of the iceberg. The game cannot hide the game’s Asian roots, which implies that a large portion of it is intended to provide as prolonged of a grind as it is. It’s not a secret that the final game has a lot to provide. It includes a variety of PvE actions like boss rushes, Abyss Dungeons, and more. Additionally, there are small island adventures, collectibles, and the gradual upgrade of your equipment. However, these upgrades require specific raw materials to earn rewards for the PvE games.

You already know where this will lead to a never-ending grind. Since there aren’t many difficult tasks to finish, this ultimately erodes the drive. If you’re a fan of the idea, Lost Ark should be a delight. If you’re on the other side, you’re seeking big (group) games like the battles within World of Warcraft; you’re not in the right place.

The mode of PvP in Lost Ark is excellent. It’s not a lot of fun, but it has one huge advantage: players are almost identical. Every player has the same amount of skill points, and consuming consumable items is forbidden. It means PvP fights are mainly about the level of mastery a player has in his classes – not necessarily about the equipment he uses.

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