Loopmancer review – a good quality Chinese slasher Review

Chinese brain Studio has released an unexpectedly fun slasher platformer that tells the story of the investigation of a murder within the form of a time loop. We’ll let you know about it in our review of this summer’s secret gem, the Loopmancer.

  • creator: brain Studio
  • Publisher: Xu
  • Editor: July 13, 2022

The main character is a detective who investigates the disappearance of an investigative journalist. During his investigation, the detective dies…and awakes the next morning on his mattress. Our protagonist is caught in a time loop. In this scenario, developers have experimented with the roguelike elements in Loopmancer.

The storyline is enjoyable, and the storyline proves as multifaceted, opening new and fresh plot layers for the player to explore, where the story of the detective and the personal story of the detective, as well as the redemption of humanity, are interspersed. In addition, many cutscenes feature long dialogues. And if you want to learn more about the game’s universe, a wealth of information is available in the game’s notes.

The setting is also a part of the story. The protagonist goes to a grim garbage dump, a deserted village, the city’s streets, a costly office building, and on. The events unfold in a typical cyberpunk universe with a touch of Oriental taste. Some locations, such as the hotel, will entice you, where the hallways are lined with banners. The hero and his foes are concealed behind them, and the player must navigate through the space using only silhouettes.

However, despite the best efforts by the creators despite their efforts, the Loopmancer storyline was a bore for me. It was boring to listen to the stale speeches of the villains that are presented as a revealing revelation, and soon became boring, scenes and dialogs started to rewind. Mainly since the way the clips are shown is frequently sloppy, and some scripted twists appear absurd. Moreover, there is no Russian localization, which could influence the perception.

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But I also wanted to sprint into battle each when I faced an opponent. The fighting in Loopmancer are swift and fierce. The combat system makes you switch between combat using firearms and cold and use tools and character abilities. There are numerous types of weapons available, from a flip-flopper, dead fish, or an adjustable wrench to katana, including a pistol as well as a light machine gun, to a laser gun as well as the gun launcher. Auxiliaries include grenades, mines, autonomous turrets, and elemental threats such as the local earthquake or fireball.

The game’s perks are updated to reflect currency accumulation, and upgrades are carried across to the next adventure after the hero’s death. Detectives also keep the earned benefits that are passive. In addition, the list of weapons to destroy enemies is created from scratch at the start of the time loop, meaning you could end up with an unarmed weapon it is developed on which you’ve not spent any credit.

It’s possible to talk about the depth of battle here; however, most combats follow the “hit and run in front of the opponent’s face hit” scenario. Nothing additional effort is needed. The more damage the weapon can do, the greater, and it is possible to compare weapons visually by looking at their attributes. It is not necessary to devise some clever strategies; simply select a more powerful gun and enter the battle. If nothing of value falls, then die and begin an entirely new one.

This is the case for average opponents; however, some bosses pose a more dangerous threat. Although simple bandits may be distributed in groups, boss fights require players to adapt to the behavior of their adversaries. For instance, one covers a vast space on both sides by launching an attack from a missile. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the purpose of the attack at the right time to get out of the zone of death. However, certain bosses are quickly captured by stopping attacks and swiftly removed without risk.

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To make the typical skirmishes more enjoyable Additional tests, which appear regularly at random times on screen needed. The objectives can differ, for instance, to kill several enemies or multiple times to execute the attack. It rewards players for accomplishing tasks by giving them credit and cores. The first is used to purchase and upgrade weapons; they are then utilized to increase bonus perks and update the protagonist’s wardrobe (new clothes are available at his home). Additionally, they are included in the terminals that are placed on the levels. Finally, they allow players to replenish their health.

This encourages you to think more creatively, though the majority of games are played casually while you slash your opponents. There are many hidden secrets within the game, and this encourages players to look into the areas cautiously. Of course, the way to the hidden treasure is rife with danger. However, the reward is a pleasant one most of the time. It’s an enhancement to the character’s traits and will remain with him up to a point when time has been restarted.

The poor stage and questionable voice acting in Loopmancer are offset by fast action and stunning visuals. Many games are making use of cyberpunk style lately; however, here, it’s paired with orientalism, and it appears fresh. It’s an actual diamond, but it’s not cut. A little polish is a nice touch in the context of the game.

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