Loop Hero Review – Simple as that Review

Publisher Devolver Digital is loved in the gaming world. They can do this by ensuring the release of indie-made masterpieces that change the way people view genres and can compete against AAA projects. This includes Hotline Miami, Not a Hero, Broforce, Enter the Gungeon, and the Fall Guys the Ultimate Knockout… This list is included in the charming and essential initially RPG Loop Hero.

  • Producer: Four Quarters
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Date of release: March 4, 2021

We’ve got an indie horror game that features classic 16-bit graphics. The major feature is that you can create your adventure and discover how you deal with the situation or curse your maker. He creates it from scratch, showing structures, landscape elements, and enemies.

As it is imagined as a fantasy world, the medieval fantasy is being sucked into the hands of the powerful wizard Lich. The only thing that remains is a void that seems to be void of hope. The protagonist somehow escaped but cannot remember much of the lush meadows and doesn’t know the situation. Inadvertently, the responsibility of saving the world is placed on his shoulders; however, how well he can take it will depend on the player’s actions.

The plot of Loop Hero is non-background and is fascinating, and, perhaps most importantly, the story is original, and you can follow with enjoyment. In the adventures of the protagonist, you will meet different characters. They will talk about the events, and the conversations (both between the “do-gooders” as well as with opponents) are filled with laughter. Incredibly “credit.”

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This brings us to the most crucial aspect, which is gameplay. The structure of the game is similar to the majority of roguelikes. We are in a camp, recovered and refreshed and ready to embark on an “expedition” to defeat enemies and collect materials to enhance the base to make the next mission a little more enjoyable. It’s true; the next one is a fact. Be prepared that you’ll die at least once.

The next time – be prepared for the fact that in this place, you’ll pass away.

The “sorties” depict the protagonist’s journey on the closed road against a completely deserted world, with only blackness everywhere. With Loop Hero, the gameplay is partially automated, with the player playing the loop and fighting opponents along the path. But, first, the player has to “correct” the game with the help of cards that fall from the enemies. This is the point where the fun starts.

In between adventures, the hero speaks to the survivors. If you can beat the villain, the “loop” becomes more complex (for instance, the foes become stronger), and the whole thing starts from scratch. But the plot, as I mentioned, doesn’t stop, and with every defeated undead, you can feel that the story is gaining momentum.

In the end, I’d like to state Loop Hero’s gameplay isn’t monotonous, features many mechanics (which are, nevertheless, simple to comprehend), and is generally innovative. For that reason, I would recommend trying this game. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did.

For the artwork, the artwork is nice with the look of classic pixels games. It’s a major plus since Loop Hero will run on older PCs without issue. The interface isn’t as cluttered as it may appear initially and is quite simple to grasp.

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In addition, I’d like to emphasize the music and sound effects in general. They are a reference to the classic games, yet they do it with such precision that it’s still clear even if you’ve never experienced the era. I’ve experienced this myself, and I’d like to thank the developers with an extra special thank you for their music.

In that regard, the review is coming to an end. I deliberately excluded a few more information not to burden you with too much information and not divulge the entire set of games. It is certain that Loop Hero will definitely gather an enormous number of players and will undoubtedly be among the biggest games in 2021. I highly recommend it to play regardless of your genre preference.

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