Little Orpheus Review – Ivan Ivanovitch Saves the World Review

The Chinese Room, creators of games such as Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture includes Russians in their ranks and I’m not able to explain the reason Little Orpheus is filled with Russian-language jokes and Cranberries. What happens when the quest to the center of Earth is played out in Little Orpheus turns out – we’ll tell you by reviewing the book.

  • Author: The Chinese Room
  • Publisher: Secret Mode
  • Date of release: June 12, 2020 The release date is June 12, 2020. Apple Arcade 2022 – PC PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.

While we were working on our review Little Orpheus’ release date for MS and Xbox was scheduled to be March 1st, 2022. The developers, however, chose to delay the release date indefinitely even though it’s fully finished. The review is basing itself on the final version, however it’s unclear when the game will be released for sale.

The happenings from Little Orpheus unfold in the 1960s. As NASA is preparing to make a landing on the moon, Soviet cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich begins his journey towards the reverse direction heading straight for the middle of the earth… then then vanishes.

The 1960s were a time when Soviet Cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich is on his journey to the center of the planet.

Three years after, the hero is back but empty handed, and claims that he’s managed in saving the entire world. Naturally the astronaut is confronted by the secret service in the hope of finding out what he’s been doing under the ground for this long and also where had disappeared the nuclear unit which powered the research vessel! The story begins with Comrade Ivan’s adventures through the fantastic underground.

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The plot of the game is simple and enjoyable to follow. The protagonist appears to be an average person, yet is able to stand up to the demands of the powerful general, who becomes more anxious with every chapter. Ivan’s voice-over is a part of his adventure and the action is adapted to the narrative. For instance, the protagonist mentions the pterodactyls who killed him, only to have predatory creatures are seen in the distance. The authors employ the “unreliable Narrator” technique. If the astronaut gets confused, the game responds with great intensity.

That’s the core of the attraction in Little Orpheus. As mentioned above there are certainly Russians on the scene in The Chinese Room: the game is infused by “huckleberry” but it’s not malicious, but utterly nostalgic. Untranslatable swear words frequently make you laugh: don’t be surprised if a is portrayed by one of the characters using the phrase “kozel vonyuchiy”. There are many these expressions within the game. And they’re amazingly labeled: Little Orpheus will definitely be a hit for the player who is Russian and a lot of jokes will be ignored by Western players – an uncommon characteristic of a game that was not made in Russia.

The universe in which Ivan Ivanovich finds himself is as well awe-inspiring. As per the screenwriters there’s a whole universe underneath the earth’s crust. And this isn’t just about jungles as well as dinosaurs. There are the ancient cities, temples with forgotten civilizations, deserts , oceans, even outer space! The location design is beautiful however the designers used too much the color of abberation. The picture tends to blur at areas, as well as the overt use of the effect can be unsettling. However, the artwork is breathtaking and the scene is awe-inspiring.

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The gameplay, on the contrary side it’s disappointing. Little Orpheus was originally released as part of Apple Arcade, a service that gathers games that are available for iOS devices as well as tablets. So, the developers were forced to make some reductions. Particularly there are hardly any real tests, there are no fights, and the majority of the game’s mechanics are reduced to jumping onto the platforms or climbing on ropes.

There are a few interesting segments-such as stealth missions based on games like hide-and-seek and Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Asylum. However generally it’s not a game with the highest difficulty. In many instances, when I was forced to go through another area I’d like to see it have ended sooner, and then the action could continue to an fight in between Batman and the foe.

The trip doesn’t last for all that long, however, and is completed within 4 to 5 hours. In that time, you’ll be on land, in the ocean and in space. You’ll you’ll hear a lot of jokes about Russian culture and the USSR or Russian culture, get to meet prehistoric creatures, free the local Mencov people, and even challenge one insane explorationist. If you’re not lucky you’ll be greeted with a few of crashes. Developers could not handle the Unity engine until the very final. Little Orpheus is a great platformer where the story and art is more significant than gameplay.

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