Little Nightmares 2 guide where to find all the caps

If you’re determined to complete this Little Nightmares 2 walkthrough at 100%, then you should be sure to complete all the hats available in the game. All of them will be needed as they unlock some achievements/trophies.

Additionally, they look attractive and intriguing. There are 12 hats to choose from in the game, and they can all be found in the story’s course. The majority can be found through small-scale challenges or exploring specific locations.

To make the process easier, we’ve put together an in-depth guide that will give you the exact location of all the hats from Little Nightmares 2.


  • 1 Chapter 1
  • 2 Chapter 2
  • 3 Chapter 3
  • 4 Chapter 4
  • 5 Chapter 5 Chapter

Chapter 1

  • Racco Raccoon Hat The hat is located in the Hunter’s home. Leave the kitchen and walk through the hallway and to the room on the left and the hat will be situated on the mat.
  • Noma Cap Noma Hat are the exact Noms from the beginning of Little Nightmares! It can be found by completing the “Nome’s Attic” quest and is available as a Collector’s Edition.
  • Yellow Hood after escaping from the Hunter, You will have to jump over the damaged bridge. You will see several cages. Take one cage and then jump, but it won’t last, and it’ll break. You’ll then find the final headdress of this chapter.

Chapter 2

    • Broken Ball When you are in the playground, pay close attention to the dumpster. Head to the door and then jump in to get the headpiece.
  • Canning Jar It is located inside the library. When you enter the library, you’ll see an incline ladder you can move. It is able to move one shelf to the right , and then climb it, and that’s where the prize is waiting for you.


Chapter 3

  • Teddy Bear Head Just after the X-ray room, you’ll arrive in the room for children. In the very right corner of the room, you’ll find a stool to aid you in reaching the highest point of your closet. This is where you’ll find the T-shirt head.
  • Bandage After your initial appointment with your doctor, you’ll find yourself at the hospital. Take note of the freezer that is on one side. The door at the bottom is to reveal the bandage.

Chapter 4

    • For After you have the remote to your TV switch on the closest TV and make use of it as the Teleporter. Then, move to the left and then leap to the bottom of the pit. If you pay attention to the left, you will see a small vent where the cap is.
  • Cap: When you move through the chapter, you’ll be in a shop with carts. The cart will be moved toward the left then closer toward the glass, then ascend. This is where you’ll find the cap.

Chapter 5

  • Cap: reward to win the match.

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