Little Nightmares 2 Guide to Unlocking the Secret Ending

Did you have the knowledge you could find out that Little Nightmares 2 has a bonus ending? The only method for unlocking it is to locate the 18 scattered leftovers.

The scattered remnants comprise clutter and appear like children. We don’t know what they are. However, we know where to find the entire collection! It’s worth it, as the discovery of 18 mangled remains will allow for an additional cutscene following the storyline’s conclusion.

It’s important to note that finding these bizarre objects is the most difficult part. It is essential to carefully look over each place, additional rooms, or discover hidden passageways. It’s unlikely that you’ll discover them all at once.

It is good that we can play each chapter to gather all the things that might have been missed or not noticed. The developers have made this process easier by making the menu for selecting chapters has the option of completing each chapter, which means it is possible to keep track of the collectibles that have been acquired.

We’ve published a comprehensive description of where to find the scattered remains from Little Nightmares 2 below:

Chapter 1

    • The first chaotic remnant at the starting point of Chapter you’ll be in the middle of a chasm, with the bridge destroyed. Take a step down, and then straight to the end by climbing up the cave. There you will find the very first remnant.

The first remnant of chaos

  • The second chaotic remnant Next, you’ll be in a place with traps. Be aware of the log that is lying there since there’s a dungeon beneath it, which is in which the second remnant of chaos is located.
    The second remnant of chaos
  • 3rd chaos remnant It’s located situated in the wooden toilet of the courtyard of the Hunter. To get it open, utilize the assistance of the sixth
  • Fourth Chaos Remainder It is located at the end of the chapter as you reach the beach. Be aware of the background as there is a TV set and, right next to it, it is the final remnant of the first chapter.

Chapter 2

    • Fifth Chaotic Remnant is located at the top of the Third Floor. sixth floor is accessible via the drop of a television. Take the stairs onto the 3rd floor. On the third floor, near the edge, you’ll be able to see the remains.
  • The sixth chaotic remnant The playground is located in the front of the school’s entrance. Take a walk to the corner and you’ll be able to see the bicycle.
  • Sixth Chaos Remainder.
  • 7th Chaos Remainder: A bit later, you’ll be in a space with an array of desks for school. Go through the cracked window on the right , and then enter the corridor that is lined with lockers. The rest of the lockers are within the locker with the number 3.
  • The eighth remnant of chaos on the 2nd floor in the hall turn left and walk to the broken railing. There you’ll find two bottles. The remnant rests on top of them.
  • Nineth chaos remnant After you have reached the dining area, walk down the steps and you’ll see plates on a cart. Take it off and walk into the room. There will be a second chaos-filled remnant waiting at the table.
  • The tenth and final chaotic remnant after having left the college and passing through a large chasm you’ll arrive at the street. The trash can is pushed back to the point that its lid is closed creating the appearance of a platform. Take a trip upstairs, and you’ll be able to see a boat on paper and the final scattered remnant of this chapter is.

Chapter 3

    • Eleventh chaotic remaining Get an flashlight, and then go into a huge dark room that has empty beds on either side of. Take a walk to the other endof the room, and you’ll see a cannon cart. Then, next to it, is where the remainder is.
  • The 12th fragments of chaos After you have left the room that houses the prostheses hanging then you’ll be able to enter an area with racks that hold many more prostheses. You will be directed to the corner where the remaining prosthesis is waiting to be picked up.
  • Thirteenth hanging remnant After you have reached the hallway, where a prosthesis hangs out of the entrance turn left and you’ll see the ventilation grille. Go up it, to the end of the hole then into the room behind the grille , there is the 13th chaos remnant is.

13th chaos remaining

  • Fourth chaos remnant After entering the shower and switch on the light by the lever, move to the left-hand corner, then move the drawer and you’ll find the opening that opens to the room with the secret.

Chapter 4

    • 15th hanging rest In the muddy alleyway between the two buildings, go slightly to the back, where there is an entrance. Go downstairs.
    • Sixteenth chaotic remnant After you’ve completed the elevator puzzle and you are on the top level, be aware of the left-hand corner. There is a small box that is able to be moved away. If you climb through the hole, you’ll find yourself in a room that is an unorganized remnant.


  • The 17th chaos remnant after having ascended up to the top of the building, you’ll find a wooden lattice that you can climb up. However, prior to climbing up, take a look beneath it. There’s an unclosed door leading to the room that has the last remnant.

Prior to you climb up, check under it. You’ll see an open door leading to the room that has the last piece.

  • The 18th Chaos Remains is found inside the building, and Mono is able to enter using hanging devices. After that, get out and walk over the roof to the next room where you’ll find the final remnant of chaos.

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