Little Nightmares 2 Guide How to Unlock All the Achievements

It’s true that when playing any type of game, it’s always tempting to play the game completely. The recently published Little Nightmares 2 is no exception. Below is an instruction on how to complete every achievement in the game.

The hardest part is figuring out exactly what is required of the player, as all achievements/trophies have rather vague descriptions.

Certain of them can be unlocked by locating all objects, while other actions are minor and need that must be accomplished – like smashing a statue or delivering packages, and so on.

It’s not simple to do all of that, especially when there are hordes of demons from your nightmares of the main character who keeps chasing you. This is why we’ll explain the steps to unlock every achievement within Little Nightmares 2.


  • 1 Collectible accomplishments
  • 2 Chapter 1
  • 3 Chapter 2
  • 4 Chapter 3
  • 5 Chapter 4
  • 6 Chapter 5

Collective accomplishments

  • Half-Hat: Make 6 different hats from 12.
  • Ahead The goal is to collect all the hats.
  • “No Remains” Find all the chaos that remains of the game.
  • What Do I Look Like? Test wearing the hat that you get after you have completed the game.
  • In the Hand of My Hand Take the hand of Six for six minutes.
  • Twenty-six 626 times to call.
  • Primetime Content Consumer Unlock all achievements, and then pass the final.

Chapter 1

  • The Evasive Prey Find the Hunter’s home without getting caught in his web of traps. Tips: Take your time and, if your character dies, re-play the game.
  • What’s Inside The Box: Open the fridge at Hunter’s home.
  • Fair Prey Kill the Hunter wearing the raccoon cape.
    • The hat itself is located in the hallway, which is across to the room where you eat.
  • Wild Kids: Find all the wreckage of the Wasteland.
  • Foraged The first chapter is complete. chapter.

Chapter 2

  • Referee/judge! Run under the soccer field in the Schoolyard with a torn ball:
    • The ball is located in the dumpster that is near the school’s entrance.
  • Fly free Visit the Bully Room where you will see a paper plane. Fly it through the window which the characters get into the school.
  • Bully for Bullies In class, get the Bullies into the room next to them and drop the cabinets on them.
  • The Merciful Fight Don’t take out the bully who has been punished simply remove the pipe that’s broken from him.
  • Mono Tones: Near the end of chapter, you’ll see the piano. Move back and forth on its keys.
  • School kids Find the chaos at the school
  • Schooled Completion of The second section.

Chapter 3

  • True Colors: Find Rainmaker Six.
  • Best Friends of X: Once you are in the X-ray area, switch it on, grab Sixth with your hand and place yourself in the front of the display.
  • The Toys Are For Kids Burn the teddy bear out of the child’s room into the furnace located on the floor below the head of the bear.
    • The head of the bear is displayed on the cabinet in the Children’s Room of the Hospital
  • Popcorn In the lobby of the hospital you’ll be able to see an elevator. To its left is an incline wheelchair, and behind it is a kettle of corn. Put it in the oven, which is where the main characters would cook their toys.
  • And Keep Dead Dead hand: Hit three times.
  • Objection Remember the room Mono gets into by venting? In the corner, close to the bunk, is the cheese. Go there. Then, walk through the hallway that is behind the door and you’ll be in the room that is secret, on the floor there’s an opening. Place the cheese inside the hole.
  • First Do Not Do No If the Doctor has been entrapped within the oven you shouldn’t harm him by burning him. Simply leave.
  • Ball for medicine to escape a crowd of people and entering an area with an object. Toss it at the one.
  • Medicine ball.
  • Hunger In the waiting room of the hospital, utilize to vending machine till you’re out of food.
  • Sick kids Find all the shattered remains of the Hospital
  • Hospitalized The third chapter.

Chapter 4

  • Industrial Mail: In the second elevator puzzle you have to wear a cap and head to the garbage dump that is located within the garbage chute of an apartment. Locate the suitcase then take the package from it, and place it in the mailbox on right on the left side of the elevator.
  • Unladylike/Unworthy of an Lady When Mono falls through the rope and into another house must to exit and head to another window. Then you’ll find the room hidden behind an image of the lady from the initial game. Hit it for the achievements.
  • Pale Kids: Find the chaos within Pale City. Pale City.
  • Paled: Finish Fourth chapter.

Chapter 5

  • Signal Interruption Complete Chapter Five.

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