Life Is Strange True Colors (Switch) review – Haven Springs in your hands Review

The third chapter of Life Is Strange turned out extremely well and told its moving story across all platforms currently available. It recently came out with a slight delay for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch – and after reviewing the “big” console we decided to test the portable version too.

  • Producer: Deck Nine
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Switch date of release: December 7, 2021

The mechanics, story, or genre specifics in True Colors and other games in the Life, Is Strange series, in general, would be redundant – we already have all of it when we review The PS5 version. PS5 version. We’ll focus specifically on how the Switch version plays, particularly because there’s plenty to discuss.

There’s every time there’s a debate about the possibility of porting every multiplatform game that Nintendo has to offer on its hybrid console over whether the Switch’s hardware will “pull away.” However, despite some poor examples, such as Outer Worlds, the console, in general, has proven its capability to handle challenging technical aspects and games. Even though they’re not the latest versions of games. We saw a fairly decent port to the play “The Witcher” and The Witcher series Borderlands along with Doom Eternal.

It is important to realize that these ports are, in all cases, an attempt to compromise technological perks to make room for being able to enjoy games on an electronic device. Life is Unusual: True Colors is an excellent instance of this which combines positive and negative characteristics of these ports.

Let’s begin by saying this game is playable on Switch. The games play perfectly and don’t cause any discomfort, and with some level of immersion, it’s just as enjoyable as every other console.

It’s certainly not a shooter with a high-speed pace but an interactive adventure packed with elements of a movie at a controlled pace, but during my experience playing it on the Switch, I’ve not experienced any frame rate drops whatsoever. In stationary modes, I’ve played the game that way also, although it’s unlikely that anyone would purchase games specifically for the Switch if other platforms are also available.

Even with the font, its tiny size can cause problems in these ports; this one is good – it’s not the largest. However, it’s quite usable. The interface and subtitles are fully transliterated to Russian. However, the voiceovers remain the original voiceover – maybe this is the best way to go since the actors have charming and soft voices.

As we discussed in our review of the game, music and sound are the primary source of the game’s ambience – and thankfully, with Switch, this will be the least of your concerns. However, there is one thing you should know – you should not use Life Is Strange on the subway, on the bus and the journey to work, or in other crowded city areas. In handheld mode, it’s best to sit down and relax in a comfortable seat with the console close by and not have distractions is going on. And with headphones on, obviously.

However, the absence of crashes and playability on Switch was indeed a steep cost. This is evident the moment you start the game. Lang loading times are a usual issue with Switch ports, and in this case, they can range anything from 20 seconds to an hour.

The other problem is the drastic reduction in graphics quality. Naturally, even playing on PC or PS5 in this way, the game does not have enough stars in the sky. There are too much sooty and smoky textures and a few an angular design, a twisting motion, and it is comparatively weak compared to some AAA-hits details of hair and clothing.

True Colors is stunning thanks to level designers and artists; However, technically, it’s not as good. On Switch, they cut almost everything they could cut. Therefore, there’s even more chaos, and “soap” details are reduced, some textures display pixels, as well as the range of rendering is greatly diminished.

It’s like suddenly “popping” things and loading textures right before your eyes is not unusual with this game. The lighting effects are becoming less attractive. The game has bugs. One of them is what you can see in the video below. The girl is unable to navigate around the stump. This is not an issue for Switch, but they’ve also been on other platforms and don’t affect the game in any way.

These flaws won’t significantly impact gameplay; however, everybody who plays these games on Switch has experienced such instances in a certain way, and they’re worth keeping in the back of your mind. Particularly in light of an incredibly high price compared to other platforms’ costs. on the eShop, the game is priced at 4,279 rubles. In addition, another 929 will be the price for upgrading into the Deluxe version required for the Wavelengths upgrade.

In sum, we can conclude this: The Switch True Colors version True Colors is a very standard version of a multiplatform game to gamers with the Nintendo console. It’s extremely playable, however, according to the word “minimal,” technically speaking.

So, if you’re on the Switch is the only platform you use, or if you’re in an unstoppable desire to play the game in a portable format, this game is certainly worth trying. It’s a beautiful artwork regardless of the way it’s presented. However, if you’re able to use it with a PC and different consoles, it’s best to play it on a PC with all other aspects having equal value; you’ll have much more enjoyment.

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